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His rancorous tongue raised up crowds of enemies, who scrupled not to circulate vague rumours as to his heretical tendencies: in fact, his orthodoxy was as unimpeachable as were the services which he rendered to his country’s enlightenment.

The Spartan kings, in their function of leaders of Greece, conceived themselves to have inherited the sceptre of Agamemnon[p.

They looked on them, in fact, as a species of rebels to the party in power. 203, 204.] A reconnoissance made on the 10th showed that Pegram’s position would be difficult to assail in front, but preparations were made to attack the next day, while Morris was directed to hold firmly his position before Garnett, watching for the effect of the attack at Rich Mountain. The Byzantine court was insulted by five or six successive embassies; and the ministers of Attila were uniformly instructed to press the tardy or imperfect execution of the last treaty; to produce the names of fugitives and deserters, who were still protected by the empire; and to declare, with seeming moderation, that, unless their sovereign obtained complete and immediate satisfaction, it would be impossible for him, were it even his wish, to check the resentment of his warlike tribes. Pierre took him up, invited him to his house in Petersburg, and now… They praised her taste and toilet, and at eleven o’clock, careful of their coiffures and dresses, they settled themselves in their carriages and drove off.

I would not deign to notice this. Repeated victories over the Assyrians are mentioned, which were evidently won against Shalmaneser III and Asshurdan III, or their generals. But the fierce monster railed at the great ruler of Olympus—for the lawless Cyclops knew no fear of the gods—and hardly vouchsafed a reply to the demand of the hero. Anna Mikháylovna nodded approvingly. Manifold are the accomplishments which the Egyptians have acquired by this time.

Kill no more than you can salt. Dan. At daybreak, conducting Menelaus to the commander, I related every particular; Charmides was highly pleased, and expressed himself in the most friendly terms towards him. He would sit opposite you, his eyes would glaze, and your face and features changed in his sight, and he saw all the evil in you and all the good, just as if you were a pane of glass. That’s the trouble with going to the house, replied Ben. In 886 the infidel, having arrived with forty vessels and an army, retook the whole of the fortresses, and put to the sword most of the troops that were stationed in them.

The rider is seated on the naked back of the animal. Hydaspes, having sent the greater part of his army forward, proceeded in person towards Ethiopia, followed by the applauses and blessings both of Persians and Syenæans. Let me relate a case, which you shall presently see for yourself. Swifter than thought, without stopping to eat or drink, away ran Daphnis to Chloe. “Well,” began the old maid, “a young lady once went out, took a cock, laid the table for two, all properly, and sat down.

The sheep were heard bleating, while the lambs were seen to frisk about, or stooping under their mothers drew the teat; the rams pursued and leaped upon those which had never lambed. He spoke slowly, with assurance that he would be listened to, and he looked only at the person with whom he was conversing. Semper tibi pendeat hamus; / Quo minime credas gurgite, piscis erit—Have your hook always baited; in the pool where you least think it there will be a fish. The Scots did not understand this kind of indulgence, which allowed their ministers to enter their churches by the sacrifice of their moral principles, and put them to death if they took the liberty of following their consciences.[240] The people took arms and went to their meetings, determined to defend their preachers and themselves. At the same time, though this Introduction professes to relate to the history of Philosophy only, what has just been said of Philosophy on the whole, also holds good.

“I shall probably die before you. The title page information, together with Part 1 of this Volume II, is located in Project Gutenburg ebook#16738. Um einen Mann zu schätzen, muss man ihn / 10 Zu prüfen wissen—In order to estimate a man, one must know how to test him. Of low degree he was, but so comely as to be a fit mate for the proudest lady in the land. Oh, that we fully understood how very opposite our self-righteousness is to the designs of God—it would be a subject for endless humiliation, and we should have an utter distrust in that which at present constitutes the whole of our dependence.

Thirty thousand soldiers, under the command of Alexander, the son of Philip, who was intrusted by the Greeks with their glory and revenge, were sufficient to subdue Persia. 101 He ventured to assume the diadem, an ornament detested by the Romans as the odious ensign of royalty, and the use of which had been considered as the most desperate act of the madness of Caligula. Married people, having all their time before them, ought never to compel or so much as to offer at the feat, if they do not find themselves quite ready: and it is less unseemly to fail of handselling the nuptial sheets, when a man perceives himself full of agitation and trembling, and to await another opportunity at more private and more composed leisure, than to make himself perpetually miserable, for having misbehaved himself and been baffled at the first assault. Intolerance did not discontinue under the emperors; witness the counsel of Maecenas to Augustus. As soon as she began to laugh, or tried to sing by herself, tears choked her: tears of remorse, tears at the recollection of those pure times which could never return, tears of vexation that she should so uselessly have ruined her young life which might have been so happy.

Il a la tête près du bonnet—He is of a passionate temper (lit. has his head near his cap). “Yes, your excellency,” answered Daniel, quickly doffing his cap.


Non v’è peggior ladro d’un cattivo libro—There is no robber worse than a bad book.

This inextricable bias appears even to influence his manner of composition.

Túshin had not returned, the doctor had not come. No small part of our success was due to the fact that we succeeded in impressing on the Japanese that we sincerely admired and respected them, and desired to treat them with the utmost consideration. With the same feeling with which he had galloped across the path of a wolf, Rostóv gave rein to his Donéts horse and galloped to intersect the path of the dragoons’ disordered lines. My warmest thanks are due to my father, Mr Registrar Hazlitt, the author of the well-known and excellent edition of Montaigne published in 1842, for the important assistance which he has rendered to me in verifying and retranslating the quotations, which were in a most corrupt state, and of which Cotton’s English versions were singularly loose and inexact, and for the zeal with which he has co-operated with me in collating the English text, line for line and word for word, with the best French edition. I hate to examine myself, and never review, but very unwillingly, what has once escaped my pen.

“I love you more, better than before,” said Prince Andrew, lifting her face with his hand so as to look into her eyes. On the 4th we rose early, quite well, and made all ready to go, and having an hour to wait, sat down to enjoy the fire, when all of a sudden I got an aching in every bone, a bad rash came out, and faint, cold down the spine, hot and cold, nausea; could do nothing but rock and groan, and groaned and rocked the whole eight hours to Milan. There was in it but very little show of love, though there might be an assurance{367} of constancy. After that, and all the next day, the pie was pensive, dumb, and melancholic; which every body wondered at, and thought the noise of the trumpets had so stupified and astonished her that her voice was gone with her hearing. This is your project.

The Parsees have but few festivals; the birthday of Zoroaster and their New Year’s Day are the most important. Nearer and nearer in disorderly crowds came the Uhlans and the French dragoons pursuing them. When sorrows come, they come not single spies, / But in battalions. Ham., iv. Then appeared the Troglodites. This sir Simon was the son of sir Iohn Burlie knight of the garter, and brought vp in his youth vnder his kinsman doctor Walter Burlie, who (as in the latter end of king Edward the third you haue heard) was one of the chiefe that had charge in the bringing vp of the Blacke prince, eldest sonne to the said king Edward.

49, Rue du Lac, occupied by the Imprimérie Loertscher et Fils, which still prints the famous Messager Noiteux, an almanack dating from 1707. 85 Deprived of this clear and comprehensive estimate, we are reduced to collect a few imperfect hints from such of the ancients as have accidentally turned aside from the splendid to the more useful parts of history. The public strength, instead of being united against a foreign enemy, was consumed in obscure and intestine quarrels; and the personal merit which had placed a successful leader at the head of his equals, might enable him to subdue the freedom of some neighboring cities; and to claim a rank among the tyrants, who infested Britain after the dissolution of the Roman government. 4th. In this they committed an error, which the Greeks, with a finer perception of taste and adaptability, rightly avoided.

When we do not at all understand the cause of an action, whether a crime, a good action, or even one that is simply nonmoral, we ascribe a greater amount of freedom to it. I simply ceased to stamp out the different revolutionary fuses that were already burning. She possessed, even in advanced age, the attractions of beauty, 5 and united to a lively imagination a firmness of mind, and strength of judgment, seldom bestowed on her sex. Govind, said I, do get over your scruples, which are well enough in health, but absurd in your fast-failing condition. He helps out with cash or credit the widow who is in straits, or the breadwinner who is crippled or for some other cause temporarily out of work.

They are, however, unequal, like all his poetry, reflecting in some passages the native vigour of his genius and purest inspirations of his tastes, whilst in others they are deformed by the affectations of the Seicentisti. The seraglio of Abdalrahman, his wives, concubines, and black eunuchs, amounted to six thousand three hundred persons: and he was attended to the field by a guard of twelve thousand horse, whose belts and cimeters were studded with gold. The French king was apprehensive that his avowal of Popery would occasion disturbances amongst his subjects, but these might be put down by the assistance of French money and French troops. He soon attempted, by a dangerous experiment, to try the temper of the soldiers. Below follows an enumeration of books, which to a greater or less degree refer to the raisin industry.

Let us burn our vessels and our baggage, and give battle on this spot, as if it were the place of our nativity and our burial.” The resolution was unanimously approved; and, without confining himself to his lines, Guiscard awaited in battle-array the nearer approach of the enemy. But on the next day, I brought ten thousand armed men with me, and came to Tiberias. And then the house was in no small feare, by reason of a brute that was raised, how the king sought meanes to intrap and destroie them that followed not his purpose.


In the fall[99] of 1244 Henry summoned his Council to London; he laid before it the story of his recent journey to Gascony and used the debts which he had incurred as the pretext for a grant.[100] He addressed the baronage in person in the expectation that they would not refuse a face to face appeal; the nobles, however, [87]withdrew to consult amongst themselves, with the result that a committee of twelve, representing the three bodies of Great Council in 1244 holds out for supervised expenditure prelates, earls, and barons, was chosen to draw up an answer to the king.

McClellan seems to have expected Rosecrans to reach the rear of Pegram’s advanced work before his own attack should be made; but the reconnoissance of Lieutenant Poe, his engineer, shows that this work could be turned by a much shorter route than the long and difficult one by which Rosecrans went to the mountain ridge.

But Agnes would not give it to her mother. What object remains for the fancy, or even the understanding, when we have abstracted from the unknown substance all ideas of time and space, of motion and matter, of sensation and reflection? The first principle of reason and revolution was confirmed by the voice of Mahomet: his proselytes, from India to Morocco, are distinguished by the name of Unitarians; and the danger of idolatry has been prevented by the interdiction of images. You would imagine, in reading their account (and so it has been stated by Weber, Prolegg. Robert Buchanan’s Complete Poetical Works. With Steel-plate Portrait. One reason for James quitting the siege of Londonderry in person was that the time for the assembling of his Irish Parliament drew near.

Some men will believe nothing but what they 25 can comprehend; and there are but few things that such are able to comprehend. St. It is collected in a tall glass cylinder which is set in a place free from any vibration. And your father is a millionaire. The barbarians, who often chose that severe season for their inroads, transported, without apprehension or danger, their numerous armies, their cavalry, and their heavy wagons, over a vast and solid bridge of ice. After Ostermann had gone, a command rang out to the Uhlans.

[702] Xen. But that he might not legally assume the titles of emperor and Augustus, till he had received the crown from the hands of the Roman pontiff. Vertere seria ludo—To turn from grave to gay. Wilkes from an august assembly, of which they form the respectable, and perhaps even the most wealthy, tho’ not the most numerous part. He would never let the other dogs fight, and he himself never fought unless circumstances imperatively demanded it; but he was a murderous animal when he did fight.

The country was heavily wooded at all the points of crossing, particularly on the south side of the river. Gov. What strange encounters met you on the sea, That thus your bark is batter’d by the floods, And you return thus sea-wreck’d as I see? First Mer. Most mighty Governor, the chance is strange, The tidings full of wonder and amaze, Which, better than we, our Master can report. Gov. Master, discourse us all the accident. Master. The fair Triones with their glimmering light Smil’d at the foot of clear Bootes’ wain, And in the north, distinguishing the hours, The loadstar of our course dispers’d his clear; When to the seas with blitheful western blasts We sail’d amain, and let the bowling fly. Scarce had we gone ten leagues from sight of land, Pg 130]But, lo, an host of black and sable clouds ‘Gan to eclipse Lucina’s silver face; And, with a hurling noise from forth the south, A gust of wind did rear the billows up. Then scantled we our sails with speedy hands, And took our drablers[104] from our bonnets straight, And severèd our bonnets from the courses: Our topsails up, we truss our spritsails in; But vainly strive they that resist the heavens. For, lo, the waves incense them more and more, Mounting with hideous roarings from the depth; Our bark is batter’d by encountering storms, And well-nigh stemm’d by breaking of the floods. The steersman, pale and careful, holds his helm, Wherein the trust of life and safety lay: Till all at once (a mortal tale to tell) Our sails were split by Bisa’s[105] bitter blast. Our rudder broke, and we bereft of hope. There might you see, with pale and ghastly looks, The dead in thought, and doleful merchants lift Their eyes and hands unto their country’s gods. The goods we cast in bowels of the sea, A sacrifice to ‘suage proud Neptune’s ire. Only alone a man of Israel, A passenger, did under hatches lie, And slept secure, when we for succour pray’d: Him I awoke, and said, Why slumberest thou? Arise, and pray, and call upon thy god; He will perhaps in pity look on us. Then cast we lots to know by whose amiss Our mischief came, according to the guise; And, lo, the lot did unto Jonas fall, [Pg 131]The Israelite of whom I told you last. Then question we his country and his name; Who answer’d us, I am an Hebrew born, Who fear the Lord of heaven who made the sea, And fled from him, for which we all are plagu’d: So, to assuage the fury of my God, Take me and cast my carcass in the sea; Then shall this stormy wind and billow cease. The heavens they know, the Hebrew’s God can tell, How loath we were to execute his will: But when no oars nor labour might suffice, We heav’d the hapless Jonas overboard. So ceas’d the storm, and calmèd all the sea, And we by strength of oars recover’d shore. Gov. A wondrous chance of mighty consequence! First Mer. Ah, honour’d be the god that wrought the same! For we have vow’d, that saw his wondrous works, To cast away profanèd paganism, And count the Hebrew’s god the only god: To him this offering of the purest gold, This myrrh and cassia, freely I do yield. Master. And on his altar’s fume these Turkey cloths, This gossampine[106 and gold, I’ll sacrifice. First Sai. To him my heart and thoughts I will addict. Then suffer us, most mighty Governor, Within your temples to do sacrifice. Gov. You men of Tharsus, follow me. Who sacrifice unto the God of heaven Are welcome friends to Joppa’s Governor. [Exeunt. As summer wore away, and cool days and colder nights came upon us, the tents we were occupying ceased to afford comfortable quarters; and “further orders” not reaching us, we began to look about to remedy the hardship. By the propagation of the Moslem faith, Soliman deserved the name of Gazi, a holy champion; and his new kingdoms, of the Romans, or of Roum, was added to the tables of Oriental geography. And as the undefinable essence of the force moving the heavenly bodies, the undefinable essence of the forces of heat and electricity, or of chemical affinity, or of the vital force, forms the content of astronomy, physics, chemistry, botany, zoology, and so on, just in the same way does the force of free will form the content of history.

The material which the sculptor used in Chaldea was usually valuable stone difficult to procure, such as basalt, dolorite, diorite; in Assyria, generally a commoner, more easily worked species, such as alabaster and sandstone. I assure thee, my dear, that if I had the option now of continuing in life or of completing the voyage on which I have set out, I should find it very hard to choose. torpor, or stupid sloth: this is thy daily slavery. He that doeth truth cometh to the light. St. 7.] Frémont was mistaken, however, in saying that from Nicholasville to Knoxville supplies could be “transported over level and good roads.” General Buell had, on the 1st of February, [Footnote:Id., vol.

At that moment Nicholas noticed the presence of his nephew. Thereupon she said: “Unhappy man, what has brought you into this evil plight? If it is Heaven’s will, then we must submit; but if it is of man’s wrongdoing, then may the wrong be set right. So the Prince carried him to the castle door. He knew what a shock he would inflict on his father and mother by the news of this loss, he knew what a relief it would be to escape it all, and felt that Dólokhov knew that he could save him from all this shame and sorrow, but wanted now to play with him as a cat does with a mouse. Euric was the first of the Gothic princes who expressed, in writing, the manners and customs of his people; and the composition of the Burgundian laws was a measure of policy rather than of justice; to alleviate the yoke, and regain the affections, of their Gallic subjects.


Valeria consulted her safety by a hasty flight, and, still accompanied by her mother Prisca, they wandered above fifteen months through the provinces, concealed in the disguise of plebeian habits.

The moment life is fled the high priest bends over the corpse with his hands folded on his breast and repeats a prayer.

All undismayed, straining their utmost and peering through the gloom, they turned them in the direction of the sacred light. I am in search of one Captain Rous, to whom . VI., i. A fresh wave of the flying mob caught him and bore him back with it. The second day, about noon, a strong south wind 108 sprang up, which carried the vessels of Crispus against the enemy; and as the casual advantage was improved by his skilful intrepidity, he soon obtained a complete victory.

This fell with an appalling shock on William. These newspapers, owned and edited by these men, although free from the repulsive vulgarity of the yellow press, were susceptible to influence by the privileged interests, and were almost or quite as hostile to manliness as they were to unrefined vice—and were much more hostile to it than to the typical shortcomings of wealth and refinement. “A hare’s track, a lot of tracks!” rang out Natásha’s voice through the frost-bound air. If I had thought, known, or heard tell, that there had ever been such a state as mine, it would have exceedingly relieved me. (By Stanhope A.

One night Oruj Reis made a sally, in which he killed about seven hundred infidels, and took a hundred prisoners; but shortly after the enemy were reinforced by the arrival of ten thousand infidels and twenty thousand34 Arabs, an event which served to protract the siege for six months, during which time several battles were fought with equal fierceness and desperation on both sides. For twenty days the eloquence and influence of the House were in violent agitation. But she could not pacify herself with these reflections; a feeling akin to remorse troubled her when she thought of her visit. They had spread themselves into Gaul, over the modern provinces of Alsace and Lorraine; and their bold invasion of the kingdom of Cologne summoned the Salic prince to the defence of his Ripuarian allies. The heat at this time became very oppressive, and hot winds like the Sam40 beginning to blow, and the sailors suffering much, the fleet went over to the island of Ilki (Piscopia), where they rested for some time.

But this is only the Notion, or the thought which is present in and for itself; we have not yet seen such a principle, for we find it first in Anaxagoras. The year 1912 also witnessed the meeting with the Tsar at Baltisch-Port, whither I repaired on board my yacht at the invitation of Nicholas II.


You deprived me of my family and father’s house; banished me from my country and friends—after a long interval of calamities which I pass over, shipwrecked me upon the coast of Egypt; delivered me over to pirates; shewed me, at last, a glimmering of comfort, by making me acquainted with men, unfortunate, indeed, like myself, but at the same time Greeks, and such as I hoped to spend the remainder of my life with; but now you deprive me of this consolation, where shall I turn myself? What ought I to do? Shall I desert Chariclea, who has not yet recovered Theagenes? That would be infamous and abominable? Or shall I follow and attend her in her search? If there were a probable prospect of finding him, the hope of success would sweeten, and authorize my toils; but if that expectation is distant and uncertain, and the undertaking discouraging and difficult, who can tell where my wanderings will end? May I not, then, hope that you, and the deities of friendship, will forgive me, if I venture to mention a return to my family and country? especially since the gods offer me so unlooked-for an opportunity, in the voyage which Nausicles proposes making into Greece.

I remember an incident related to me by my mother which is characteristic of the Bhil freebooters and robbers.

Montgomery were now appointed American Consul-General. It is true that the cruelty of the Assyrians to foreign prisoners of war, which often shocks us and estranges our sympathies from the whole nation, recall certain instances of a like defect among the ancient Israelites too strongly not to tempt us to think of it as a Semitic propensity; but nevertheless these are mere excesses and excrescences which must not be set to[347] the account of national character. As soon as it was discovered that the enemy were coming out to attack, I naturally supposed they would detach a force to destroy our trains. The personal applications of the audience were anticipated, or confirmed, by the testimony of their own conscience; and the intrepid preacher assumed the dangerous right of exposing both the offence and the offender to the public abhorrence. He proceeded to inquire how they behaved at present.

When I was in my apartment, without any other director than our Lord by His Spirit, as soon as one of my little children came to knock at my door, he required me to admit the interruption. There was running to and fro and whispering; another troyka flew furiously up, and then all eyes were turned on an approaching sleigh in which the figures of the Emperor and Volkónski could already be descried. However much it may have been nonsense on Mimmy’s part to talk of such things, they had not the less absolutely occurred. Save in isolated centres, it was spoken by countless Christians and by the Spaniards who had escaped to the African province of Tingitana. Give me the book,” said the stranger.


The majesty of the people is adequately represented from a humoristic standpoint by Pugin and Rowlandson, as it might have appeared on its septennial returns in the boisterous eighteenth century.

Captain Murray looked up at him in astonishment.

If we say that the consciousness of freedom is connected with the appearance of Philosophy, this principle must be a fundamental one with those with whom Philosophy begins; a people having this consciousness of freedom founds its existence on that principle seeing that the laws and the whole circumstances of the people are based only on the Notion that Mind forms of itself, and in the categories which it has. The martyrs of Cordova provoked the sentence of the cadhi, by the public confession of their inconstancy, or their passionate invectives against the person and religion of the prophet. Chaque médaille a son revers—Every medal has its reverse. From the royal seat of Toledo, the Arabian leader spread his conquests to the north, over the modern realms of Castille and Leon; but it is needless to enumerate the cities that yielded on his approach, or again to describe the table of emerald, transported from the East by the Romans, acquired by the Goths among the spoils of Rome, and presented by the Arabs to the throne of Damascus. We reform others unconsciously when we walk uprightly. Mme.

I content myself with enjoying the world without bustle; only-to live an excusable life, and such as may neither be a burden to myself nor to any other. It was long before he would leave the castle, cloaked though he was;—not, indeed, till the shades of evening had dimmed the outlines of men and things, and made indistinct the outward garniture of those who passed to and fro in the streets. The glass of fashion and the mould of form, / The observed of all observers. Ham., iii. An avowal which Xenophon makes the characteristic of a great and wise prince, attributing to Cyrus a declaration of his firm persuasion that the more his subjects feared God, the more obedient he should find them to his laws, and the more attached to his person. When I came to the camp of the picket guard of our side, I heard the call, “Turn out the guard for the commanding general.” I replied, “Never mind the guard,” and they were dismissed and went back to their tents.

The lively eloquence of Avitus inflamed the Gothic warriors, by the description of the injuries which their ancestors had suffered from the Huns; whose implacable fury still pursued them from the Danube to the foot of the Pyrenees. The city was, however, taken by assault; the king, who defended it in person, escaped with precipitation; a hundred thousand captives, and a rich booty, rewarded the fatigues of the Roman soldiers. One of these contained his body, and the other the sacred books which he himself had written, as Greek legislators write their laws upon tablets. “Connaissez-vous le Proverbe:* ‘Jerome, Jerome, do not roam, but turn spindles at home!’?” said Shinshín, puckering his brows and smiling. Two other matters came up for settlement at the Michaelmas session of the barons of the Exchequer and the justices at Westminster.

These views have been kept constantly in mind, and orders given and campaigns made to carry them out. This goddess is said to have invented the flute,[21] upon [46]which she played with considerable talent, until one day, being laughed at by the assembled gods and goddesses for the contortions which her countenance assumed during these musical efforts, she hastily ran to a fountain in order to convince herself whether she deserved their ridicule. How one is vexed with little things in this life! The great evils one triumphs over bravely, but the little eat away one’s heart. Mrs. Scott ripped up the whole history of the House of Lords during the struggle of the Commonwealth. He did not know Arakchéev personally, had never seen him, and all he had heard of him inspired him with but little respect for the man.


“Farewell, Captain Broughton.

‘Tis one main obligation I have to my fortune, that the succession of my bodily estate has been carried on according to the natural seasons; I have seen the grass, the blossom, and the fruit, and now see the withering; happily, however, because naturally.

For it is said that anciently this was the principal residence of the priests, who studied philosophy and astronomy. From the far side of the house through the closed doors came the sound of difficult passages—twenty times repeated—of a sonata by Dussek. All Moscow talks of nothing but war. Born at Palencia, he was educated for the church, but about 1545 he embarked for Peru, where he served in the royal army under Alonzo de Alvarado. In one and the same nation, the virgins discover those parts that modesty should persuade them to hide, and the married women carefully cover and conceal them.

The strength of union and discipline obtained an easy victory over a licentious and divided multitude. She therefore instructed the hero how to construct a raft, for which she herself wove the sails. Moreover, I mentioned having heard that measures had already been taken in the Vatican to guard against such an emergency. After him at least two kings ruled over Assyria, who were probably brothers, for one of them, Bel-zakir-ishkun, was the son of a king of Assyria, and grandson of a king of Sumer and Accad, and though their names are missing from the inscriptions, they can have been none other than Asshurbanapal and Esarhaddon; and the other, Asshur-etil-ili [who is sometimes known by a lengthened form of his name, Asshur-etil-ili-ukinni] is expressly called the son and grandson of these rulers. After forty-five years of most eminent public service Sir Richard wants to come home to live in peace, and the question is whether he is to have a proper pension to enable him to do so.

About four o’clock McClellan rode forward, and I accompanied him. Her eyebrows were large and bushy, but those alone would not have given to her face that look of indomitable sternness which it possessed. Lastly, as regards the important original Babylonian inscription of the reign of Cyrus, which has been referred to before, it most fully confirms the correctness of the impression made by the narrative of the chronicle on every unprejudiced reader. Rostopchín, though he had patriotic sentiments, was a sanguine and impulsive man who had always moved in the highest administrative circles and had no understanding at all of the people he supposed himself to be guiding. There is a second species of the lotus, which grows in the Nile, and which is not unlike a rose.

In asking them for the necessary aids he was only urging that they should care for their safety and honour at a critical time. 71 He inflicted the same treatment to which a defeat would have exposed his own person and family, put to death the two sons of the tyrant, and carefully extirpated his whole race. On the 18th of August, the day of reaching San Augustin Tlalpam, Garland’s brigade secured a position within easy range of the advanced intrenchments of San Antonio, but where his troops were protected by an artificial embankment that had been thrown up for some other purpose than defense. [512] Xen. In the Delta there are twelve of these who form the Dodecarchy.

One day, as we were on board a ship, going to a rather uncivilized place, a Catholic Archbishop, and a Bishop with a Catholic party, stepped on board. The captain was so naïvely and good-humoredly gay, so real, and so pleased with himself that Pierre almost winked back as he looked merrily at him. Judex damnatur cum nocens absolvitur—The judge is found guilty when a criminal is acquitted. “Well, to mention only firewood and fodder, let me inform you. Nil erit ulterius quod nostris moribus addat / Posteritas; eadem cupient facientque minores: / Omne in præcipiti vitium stetit—There will be nothing left for posterity to add to our manners; our descendants will wish for and do the same things as we do; every vice has reached its culminating point.

We had at this time six days of continuous violent storms, which made his health less good. When one is exhausted it is filled up and another is opened hard by—a deplorable system, as one hundred cubic metres must be displaced to examine one, and around each well a surface of twenty times the area is rendered useless. Certum est quia impossibile est—I am sure of it because it is impossible.


It is also a capital error to believe that good laws will accomplish anything unless the average man has the right stuff in him.

Fox, after being chaired in great pomp through the streets, was finally carried into the court-yard of Carlton House.

He hands over an offer from the English Government to maintain neutrality in future warlike complications provided certain agreements regarding limitation of naval construction are made. 153), Tunno (for Thonon, in Chablais, p. De non apparentibus, et non existentibus, eadem est ratio—Things which do not appear are to be treated as the same as those which do not exist. 105 Fox’s political morality is not without one very dark stain. In a regiment the prime need is to have fighting men; the prime virtue is to be able and eager to fight with the utmost effectiveness.

That is my view of this question. He walks with dignity, as becomes so great a personage. The House of Lords reversed this judgment, confirming the award of the assizes. The multitude of Englishmen and Gauntiners at this siege was great, so that diuerse skirmishes chanced betwixt them, and such as were appointed by the earle to lie in garrisons against them: but still the victorie abode on the English side. He was now in sight, attracting every eye by the Persian pomp of his host; the whole plain glistening as he moved along, with gold and silver armour.

Pour être assez bon, il faut l’être trop—To be good enough, one must be too good. This seems to me improbable. Even in actions wholly my own and free, if I once say a thing, I conceive that I have bound myself, and that delivering it to the knowledge of another, I have positively enjoined it my own performance. In the centre of it are found two lovely Hindoo temples—one to Maha Dèo, the high god, and the other to Bhawanee, who is at once the goddess of love and hatred—with the attending Brahman priests officiating there. He removed to Theobalds, and there again a deputation followed him, urging him to grant the matter of the militia, or that the Parliament would feel compelled to assume it for the safety of the kingdom.

On the 14th of March the Scottish Convention of Estates met. Even those who deem that there are other evidences of Christianity than the historic evidences, or even the deductions of criticism, admit that his arguments go far to demonstrate the genuineness of the Bible records, and therefore of the Christian religion. It was soon seen that William, though his ostensible object was to induce Charles to enter into a league against France—whose king continued, in spite of treaties, to press on his encroachments,—yet was courted by the Exclusionists, even by Monmouth, as well as Lord William Russell and other Whigs. “Assure the Emperor Alexander from me,” said he, taking his hat, “that I am as devoted to him as before: I know him thoroughly and very highly esteem his lofty qualities. But the power of instruction is seldom of much efficacy, except in those happy dispositions where it is almost superfluous.

The appointment was made by our nearest European neighbor on Malabar Hill, a Mr. S——, an Englishman who had lived a long time in India, and one of our intimate friends. To the above law, in the form in which we have expressed it, it may perhaps be objected that the acted drama is at once the most full and complete reproduction of nature which we owe to the fine arts, and that at the same time the number of The acted drama no real exception to the general law. facts over which its imitation ranges is the greatest. In verse it is not unlike Orlando Furioso, which had appeared in 1588.


Nature was pleased with public applause; grace made me dread it.

The first and chief object of our Order, the foundation on which it rests and which no human power can destroy, is the preservation and handing on to posterity of a certain important mystery…

But James was of that mole-eyed, bigot character which rushed headlong on the most perilous issues. [462] Xen. For which of their exquisite orations is so admirable as to be entitled to be preferred to a well-constituted government, public justice, and good customs? Certainly, just as I think that magnificent and imperious cities (as Ennius says) are superior to castles and villages, so I imagine that those who regulate such cities by their counsel and authority are far preferable, with respect to real wisdom, to men who are unacquainted with any kind of political knowledge. On this occasion, Constantius behaved with the magnanimity of a genuine Roman. [Footnote: Official Records, vol.

Dieu défend le droit—God defends the right. “inhabitants of houses within the borough, being housekeepers and parishioners, not securing alms,” raised an altogether pretty scandal in the way of revelations on corrupt treating. In 1791 Fessler was converted to Lutheranism and next year contracted an unhappy marriage, which was dissolved in 1802, when he married again. His father was a Goth, and his mother of the nation of the Alani. Bon jour, bonne oeuvre—The better the day, the better the deed.

[505] Xen. The warfare was carried on with singular ferocity, the careless Lope offering openings at every turn. All this was duly reported to the king in London, who[304] directed Lord Sunderland to assure Kirke that “he was very well satisfied with his proceedings.” It was asserted in London that in the single week following the battle, Kirke butchered a hundred of his victims, besides pocketing large sums for the ransom of others, yet he declared that he had not gone to the lengths to which he was ordered. The peace establishment of Hadrian and his successors was composed of no less than thirty of these formidable brigades; and most probably formed a standing force of three hundred and seventy-five thousand men. The country was enriched by the various benefits of trade; by the vigilance of the emperors it was covered with a line of forts; and the populous cities of Gerasa, Philadelphia, and Bosra, were secure, at least from a surprise, by the solid structure of their walls.

Napoleon began the war with Russia because he could not resist going to Dresden, could not help having his head turned by the homage he received, could not help donning a Polish uniform and yielding to the stimulating influence of a June morning, and could not refrain from bursts of anger in the presence of Kurákin and then of Balashëv. “Well, let’s have another bottle of this Moscow Bordeaux, shall we? Morel will warm us up another little bottle. The eclipse did not take place. A cornet, hearing the story, informed his commander. After the Greek invasion it revived under the first kings of the Arsacid branch, Greek taste still exercising an influence over the Iranian provinces.

Some of the American species of honeysuckle34 would, no doubt, likewise yield an essential oil. The oil sold in commerce under this name is not obtained from these flowers, but is an imitation of the odor conventionally accepted for it. Among the hoplites who took part in the vigorous charge and pushing of shields, the philosopher Sokratês is to be numbered. The confraternities of the Salians, the Lupercals, &c., practised such rites as might extort a smile of contempt from every reasonable man, with a lively confidence of recommending themselves to the favor of the immortal gods. In the Petersburg world this sad side of the affair again involuntarily centered round a single incident: Kutáysov’s death. Tullus rose, went to him, and inquired who he was and what he wanted.


Summing up Greene’s contribution to the drama of his age we should say that it lies in the essential comedy of his outlook on life, his inherent vis comica; in his loving insight into human nature in its familiar aspects; in his distrust of exaggeration and his tendency to turn this to burlesque; and in his beautiful philosophy of the eternal verities.

The commanding general publishes, for the information of all concerned, that hereafter all persons found within our lines who commit acts for the benefit of the enemies of our country, will be tried as spies or traitors, and, if convicted, will suffer death.

Along the sea-coast footholds had been obtained at Plymouth, Washington, and New Bern, in North Carolina; Beaufort, Folly and Morris Islands, Hilton Head, Fort Pulaski, and Port Royal, in South Carolina; Fernandina and St. I had much to tell also of those Bedouins; how they were essentially true to us, but teased us almost to frenzy by their continual begging. By adding to it 1½ oz. Man can be master of nothing while he fears death, but he who does not fear it possesses all. [313] Isokrates Orat.

That is still too fresh. It is the thought writ down we want, / Not its effect, not likenesses of likenesses; / And such descriptions are not, more than gloves / Instead of hands to shake, enough for us. J. They were welcomed by a people high-spirited as well as humane, who did not insult them by clandestine charity; who did not give alms in secret lest their charity should be detected by the neighboring tyrants! No! They were publicly and nationally welcomed and relieved. Faith’s abode / Is mystery for evermore, / Its life, to worship and adore, / And meekly bow beneath the rod, / When the day is dark and the burden sore. Dr. And then he ran up against another difficulty.

Murat was informed that the way had been cleared. If we did not state this, we should possibly injure the cause which we are anxious to maintain. William met them at the head of several English regiments, which charged the Household Troops with such impetuosity that, for the first time, they were forced to give way. 668 Esarhaddon abdicates. “What I desired was done: the magistrates sent the herald about, to convoke an assembly by the sound of trumpet.

“It now becomes my pleasing task to return you my most sincere and grateful thanks for the high honour which you have again conferred upon me. We step off and inspect many of the places, large as well as small.