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That city, the western key of the empire, was guarded by ancient renown, and recent fortifications, by George Pal

What shall I say of Dicæarchus, who denies that there is any soul? In all these opinions, there is nothing to affect any one after death; for all feeling is lost with life, and where there is no sensation, nothing can interfere to affect us.

Socrates shall be one; for, as I remember, he speaks something to this purpose to the judges who sat upon his life and death. In one of the hottest days of summer, as he severely urged the unwholesome labor of draining the marshes of Sirmium, the soldiers, impatient of fatigue, on a sudden threw down their tools, grasped their arms, and broke out into a furious mutiny. Here however was the term of his good fortune. The courier bearing the message was compelled to move west nearly to Jacinto before he found a road leading to Burnsville. Send a fool to France, and he’ll come a fool back. Sc.

A charge supported by such decisive proof was admitted without contradiction, and the legions, with repeated acclamations, acknowledged the justice and authority of the emperor Diocletian. Another detachment penetrated as far as Brivas, or Brioude, where the inhabitants, with their valuable effects, had taken refuge in the sanctuary of St. 1195-1075 The successors of Ramses III have short reigns. Ammianus Marcellinus, who prudently chose the capital of the empire as the residence the best adapted to the historian of his own times, has mixed with the narrative of public events a lively representation of the scenes with which he was familiarly conversant. On the 7th, being Sunday, they held a public thanksgiving for their victory, and on the 11th being[30] ready to take the city by escalade, Glenham, the governor, came to terms, on condition that the garrison should be allowed to march out with all the honours of war, and retire to Skipton.

He helps out with cash or credit the widow who is in straits, or the breadwinner who is crippled or for some other cause temporarily out of work. The emperor alone was the general of the republic, and his jurisdiction, civil as well as military, extended over all the conquests of Rome. “What do you mean?” asked Speránski quietly, lowering his eyes. Then despair fell upon the people. Hill’s division that our movement into Sharpsburg could not have been checked, and, assisted by the advance of Sumner and Franklin on the right, would apparently have made certain the complete rout of Lee.

In the present work an attempt has been made to avoid the pitfalls of one-man treatment on the one hand, and of ill-adjusted specialist treatment on the other. They were diuided into two battels, a vaward, and a rereward. VI. When the city was sacked, he determined to send the statue of Juno to Rome, according to his vow. Naval Victory over the Dutch—Death of Van Tromp—Quasi-Royal State of the Lord-Protector—Disaffection against Cromwell—His Vigorous Rule—Charles II. Three may keep a secret—if two of them are dead. Ben.

Because I showed my Catholic fellow countrymen from the very beginning that I wished to allow them complete freedom in the exercise of their religion, a quieter spirit was engendered in the land and the aftermath of the “Kulturkampf” disappeared more and more. There is endless discussion as to the significance of his masterpiece, and the acutest critics have uttered “great argument about it and about.” That an allegory of human life was intended is incredible. But, singularly enough, afterwards Stesimbrotus either forgets his wife and children, or makes Themistokles forget them, when he says that he sailed to Sicily and demanded the daughter of the despot Hiero in marriage, promising that he would make all Greece obey him. The orders directed that I should report at department headquarters at St. “What a dandy you are today!” said Nesvítski, looking at Denísov’s new cloak and saddlecloth.

“This, I think, is a case that shows clearly the difference between destructive litigation and constructive legislation. All the way Pétya had been preparing himself to behave with Denísov as befitted a grown-up man and an officer—without hinting at their previous acquaintance. In spite of the violent changes and dislocations of society during the period of the conflict with Charles I., these upheavings and tempests threw down and swept[384] away a host of things which cramped and smothered the free action of commerce and internal industry. It is the Greek soldier alone who feels himself bound to his comrades by ties reciprocal and indissoluble,712–who obeys neither the will of a king, nor his own individual impulse, but a common and imperative sentiment of obligation,–whose honor or shame is attached to his own place in the ranks, never to be abandoned nor overstepped. There was, however, one circumstance which stood much in the way of Agesilaus,–his personal deformity.


But Fairfax and Cromwell were marching rapidly after them.

Six months later, on the 6th February, 1625-26, Charles opened his second Parliament and met with no better success.

A more melancholy duty is imposed on the historian. As touching the iustices, they were all condemned to death by the parlement, but such meanes was made for them vnto the queene, that she obteined pardon for their liues. It only shows what the Catholic religion is, and that “Hell’s gates cannot prevail against Christ’s Church,” when the Faith could stand unmoved and flourish under three centuries of this tribunal of fire and woe, composed of serpents in its own bosom, traitors in the camp; worse than internal civil war, covering even its own members with infamy. The sage reproof of Baldwin provoked him to exclaim, in his barbarous idiom, “Who is this rustic, that keeps his seat, while so many valiant captains are standing round him?” The emperor maintained his silence, dissembled his indignation, and questioned his interpreter concerning the meaning of the words, which he partly suspected from the universal language of gesture and countenance. Raisins, fine ones…

One of the most remarkable features of the great electioneering contest of 1784 was the fact of the ex-demagogue Wilkes being returned as the ministerial candidate, to Pitt’s pronounced gratification too, for the county of Middlesex. In war it is the unexpected that happens. In the Lords, Bishop Sherlock and a small knot of Tories were for recalling James, and attempting the impossible thing of binding him to the Constitution; another party, of which Sancroft was known to be the head, though he had not the courage to go there and advocate it, were for a regency; whilst Danby contended for proclaiming the Princess Mary in her own right; and the Whigs were for nominating William as an elective prince. Thus perished the citizen to whom, more than to any one else, Athens owed not only her renovated democracy, but its wise, generous, and harmonious working, after renovation. But the duke still excused him by his subiects, as though if he had not thus agreed, he should haue beene in danger to haue lost his heritage of that countrie.

Boeckh,310 that Periklês sacrificed the landed proprietors of Attica to the maritime interests and[p. The more he could prove the Commonwealth a rightful Government, the more must the present Government hate and dread him. Natus nemo—Not a born soul. “The third night after this she awakened me from sleep, and told me that the adulterer was in the house; that my father, on some sudden occasion, was gone into the country, and that the lover had taken this opportunity of secretly visiting Demæneta. Prince Andrew rose and politely placed a chair for her.

He had in his office one William Gregg, a clerk, who was detected in a treasonable correspondence with Chamillard the French Minister. As an alternative Festus suggests a connexion with fascinum, either because the Fescennina were regarded as a protection against evil influences (see Munro, Criticisms and Elucidations of Catullus, p. For both these are brutish. Dionysophanes had already retired to rest; but finding Daphnis still up and weeping in the garden, presented Chloe to him, and gave him an account of the whole adventure, beseeching him to bear no ill-will, but to retain him in his service, in which he would prove himself of use, and not to banish him from his father’s table, which would deprive him of his bread. There are Bambura, or Bampoora, whence in former times an enormous gun, the Mahratta curfew, boomed sunset warnings to honest men to betake themselves home; and Dapooree, where Colonel Ford, C.


But when it is said that felicity must be sought by reflection, we know that these are empty words and thoughtless utterances.

Now I would be the first to deny that even the most delightful old English ballad should be put on a par with any one of scores of dramatic works by authors whom I have not mentioned; I know that each of these dramatists has written what is of more worth than the ballad; only, I enjoy the ballad, and I don’t enjoy the drama; and therefore the ballad is better for me, and this fact is not altered by the other fact that my own shortcomings are to blame in the matter.

“The Greek Romances,” says Dunlop, “may be considered as almost the first productions, in which woman is in any degree represented as assuming her proper station of the friend and companion of man. For, in Sparta, nothing was left without regulation, but, with all the necessary acts of life, Lykurgus mingled some ceremony which might enkindle virtue or discourage vice; indeed he filled his city with examples of this kind, by which the citizens were insensibly moulded and impelled towards honourable pursuits. But when you take your attention off from this picture and these images of the virtues to the truth and the reality, what remains without disguise is, the question whether any one can be happy in torment? Wherefore let us now examine that point, and not be under any apprehensions, lest the virtues should expostulate, and complain that they are forsaken by happiness. To speak more definitely, we now have the Christ who came into the world nearly two thousand years ago. “Who has told them not to capture me these twenty times over? But if they did catch me they’d string me up to an aspen tree, and with all your chivalry just the same.” He paused.

Care’s an enemy to life. Twelfth Night, i. KENSINGTON PALACE. The reading is always performed in parts. On the 27th the enemy was driven from his intrenched position, with the loss of four pieces of artillery. Petosiris was not yet taken, nor was he far in advance; he was every minute in danger of being reached, and had only so much the advantage of the course, as it was reasonable to suppose an unarmed man would have over one who was in armour.

Athene was at once admitted into the assembly of the gods, and henceforth took her place as the most faithful and sagacious of all her father’s counsellors. Through Brittany. With numerous Illustrations by T. Repente dives nemo factus est bonus—No good man ever became suddenly rich. All her inward labor, her dissatisfaction with herself, her sufferings, her strivings after goodness, her meekness, love, and self-sacrifice—all this now shone in those radiant eyes, in her delicate smile, and in every trait of her gentle face. It is hard to reconcile the dates, especially those which refer to Olympiads, the table of which is said to have been made out by Hippias of Elis, on no trustworthy basis.

From the two first in Trieste I rose a perfect skeleton, which made me determine never to spend another winter there, even if I had to leave the Service. On a cold and dark December night, amidst rain, sleet, and a roaring wind, they marched forth from the gates, lightly armed, some few with shields and spears, but most of them with breastplates, javelins, and bows and arrows: the right foot was naked, and the left foot alone shod, so as to give to it a more assured footing on the muddy ground.390 Taking care to sally out with the wind in their faces, and at such a distance from each other as to prevent any clattering of arms, they crossed the inner ditch and reached the foot of the wall without being discovered: the ladders, borne in the van, were immediately planted, and Ammeas, son of Koroebus, followed by eleven others, armed only with a short sword and breastplate, mounted the wall: others, armed with spears, followed him, their shields being carried and handed to them when on the top by comrades behind.


Thus far these odors seem to have been accessible only to English perfumers.

Real and effectual subjection only concerns such amongst us as voluntarily thrust their necks under the yoke, and who design to get wealth and honours by such services: for a man that loves his own fireside, and can govern his house without falling by the ears with his neighbours or engaging in suits of law, is as free as a Duke of Venice.

O these deliberate fools, when they do choose / They have the wisdom by their wit to lose. Mer. In this transaction, the ambition and avarice of the popes have been severely condemned. The Guards, just arrived from Russia, spent the night ten miles from Olmütz and next morning were to come straight to the review, reaching the field at Olmütz by ten o’clock. This stoppage of Lee’s column no doubt saved to us the trains following. Rente viagère—An annuity.

General Granger had got down to New Orleans, in some way or other, and I wrote Canby that he must not put him in command of troops. Mine honour my life is; both grow in one; / Take honour from me, and my life is done. Richard II., i. For they divide the Earth into Three Parts, one of which is that wherein we inhabit; another quite contrary to these Places in the Seasons of the Year; the Third lying between these Two, which they say is uninhabitable by reason of the scorching heat of the Sun; and therefore if Nile should overflow in the Winter-time, it would be clear and evident that its Source would arise out of our Zone, because then we have the most Rain: But on the contrary being that it rises in Summer, it’s very probable that in the Country opposite to us it’s Winter-time, where then there’s much Rain, and that those Floods of Water are brought down thence to us: And therefore that none can ever find out the Head-Springs of Nile, because the River has its Course through the opposite Zone; which is uninhabited. When he had read thus far, he crumpled the letter up and threw it away. “You don’t understand why I say this,” he continued, “but it is the whole story of life.

Music, like almost everything else in India, is thought to be of divine origin. They marched, without discipline, under the banners of German, or Gallic, counts: their attack was feeble and unsuccessful; but the friendly and hostile provinces were desolated with indiscriminate rage. Those who follow the other extreme, of being quite satisfied and pleased with and in themselves, of valuing what they have above all the rest, and of concluding no beauty can be greater than what they see, if they are not wiser than we, are really more happy; I do not envy their wisdom, but their good fortune. As I went in and out, the porter at the gate absolutely scoffed at me.


In front of the immense sepulchre of the king, his wives or other relatives are buried in three small pyramids, and around them in mastabas the nobles of his court.

He who mocks the infant’s faith / Shall be mock’d in age and death. Wm.

My own judgment was in favor of placing it at Kanawha Falls, a mile below Gauley Bridge, and within the limits of that post. He conducted Sapor over the Euphrates, and, by the way of Chalcis, to the metropolis of the East. Tiberius, as we are informed by Tacitus, when Tacfarinas sent ambassadors to him, spurned at the idea of treating with a robber, as with a lawful enemy. Nicht an die Güter hänge dein Herz, / Die das Leben vergänglich zieren! / Wer besitzt, der lerne verlieren; / Wer im Glück ist, der lerne den Schmerz!—Let not thy heart cling to the things which for so short a time deck out thy life. At the sight of the letter red patches showed themselves on the princess’ face.

He received them with all respect, and such was his apparent devotion to Parliament, that they were thoroughly satisfied and highly delighted. We have the knowledge of a very curious circumstance, of some use perhaps in the melancholy calculation of human calamities. Cobre gana cobre que no huesos de hombre—Money (lit. copper) breeds money and not man’s bones. [71] Xen. The prudent emperor endeavored, by every expedient of advice and authority, to allay this growing animosity.

78 The Quarto reads, Mark but the Prophets, we that shortly shows, etc. But though he professed to triumph, he had little cause to do so. The roots of the surrounding hills are covered with hotels, villas, and pines, and above them again are high mountains with snowy peaks and fine air. But there is the further fact, that neither in Religion nor in Philosophy does this[72] external form remain, nor can it so remain.


The Syrians thought that the coming of a new king of Egypt meant a time for casting off the yoke of the Pharaohs.

At times he can only deal with important results; and in his account of a war, it sometimes requires great attention to discover that the events which seem to be comprehended in a single campaign, occupy several years.

At last Mademoiselle Bourienne gave a scream and ran away. The princess, who had never liked Pierre and had been particularly hostile to him since she had felt herself under obligations to him after the old count’s death, now after staying a short time in Orël—where she had come intending to show Pierre that in spite of his ingratitude she considered it her duty to nurse him—felt to her surprise and vexation that she had become fond of him. The direct pursuit was here discontinued, but McClellan had sent a dispatch to General Hill at Grafton, to collect the garrisons along the railroad and block the way of the Confederates where they must pass around the northern spurs of the mountains. It was Dokhtúrov again whom they sent to Formínsk and from there to Málo-Yaroslávets, the place where the last battle with the French was fought and where the obvious disintegration of the French army began; and we are told of many geniuses and heroes of that period of the campaign, but of Dokhtúrov nothing or very little is said and that dubiously. He was the son of B.

“Yes,” said I, “I am Mr. Jones. Lardner’s series in the first half of the nineteenth century, no satisfactory attempt has been made to bring the entire story of the world’s history to the attention of the English reader in a single work. The legitimate male posterity of Tancred of Hauteville was extinct in the person of the second William; but his aunt, the daughter of Roger, had married the most powerful prince of the age; and Henry the Sixth, the son of Frederic Barbarossa, descended from the Alps to claim the Imperial crown and the inheritance of his wife. O munera nondum / Intellecta Deum—Oh, that the gifts of the gods should not yet be understood. Jansen of Amsterdam, who died about a twelvemonth ago, volunteered to place it in the hands of Messrs.

“No, not exactly that;—not of necessity. 120] town, removing to Athens the old men and sick, with the women and children. On the first day of this parlement, were arrested as they sat in their places, all the iustices (except sir William Skipworth) as sir Roger Fulthrop, sir Robert Belknap, sir Iohn Carie, sir Iohn Holt, sir William Brooke, and Iohn Alocton the kings sergeant at law, all which were sent to the tower, and there kept in seuerall places. “Only excuse me, my dear fellow, I’ll give you twenty thousand and a note of hand for eighty thousand as well. community and society; and therefore hath it both made the things that are worse, for the best, and hath allied and knit together those which are best, as it were in an harmony.


And to Blair I wrote: “Their design is evidently to cross the Big Black and pass down the peninsula between the Big Black and Yazoo rivers.

There was a courtesy and softness about him which were very gratifying to her; and then, his appearance was so much in his favour.

To pass by my other afflictions, I have lost five children under the most pitiful conditions possible: for the five I lost one by one when each was my only child, suffering these blows of bereavement in such a manner that each child was born to one already bereaved. William of Orange was a posthumous child and a ward of De Witt, who was also at the same time at the head of the Louvestein faction, which was violently opposed to the House of Nassau. On Konovnítsyn’s handsome, resolute face with cheeks flushed by fever, there still remained for an instant a faraway dreamy expression remote from present affairs, but then he suddenly started and his face assumed its habitual calm and firm appearance. Morgenstunde hat Gold im Munde—The morning hour has gold in its mouth. Notwithstanding the omission of both the Twelfth and the Fourteenth Chapters in subsequent renewals of the Charter, the king lived up to the principles therein set down; and notwithstanding the absence in Magna Carta of provision for parliamentary taxation in fact, it was there in embryo.

Six weeks later he was married, and settled in Count Bezúkhov’s large, newly furnished Petersburg house, the happy possessor, as people said, of a wife who was a celebrated beauty and of millions of money. This Horatius was surnamed Cocles because he had lost an eye in the wars, or as some say because of the flatness of his nose, which made his eyes and eyebrows seem to meet, having nothing to separate them, and therefore the people meaning to call him Cyclops, by a mistake of pronunciation, named him Cocles. Oculus domini saginat equum—The master’s eye makes the horse fat. Charles was permitted to[80] choose any place in the Isle of Wight where the conference should take place, and he decided on the town of Newport. Orl. Are you? that will I try.

When the mind’s free, the body’s delicate. Lear, iii. All the propositions of Xenophon were readily adopted by the army, except the last. Three days after the council of reconciliation in London, had dispersed in April, 1224, a charge of capital crime, said to have been committed eight years previously, was laid before the King against Falkes.1046 A writ was at once issued, on 26th April, to the sheriff of Bedfordshire bidding him “at every shire-court call Falkes de Bréauté to stand to right concerning the complaint made against him in that county, of a breach of the King’s peace,” and if Falkes did not appear, cause him to be outlawed. He was prompt, however, to volunteer when the rebellion broke out, and soon rose to the rank of major-general in the Union army. Let him wait at Bellaggio for more money, and when he returned home, let him buy Mrs. Greene more jewels.

Whoever composed the Spanish version, he must be accepted as an expert in the art of morbid allegory. Omnis poena corporalis, quamvis minima, major est omni poena pecuniaria, quamvis maxima—The slightest corporal punishment falls more heavily than the largest pecuniary penalty. Edited and Prefaced by Richard Herne Shepherd. In every station, the reader might contemplate the image of the past world, apply the lesson or warning of each page, and learn to admire, perhaps to imitate, the examples of a brighter period. But at that moment Denísov, no more intimidated by his superiors than by the enemy, came with jingling spurs up the steps of the porch, despite the angry whispers of the adjutants who tried to stop him.

As reason is a rebel unto faith, so is passion 20 unto reason. Sir T.


Disdaining to shed their blood for the amusement of the populace, they killed their keepers, broke from the place of their confinement, and filled the streets of Rome with blood and confusion.

they attack his shadow, and drive the storm in a place where no one is either chastised or concerned, but in the clamour of their voice.

Admiral Tirpitz now went ahead with the program approved by me. Continuity is split up into its opposite, a number which is indefinite; that is to say, if continuity is not admitted, there is no motion. Then his look of surprise gave way to one of amusement. “And how does he now regard the matter?” asked Pierre, referring to the old prince. Deeply were the Corinthians humiliated by their defeat at sea, together with the dispersion of the settlers whom they had brought together; and though their original project was frustrated by the loss of Epidamnus, they were only the more bent on complete revenge against their old enemy Korkyra.

To this the younger of the two made this answer: “As for the two islands, it is as my brother has said. To these was added Count Zinzendorf, as Minister for the Emperor. With a rapid but careful movement Natásha drew nearer to him on her knees and, taking his hand carefully, bent her face over it and began kissing it, just touching it lightly with her lips. To find myself shut out of your town, nay, to find that I am not heartily welcomed, astonishes me. The Law of Nations does not consist, therefore, of a mere body of deductions derived from general principles of justice, for there is also a body of doctrine based upon CONSENT; and it is this system of voluntarily recognized obligations which distinguishes international jurisprudence from mere ethical speculation or moral theory.

S——, who had often visited the house and was familiar with its ways, led us through the little garden and up a great flight of wooden steps into a corridor or hall, crossing which we at length stood before a very old door which was slightly ajar, through the opening of which a light streamed upon us in the dark passage. The bellman went first, ringing his bell, and[265] exclaiming at intervals, “Remember Mr. The three recent conquests of Mania,–Larissa, Hamaxitus, and Kolônæ, surrendered to him as soon as he appeared; while the garrisons of Ilium and some other places, who had taken special service under Mania, and found themselves worse off now that they had lost her, accepted his invitation to renounce Persian dependence, declare themselves allies of Sparta, and hold their cities for him. After a hundred checks and defeats she has utterly annihilated the intrusive Mohammedan schism which attempted to establish its independence in Yunnan. He saw that he had fallen into some inadvertence, but what it was he could not imagine.

and Jul., iii. Pierre was silent. Every man having run home for his arms, the whole force of the city rushed impetuously down thither, with one accord,–hoplites as well as horsemen. Fortune assists the facility of the bargain of my life, having placed it in such a condition that for the future it can be neither advantage nor hindrance to those who are concerned in me; ‘tis a condition that I would have accepted at any time of my life; but in this occasion of trussing up my baggage, I am particularly pleased that in dying I shall neither do them good nor harm. he discerns ‘tis nothing but counterfeit and gullery.

The new sovereign of Italy resigned to Euric, king of the Visigoths, all the Roman conquests beyond the Alps, as far as the Rhine and the Ocean: and the senate might confirm this liberal gift with some ostentation of power, and without any real loss of revenue and dominion. In 1742 he went to Berlin, and Frederick the Great made him his aide-de-camp, with the rank of major. Once a party of them went into the market, and they each bought one of those large feather kitchen blowers, which they used like fans, and then they came back joining arms and dancing a step all down the street, fanning themselves. C. in the Panjaub and along the Indus gave to that river. The camomile, the more it is trodden on, the faster it grows; yet youth, the more it is wasted, the sooner it wears. 1 Hen.

When it was knowen that the Londoners were come, they were called before the king, by whom the matter was so handled, that the duke and they were made fréends. The officers who were captured had gone out without permission, and, led on by the hare-brained De Villiers, had done what they knew was foolish and unmilitary, resulting for them in a severe experience in Libby Prison at Richmond, and for us in the momentary appearance of lack of discipline and order which could not fairly be charged upon the command.


Thereupon he told to Sir Calidore the whole story of his love, and besought his help, which he, much moved by pity for their sorrowful case, gladly promised that he would give.

“‘We drew up in a heap, eager for the onslaught.

“Let Austria become a mighty empire,—nineteen million Slavs, eight million Germans, five million Hungarians. “Why should you be God knows where out of sight, during the battle?” he said, exchanging glances with his young companion. But there was one suit of clothes too good to throw away, which we kept for a “change,” and which was known as my “Smike suit,” because it left my wrists and ankles as bare as those of poor Smike himself. This is very common; we are more solicitous that men speak of us, than how they speak; and it is enough for us that our names are often mentioned, be it after what manner it will. Miles. A scholar, quoth you! marry, sir, I would I had been made a bottle-maker when I was made a scholar; for I can get neither to be a deacon, reader, nor schoolmaster, no, not the clerk of a parish.

The liquid asphaltus, which is called naphtha, is found in Susiana; the dry kind, which can be made solid, in Babylonia. I now mounted and pushed over the plateau on to the open prairie. Hence people are dissuaded from it, and hence there is rarely any conversion that is durable. When he was about nineteen he became deeply impressed with a religious feeling. Gooch, which has come into common use in quantitative analysis where the solid matter has to be submitted to heating or ignition, consists of a crucible having a perforated bottom.

Meinecke was Under Secretary of State in the Finance Ministry and had, therefore, much to do with other Ministers, since finances were an important thing everywhere. Hier stehe ich! Ich kann nicht anders. But we cannot be certain that he ever was tried: indeed, another accusation[p. (1806-1808). Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 7s.

23 is well adapted to operations on a large scale. If Italians invaded Spain, Spaniards were no less ready to settle in Italy. Fine art is to mankind what play is to the individual, a free and arbitrary vent for energy which is not needed to be spent upon tasks concerned with the conservation, perpetuation or protection of life. Five minutes later, Denísov came into the hut, climbed with muddy boots on the bed, lit his pipe, furiously scattered his things about, took his leaded whip, buckled on his saber, and went out again. London, 1884.—Heeren, A.

However, as we have stated above, it is possible to cultivate some plants from which odors are extracted in the warm sections of this country, and to obtain the most expensive perfumes from them. He, like Urukagina, calls himself “lugal Pur-shir-la,” “king of Shirpurla.” Besides this he bears the proud title “lugal ki-gal-la,” “the great king,” and terms himself shib (dingir) Nin-gir-su, “the priest of Ningirsu,” a title similar to that of patesi-gal.


Don’t send the carriage away; I must get my work done and go on;” but, when I attempted to get out of bed, I fell on the floor and fainted again.

Pierre came up to him and caught him by the arm.

He, too, was a Whig, but was not supposed to entertain any political ambitions; nor did he; but after the fall of Monterey, his third battle and third complete victory, the Whig papers at home began to speak of him as the candidate of their party for the Presidency. Haud passibus æquis—With unequal steps. As she said this the countess looked round at her daughter. Hac mercede placet—I accept the terms. Choose thy speech. Gael.

And the walls on every side are hung with the rent robes and broken sceptres of kings, shivered spears and shields torn in twain, spoils of Babylon and of Rome, relics of great empires that have been and are no more. The navigation of the Nile, so important to Rome itself, was improved; and temples, buildings, porticos, and palaces were constructed by the hands of the soldiers, who acted by turns as architects, as engineers, and as husbandmen. In this matter, as in most others, he is satisfied to follow and to exaggerate an existing convention.