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She has coal and iron; she breeds millions of human beings, hireable at sixpence a day; her men can mine, and her women and children can work at la petite industrie.

Fides facit fidem—Confidence awakens confidence.

Harrison being asked if he would own the new protectoral government, answered fiercely, “No!” and Cromwell was obliged to send him to his own house in the country, and afterwards to commit him also to the Tower. Such a continual contrariety irritates and stirs up sourness in the heart. The acid is thus concentrated and attacks the burrs, which fall to dust, while leaving the wool intact. But it is hardly possible to pursue to any purpose the history of the two great groups, the shaping group and the speaking group, together. The Jummah Musjid, as the great mosque is called, is a quiet, unpretending structure.

A large sign across the main road announces that we now enter the Butler vineyard, the largest and most famous vineyard in the State, with its six hundred acres nearly all in vines,—the largest vineyard in one body and owned by one man in the world. They were of course all armed, and therefore it might be thought that there would be but small chance for the wretched man if they should come upon his track. That puts the court in too bad a light,” replied Bilíbin. Leisure and solitude are the best effect of riches, because mother of thought. They entered the large hall, from which one of the doors led to the apartments assigned to Prince Vasíli.

Cheeky shoeblacks, here the unerring test of well-doing, assail you like swarms of Nile-flies. The occupation was a lucrative one, and its accomplished professors had numerous rivals whose educational antecedents were unknown, but who excited the envy of the experts in their trading upon the credulity of the people. Having reached this point, the hunter must not imagine that he is warranted in taking desperate chances. Lord Galway could assert no supreme command against the Prince of Lichtenstein and the Portuguese general; every one was at variance with his fellow-officer, and all were disgusted with the Austrian counsellors of Charles, and with his inert and hopeless character. In Anna Pávlovna’s circle only those Frenchmen were admitted who were deep-rooted legitimists, and patriotic views were expressed to the effect that one ought not to go to the French theater and that to maintain the French troupe was costing the government as much as a whole army corps.

Mittimus—We send. Miles. Good Lord, Master Plutus, I have seen you a thousand times at my master’s, and yet I had never the manners to make you drink. Accordingly, when he had seen him, and paid his compliments, and had spoken with great respect of him, he said he was very sorry that he could not hear him lecture. The trustees of the British Museum recognised that the problem of the[252] Rosetta stone was one on which the scientists of the world might well exhaust their ingenuity, and they promptly published to the world a carefully lithographed copy of the entire inscription, so that foreign scholarship had equal opportunity with British to try to solve the riddle. “General Canby is preparing a movement from Mobile Bay against Mobile and the interior of Alabama.

No! I tell you, no! exclaimed Ben. Prince Andrew moved toward the door from whence voices were heard.


He served as Marshal for South Dakota under me as President.

Lady Bell. Front.

But it was an hour later, after much discussion of economic problems, and the methods by which they were to be solved, that Chick unlocked the door and let Lieutenant McCormack out into the street. From the Isle of Sicily, the reader must transport himself beyond the Caspian Sea, to the original seat of the Turks or Turkmans, against whom the first crusade was principally directed. In my country of Gascony, they look upon it as a drollery to see me in print; the further off I am read from my own home, the better I am esteemed. Wer fröhlich sein will sein Lebenlang / Lasse der Welt ihren tollen Gang—He who will be happy through life must leave the world alone in its own mad career. The father’s awful malediction fell but too soon upon his innocent son; for, as the latter was driving his chariot along the sea-shore, between Troezen and Athens, a [267]monster, sent by Poseidon, rose out of the deep, and so frightened the horses that they became altogether unmanageable.

Pierre went to Princess Mary’s to dinner. If Thou wouldst not accept of me, I should at least have the consolation of having been faithful to Thee to the utmost of my power. “And remember this, I look upon you as my promised wife, and I don’t fear that you’ll deceive me. We love peace, as we abhor pusillanimity; but not peace at any price. If things went well, the cattle would soon bed down and nothing further would occur until morning, when there was a repetition of the work, the wagon moving each day eight or ten miles to some appointed camping-place.

The Holy Land for many past centuries has not enjoyed a gleam of prosperity, except when connected with, or, rather, when placed under, Egypt. The garrison marched out with the honours of war; the citizens, on the 13th, swore fealty to Louis.1064 The fall of La Rochelle sealed the fate of Poitou, by cutting off Henry’s remaining partisans there from their last hope of succour from England. The names of twenty of the most distinguished of these men have been preserved by Hermippus, but the man who took the greatest part in all Lykurgus’s works, and who helped him in establishing his laws, was Arthmiades. To gild refined gold, to paint the lily, / To throw a perfume on the violet, / To smooth the ice, or add another hue / Unto the rainbow, or with taper-light / To seek the beauteous eye of heaven to garnish, / Is wasteful and ridiculous excess. King John, iii. 88] few; trained seamen, yet fewer; wealth, next to none.

This freedom, however, was the consequence, rather than the design, of the Reformation. As the troops pressed on the howling and shrieking died down, and the firing of missiles ceased. Now, the right of revolution is an inherent one. But to be breefe, such reasons were shewed, and such matter vnfolded by the Gascoignes, whie they ought not be separated from the crowne of England, that finallie |831| (not­with­stand­ing the duke of Glocester, and certeine other were against them) it was decréed, that the countrie and duchie of Aquitaine should remaine still in demesne of the crowne of England, least that by this transporting thereof, it might fortune in time, that the heritage thereof should fall into the hands of some stranger, and enimie to the English nation, so that then the homage and souereigntie might perhaps be lost for euer. It was delayed in starting till near the end of April, and was overtaken and captured near Rome in Georgia.

When Heracles gave her permission to release one of the prisoners of war she chose her own brother Podarces, whereupon she was informed that as he was already a prisoner of war she would be compelled to ransom him.


“I do not wish to die like Eabani: sorrow has entered my heart, the fear of death has taken possession of me, and I am overcome.

Of all the actions of nature, I am the most impatient of being interrupted in that.

Gervais laughed softly with a hissing chuckle, and Speránski in a high-pitched staccato manner. Right in front of the arched roof or hall is a second screen, as at the great cave at Salsette. Why such an assumption was made is beyond comprehension, since, even at that time, German shipbuilders[Pg 242] had already built the great ocean greyhounds, far surpassing our warships of the line in tonnage, which had occasioned painfully noticeable competition to the English steamship lines. On this was set false Duessa. “If the count had been at home…” Mávra Kuzmínichna went on apologetically.

For the Greeks, the substantial unity of nature and spirit was a fundamental principle, and thus being in the possession and knowledge of this, yet not being overwhelmed in it, but having retired into themselves, they have avoided the extreme of formal subjectivity, and are still in unity with themselves. When they walk abroad they are escorted by lictors with the fasces; and if they happen to meet any criminal who is being taken to execution, he is not put to death; but the vestal must swear that she met him accidentally, and not on purpose. “Lord have mercy upon us!” she repeated while seeking her daughter. She was tall, handsome, and dignified in person, yet of the most mild and amiable manners; strong in her judgment, quick in perceiving the right, anxious to do it, warm in her attachment to her friends, and most lenient towards her enemies.


into the fire with it! I tell you once for all, my dear fellow,” said he, “into the fire with all such things! Let them cut the crops and burn wood to their hearts’ content.

The enlisted men of the navy, who often grew bored to the point of desertion in peace, became keyed up to a high pitch of efficiency, and crowds of fine young fellows, from the interior as well as from the seacoast, thronged to enlist.

It is now fitting that I should explain, as briefly and as clearly as I can, what, in the second book of this work, I promised to prove, according to the definitions which Cicero, in his books on the Commonwealth, puts into the mouth of Scipio, arguing that the Roman State was never a commonwealth; for he briefly defines a commonwealth as a state of the people; the people as an assembly of the multitude, united by a common feeling of right, and a community of interests. I was inexpressibly charmed with the whole city, and especially with the house in which Mr. Daguilar lived. The human mind is a great worker of miracles! But this relation has, moreover, I know not what of extraordinary in it; ‘tis found to be in names, also, and a thousand other things; for they found nations there (that, for aught we know, never heard of us) where circumcision was in use; where there were states and great civil governments maintained by women only, without men; where our fasts and Lent were represented, to which was added abstinence from women; where our crosses were several ways in repute; here they were made use of to honour and adorn their sepultures, there they were erected, and particularly that of St Andrew, to protect themselves from nocturnal visions, and to lay upon the cradles of infants against enchantments; elsewhere there was found one of wood, of very great height, which was adored for the god of rain, and this a great way in the interior; there was seen an express image of our penance priests, the use of mitres, the celibacy of priests, the art of divination by the entrails of sacrificed beasts, abstinence from all sorts of flesh and fish in their diet, the manner of priests officiating in a particular and not a vulgar language; and this fancy, that the first god was driven away by a second, his younger brother; that they were created with all sorts of necessaries and conveniences, which have since been in a degree taken from them for their sins, their territory changed, and their natural condition made worse; that they were of old overwhelmed by the inundation of water from heaven; that but few families escaped, who retired into caves on high mountains, the mouths of which they stopped so that the waters could not get in, having shut up, together with themselves, several sorts of animals; that when they perceived the rain to cease they sent out dogs, which returning clean and wet, they judged that the water was not much abated; afterwards sending out others, and seeing them return dirty, they issued out to repeople the world, which they found only full of serpents. Doubtless the king of Kheta could boast of numerous victories. Well, one night the convicts were gathered just as we are, with the old man among them.

They made him go part of the way on foot, so that, though he set off the day before me, he arrived there only a few hours sooner than I did. The appointment of William de Fors as governor of Aquitaine would be an excellent expedient for getting him peaceably out of England; and though troublesome there, he was not without qualifications for the vacant post over sea. Thirty-five additional articles were drawn up in Parliament.[203] New Customs abolished By the tenth article new prises are to be abolished, and by the eleventh the New Customs [165]are done away with in their entirety. Besides these before mention’d, Nile abounds with multitudes of all sorts of Fish; not only such as are fresh taken to supply the Inhabitants at hand, but an innumerable Number likewise which they salt up to send Abroad. That keen archer Love had wounded her with his arrow, but she knew it not.

Many of them, after all, managed to elude his vigilance, and were killed by the Highlanders for their clothes. In the fortress of Trani, his active and patient courage were equally conspicuous. Pierre saw that Prince Andrew was going to speak of Natásha, and his broad face expressed pity and sympathy. Three ragged rascals, with sheathed swords in their hands and daggers in their belts, headed by another nephew, rush up to us as if their intention were to begin by cutting our throats. He was banished by Nero, and put to death by Vespasian.

The Athenian triremes soon returned to their station at Nau[p.


Urbau reigned some time about 2900 B.C.

Besides, a being that is not sensible of pleasure or pain cannot have the essence of an animal; if, then, on the one hand, every animal must be sensible of pleasure and pain, and if, on the other, every being that has these sensations cannot be immortal, we may conclude that as there is no animal insensible, there is none immortal.

Nothing is denied to well-directed labour; nothing is ever to be attained without it. Sir J. As they agreed with the Christians in a few mysterious points of faith, they attacked the remainder of their theological system with all the fury of civil war. Der Mensch ist nicht geboren frei zu sein / 5 Und für den Edeln ist kein schöner Glück / Als einem Fürst, den er ehrt, zu dienen—Man is not born to be free; and for the noble soul there is no fairer fortune than to serve a prince whom he regards with honour. It was his intention, that the two elder princes should be distinguished by the use of the diadem, and the title of Augusti; that, as affection or esteem might direct their choice, they should regularly call to their assistance two subordinate colleagues; and that the Csars, rising in their turn to the first rank, should supply an uninterrupted succession of emperors. The alternative of exile or tribute was allowed; the churches were divided between the two religions; and the wealth of those who had fallen in the siege, or retired to Gallicia, was confiscated as the reward of the faithful.

Many tried to escape by swimming the river. Ainsworth thinks), though Xenophon takes no notice of the river of Bitlis, which nevertheless they must have passed. “Arrived in London, we had to realize the blow that had befallen us. Some time afterwards, when the whole affair would [265]appear to have been forgotten, they seized the opportunity when the city of Athens was in a defenceless condition and landed an army in Attica. October, 1899.—Revolution.


His silver coinage (see Vol.

But when the sound of war had awakened the young emperor, instead of flying to arms with the spirit, or even the rashness, of his age, he eagerly listened to those timid counsellors, who proposed to convey his sacred person, and his faithful attendants, to some secure and distant station in the provinces of Gaul.

During the war in Italy he is several times on the verge of destruction and each time is saved in an unexpected manner. And now ensued the fiercest fight of all, yea, and also the strangest. Kutúzov sighed deeply on finishing this paragraph and looked at the member of the Hofkriegsrath mildly and attentively. But this was not all: on the ground-floor of the hall flourished some beautiful fruit-bearing trees. All delights are vain; but that most vain / Which, with pain purchas’d, doth inherit pain. Love’s L.

The trial lasted for three weeks, and every day the same crowds assembled, the same hurraing of Sacheverell, the same appeals to the queen on behalf of the Church and Dr. He would give up Sicily, but would retain Naples—a country entirely gone out of his power for more than two years, and in possession of Austria. Familiar Allusions: A Handbook of Miscellaneous Information; including the Names of Celebrated Statues, Paintings, Palaces, Country Seats, Ruins, Churches, Ships, Streets, Clubs, Natural Curiosities, and the like. I could scarcely see him at all except at the confessional, and then for a very short time. Forced love does not last. Dut.

The people, notwithstanding their late acclamations, could not help raising loud murmurs at these arbitrary interruptions. You have experienced my readiness to reward you.


She sent for the chief eunuch, and gave him directions for the purpose which had been suggested to her.

But thus, too, its right to be taken back and reinstated extends beyond the difference; for its truth is only to be found in unity.

Parke, sent a polite note, saying we had not been expected so soon, and directed us to halt and bivouac for the present in some fields by the roadside, near where the Howard University now is. As to money loans, the interest is generally fixed upon by the contracting parties. The Ashta-Kasti is a game played on a board of twenty-five squares with sixteen cowries or small shells. The former divided his force of 10,500 men into four columns, starting a day apart, in moving from Puebla to the capital of the nation, when it was known that an army more than twice as large as his own stood ready to resist his coming. In consideration, on the one hand, of Walter’s faithful service, and on the other, of his legal responsibility for the misdoings of the men of Meath, it was agreed that the King should hold one of Walter’s English castles and one of his Irish ones—Ludlow and Trim—for two years from Easter (14th April); that Walter should go to Ireland 219“and fight to the uttermost of his power, with the King’s help, against the men who had done these things”; that when he should have thus won back control over his own lands, the King should hold them for a year and a day, “and after that there shall be done to Walter concerning them whatever the King’s court shall decide.” Meanwhile Walter was to have free use of Trim castle for the purposes of this war against his own men.984 The trouble which Hugh had stirred up, however, was evidently felt to require, above all things, the presence in Ireland of a military leader, instead of an ecclesiastic, as the chief representative of the Crown.

A very proper and appropriate name for it, I am sure. The most dangerous enemies of Rome, during the reigns of Valerian and Gallienus, were, 1. Clemency, temperance, and moderation, distinguished the amiable character of Constantius, and his fortunate subjects had frequently occasion to compare the virtues of their sovereign with the passions of Maximian, and even with the arts of Diocletian. It is, however, highly probable that the general peace of the realm was the more easily preserved during the next year or two because several of the leading barons of both parties in the civil war now took themselves out of the country altogether, and went to sink their differences, for a while at least, in the common cause of Christendom against Islam. Assez a qui se contente—He has enough who is content.

In the course of this unfortunate expedition, the king of the Goths must indeed have sustained a considerable loss; and his harassed forces required an interval of repose, to recruit their numbers and revive their confidence. The present “Book of Quotations” was undertaken in the belief that, notwithstanding the many excellent compilations of the kind already in existence, there was room for another that should glean its materials from a wider area, and that should have more respect to the requirements, both speculative and practical, of the times we live in.


If you do, they will take your land for their own advantage, as much as they can, as some did in your father’s time.

He screwed up his eyes showing that he was listening.

Les malheureux qui ont de l’esprit trouvent des resources en eux-mêmes—Men of genius when under misfortune find resources within themselves. At that time in the Rostóvs’ house there prevailed an amorous atmosphere characteristic of homes where there are very young and very charming girls. by abject means, and at what cheap rate soever: ‘tis dishonour to be so honoured. They esteemed themselves sufficiently fortunate to purchase, by the restitution of all their booty, the permission of an undisturbed retreat. I took out a swallow and let it go: the swallow went, turned about, and as there was no place to alight upon, came back.

About six weeks afterwards, Theodosius declared his resolution of expelling from all the churches of his dominions the bishops and their clergy who should obstinately refuse to believe, or at least to profess, the doctrine of the council of Nice. My successor, however, himself questioned it, and referred the matter to Congress. Constantine, his eldest son, had been stationed with forty thousand men at C “My little Sásha! Look at Sásha!” she said. XXIX. While the Romans were thus disputing with the Gauls, and with one another, Camillus with his army was at the gates.


There were all kinds of things of which I was afraid at first, ranging from grizzly bears to “mean” horses and gun-fighters; but by acting as if I was not afraid I gradually ceased to be afraid.

Gladly, then, did they espy a wood hard by that promised, so thickly grown it was, a shelter from the rain.

Suddenly Prince Bolkónski frowned. When they reached the end of the Vozdvízhenka Street they halted and drew in the Square. His true defects are his tendency to abuse his knowledge of dialect, to insist on a moral aim, to caricature his villains. Escaping from her father she ran to hide her flushed face in the lace of her mother’s mantilla—not paying the least attention to her severe remark—and began to laugh. Gordon requested twenty-four hours to consider the proposition; but Dundee and Balcarres again succeeded in inducing him to hold out.

Montreuil, seeing this, again urged him to come to terms with the Scots, and that not a moment was to be lost. Next we arrive at painting, in which the third dimension is dismissed altogether, and nothing is actually reproduced, in full or partially, except the effect made by the appearance of natural objects upon the retina of the eye. “This is a mob of scoundrels and not an army,” he was thinking as he went up to the window of the first house, when a familiar voice called him by name. Lord Lumley and Sir William Portman, the commanders, agreed to divide the sum among their parties if successful, and early on the morning of the 7th, Grey and the guide were taken at the junction of the two cross roads. Seeing his country threatened with the horrors of warfare, an Athenian citizen named Academus, who knew of Helen’s place of concealment, repaired to the camp of the Dioscuri, and informed them where they would find her.

The damage actually done was great, and the damage threatened was incalculable. The participation we have in the knowledge of truth, such as it is, is not acquired by our own force: God has sufficiently given us to understand that, by the witnesses he has chosen out of the common people, simple and ignorant men, that he has been pleased to employ to instruct us in his admirable secrets. A couple of days after peace was concluded I wrote to a friend: “Don’t you be misled by the fact that just at the moment men are speaking well of me. 2nd partie (Paris, 1899); Sir J.B. Immer zu misstrauen ist ein Irrthum wie immer zu trauen—Always to distrust is an error, as well as always to trust.

They all rushed out of the village again, but Túshin’s guns could not move, and the artillerymen, Túshin, and the cadet exchanged silent glances as they awaited their fate. FERRIER, PAUL (1843-  ), French dramatist, was born at Montpellier on the 29th of March 1843. It is undeniably true that Garcilaso’s distinction lacks the force of real simplicity, that his eternal sweetness cloys, and that the thing said absorbs him less than the manner of saying it. He that knows not, and knows not that he knows not, is stupid. “It is disgraceful to run away from danger; only cowards are running away from Moscow,” they were told.

But the Idea contains the distinctions in a peculiar form. The governor, who had been almost defying Mr. If the purpose of dinner is to nourish the body, a man who eats two dinners at once may perhaps get more enjoyment but will not attain his purpose, for his stomach will not digest the two dinners. He had not time to dedicate it, but was dethroned just before its completion. The lives of the primitive monks were consumed in penance and solitude; undisturbed by the various occupations which fill the time, and exercise the faculties, of reasonable, active, and social beings.

As soon as I was sure of this I notified Sheridan and directed him to move out on the Danville Railroad to the south side of the Appomattox River as speedily as possible. The men of Bordeaux on the other hand were urgent that Hugh should be appeased.


The Syenæans opened their gates, and the Ethiopians discontinued all hostile movements; the truce, however, was carried on without any intercourse between the parties.

In all the Graeco-Egyptian lore he certainly became well skilled, although we have no evidence as to how long he remained in Egypt.

[263] So Tacitus says about the Roman general Spurinna (governor of Placentia for Otho against Vitellius), and his mutinous army who marched out to fight the Vitellian generals against his strenuous remonstrance–“Fit temeritatis alienæ comes Spurinna, primo coactus, mox velle simulans, quo plus auctoritatis inesset consiliis, si seditio mitesceret” (Tacitus, Hist. It was still possible to reach the mountains east of the valley, but beyond lay a hundred miles of wilderness and half a dozen mountain ridges on which little, if any, food could be found for his men. At all events the bullets of the enemy whistled by thick and fast for a short time. 23 When the allies of Rome claimed an equal share of honors and privileges, the senate indeed preferred the chance of arms to an ignominious concession. We know but little of them; their capital has not yet been discovered, and no trading documents dated in their reigns have been found.

Then came the Mussulman conquest, which waged further war against the ruins. This was no doubt due to some change in the condition of the atmosphere; but we naturally interpreted it according to our wishes, and believed that the success of Friday was followed by the pursuit of the enemy. Lapis qui volvitur algam non generat—A rolling 10 stone gathers no moss. I had done everything possible, personally and through Secretary Hay, to persuade the Colombian Government to keep faith. L’amour-propre est un ballon gonflé de vent, dont il sort des tempêtes quand on lui fait une piqûre—Self-love is a balloon blown up with wind, from which tempests of passion issue as soon as it is pricked into.

I ponder with myself of content; I do not skim over, but sound it; and I bend my reason, now grown perverse and peevish, to entertain it. Rebuilds temples in the principal cities. Many times that night Chick thought about it, and when morning came he had finally decided to call upon the editor of The Disinherited and enlighten his mind upon this important subject.