Day: December 11, 2017

The most tedious time in the day to Mrs. Thompson were the two hours after breakfast.

Cujusvis hominis est errare: nullius nisi insipientis in errore perseverare—Every one is liable to err; none but a fool will persevere in error.

When the Egyptians sank from power, it was not so much that they lost their inherent capacity for progress, as that other nations outstripped them in the race, and came presently to dominate and subjugate them, and thus to stamp out their ambition. Our works decay and disappear, / God’s frailest works abide, and look / Down on the ruins we {pg 340}toil to rear. Dr. The numerous districts on both sides of the lower Tigris and west of the Euphrates which are out of reach of the irrigation have a desert character, as rain is as rare here as in Egypt. It was the nightingale, and not the lark / That pierced the fearful hollow of thine ear. Rom. Prince Andrew could not make out distinctly what was in that tent.

Their women, though dark, are singularly pleasing when young. These libels were spread about in the community. I never knew such a piece of work. The holy instruments of the Jewish worship, the gold table, and the gold candlestick with seven branches, originally framed according to the particular instructions of God himself, and which were placed in the sanctuary of his temple, had been ostentatiously displayed to the Roman people in the triumph of Titus. Notwithstanding Soleiman Pasha had, when he reduced Aden, left a garrison in that city, the people joined the Portuguese, the masters of India, turned away their faces from submission, and delivered up the fortress to the infidels.

You will place Maj.-Gen. War is no longer glorified. In good earnest the knowledge we have of our own affairs, is much more obscure: but that has been sufficiently handled by Bodin, and according to my own sentiment —[In the work by jean Bodin, entitled “Methodus ad facilem historiarum cognitionem.” 1566.]—A little to aid the weakness of my memory (so extreme that it has happened to me more than once, to take books again into my hand as new and unseen, that I had carefully read over a few years before, and scribbled with my notes) I have adopted a custom of late, to note at the end of every book (that is, of those I never intend to read again) the time when I made an end on’t, and the judgment I had made of it, to the end that this might, at least, represent to me the character and general idea I had conceived of the author in reading it; and I will here transcribe some of those annotations. It pleased God here to make use of me to the conversion of two or three ecclesiastics. The sixty books of the Basilics, the code and pandects of civil jurisprudence, were gradually framed in the three first reigns of that prosperous dynasty.

Statutum de tallagio non concedendo was in all likelihood[272] no statute at all, but a chronicler’s abstract of Edward I’s Confirmatio Cartarum, or perhaps an unauthoritative copy of the pardon which was granted to Humfrey Bohun and Roger Bigod at approximately the same time with the Confirmation of the Charters. The ray of light is usually invisible, just as a light is not seen at mid-day, but in certain circumstances it is visible. True History of Joshua Davidson. By E. Falkes seems to have been generally, and deservedly, regarded as a public nuisance; and his extraordinary personality, coupled with the peculiar character of the followers under his control, gave him, even after the loss of all his sheriffdoms and most of his castles, the power to make himself also a public danger, if he were so minded. In the Eastern religions the first condition is that only the one substance shall, as such, be the true, and that the individual neither can have within himself, nor can he attain to any value in as far as he maintains himself as against the being in and for itself.

Ardua molimur: sed nulla nisi ardua virtus—I attempt an arduous task; but there is no worth that is not of difficult achievement. Juan Ruiz, Archpriest of Hita, near Guadalajara, is the greatest name in early Castilian literature. La fama degli eroi spetta un quarto alla loro 15 audacia, due quarti alla sorte e l’altro quarto ai loro delitti—Great men owe a fourth part of their fame to their daring, two-fourths to fortune, and the remaining fourth to their crimes.


It had hitherto been considered as a fundamental maxim of the constitution, that the emperor must be always chosen in the senate, and the sovereign power, no longer exercised by the whole body, was always delegated to one of its members.

The letters still extant from the princes of the East to Sapor are manifest forgeries; 151 nor is it natural to suppose that a jealous monarch should, even in the person of a rival, thus publicly degrade the majesty of kings.

Beyond Smolénsk there were several different roads available for the French, and one would have thought that during their stay of four days they might have learned where the enemy was, might have arranged some more advantageous plan and undertaken something new. Sennacherib immediately starts along the seacoast for Askalon, southernmost of the revolted states, and soon overpowers it. They even retorted upon the Lacedæmonians the charge of enslaving Greeks;[395] upon which Agis marched with an army to invade their territory, entering it from the north side where it joined Achaia. The moral of the Heike case, as has been well said, is “how easy it is for a man in modern corporate organization to drift into wrongdoing.” The moral restraints are loosened in the case of a man like Heike by the insulation of himself from the sordid details of crime, through industrially coerced intervening agents. He complained that he had been deceived by the Scottish Government, and at once gave orders to prohibit the scheme, and sent similar orders to his consul at Hamburg to forbid the subscription there.

Defienda me Dios de my—God defend me from myself. My father, seeing I was now grown tall, placed me in Lent among the Ursulines, to receive my first communion at Easter, at which time I was to complete my eleventh year. The village of Máhábáleshwar is a Brahm settlement, where five rivers in the dry and seven in the wet season arise; this is the Krishna source, and these Maharattas are a very fine race. And in this case again followers have over-emphasized the master’s predilections, Luini, Sodoma and the rest borrowing and repeating the mysterious smile of Leonardo till it becomes in their work an affectation cloying however lovely. Equally right or wrong is he who says that Napoleon went to Moscow because he wanted to, and perished because Alexander desired his destruction, and he who says that an undermined hill weighing a million tons fell because the last navvy struck it for the last time with his mattock.

We soon started again for Maloja, but did not get in till 4.30, owing to an accident. Susan found that{100} she had quite an aptitude for parallel lines, and altogether had a good time of it that evening. With an impartial hand he maintained between them an exact balance of favor, conferred on both the rank of Augustus, with the revered name of Antoninus; and for the first time the Roman world beheld three emperors. A largish piece of the biscuit the Emperor was holding in his hand broke off, fell on the balcony parapet, and then to the ground. Under his reign, and that of his predecessor, the conquerors of the East were the trusty servants of God and the people; the mass of the public treasure was consecrated to the expenses of peace and war; a prudent mixture of justice and bounty maintained the discipline of the Saracens, and they united, by a rare felicity, the despatch and execution of despotism with the equal and frugal maxims of a republican government.

Frank found that it was impossible for me to move without a travelling doctor. On the 5th of May he resolved, on the report of Hudson, to go to the Scots, and accordingly, early on that morning he rode into Southwell, to Montreuil’s lodgings, and announced his intention. This fragmentary piece, written in octosyllabics, forms the foundation-stone of the Spanish theatre; and from it are evolved, in due progression, “the light and odour of the flowery and starry Autos” which were to enrapture Shelley. He imprisoned Cobbet, and purging his army of all who were fanatics or inclined[156] to Lambert and his party, he sent them under guard to the Border, and dismissed them into England, under penalty of death if they returned. The Elamite supremacy was at last shaken off by the son and successor of Sin-muballit, Khammurabi, whose name is also written Ammurapi and Khammuram, and who was the Amraphel of Genesis xiv.

Regibus boni quam mali suspectiores sunt, 15 semperque his aliena virtus formidolosa est—Good men are more suspected by kings than bad men; and virtue in other men is to them always a source of dread. Garrit aniles / Ex re fabellas—He relates old women’s tales very apropos.


Several men joined the first two.

It is painful to behold the great father of international jurisprudence descending in his dispatches to petty details of precedence and alienating from himself the sympathies of his colleagues by ridiculous ceremonial pretensions.

The entire fleets engaged and Lysander was victorious. Among the Fire-worshippers the marriage of one’s children is the first and earliest consideration. In the City, the Council and the Presbyterians got up a petition to both Houses, praying that the army might be removed farther from London; but at the same moment a more startling one was in progress from the Independents, addressed to “the supreme authority of the nation, the Commons in Parliament assembled.” It not only gave this significant hint of its opinion where the real power of the State lay, but denounced the House of Lords as assuming undue authority, and complained of the persecution and exclusion from all places of trust of those who could not conform to the Church government imposed. The all-searching eye of the French Revolution looks to every part of Europe, and every quarter of the world, in which can be found an object either of acquisition or plunder. Not till well toward the close of the eighteenth century was an attempt made to substitute a scientific guess at the riddle of creation for the old poetic ones, and yet another century elapsed before the new explanations availed fully to supplant the old ones.

“Well, what’s this now? What have you been up to now, I should like to know?” she asked sternly. We prefer an open enemy to a false friend. Miss Damer when she saw the aperture through which it was expected that she should descend, at once declared for staying with her mother. Magnus animus remissius loquitur et securius—The 40 talk of a great soul is at once more careless and confident than that of other men. He went up to the map and speaking rapidly began proving that no eventuality could alter the efficiency of the Drissa camp, that everything had been foreseen, and that if the enemy were really going to outflank it, the enemy would inevitably be destroyed.

Bertot rather than my experience. There are dull and bright, sacred and profane, coarse and fine egotists. 214] walls, seeing Meidias along with him, allowed him to approach without discharging a single missile. Denísov had proposed. Again she went to work without trembling.

They had left their bivouac at sunrise which, as it was about the equinox, was not far from six o’clock. The man who invented “Ifs” and “Buts” must have first made gold out of straw choppings. G. Having dragged it to the ground, the cruel Sinnis suddenly released his hold, whereupon the bough rebounding high up into the air, the unfortunate victim was dashed to the ground and killed. My mother’s family lived in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, for several generations. He sings in the vernacular, he declares, being too unlearned in the Latin; but he has his little pretensions.

If it was expedient to pardon, she could calm her resentment; if it was necessary to punish, she could impose silence on the voice of pity. Ainsi que son esprit, tout peuple a son langage—Every 35 nation has its own language as well as its own temperament. It was in the session of 1797 that Mr.


31 His seat was Long Ditton, near Kingston, which town had surrendered its charter to King Charles II.

He had now become a sort of professional Condottiero or general, looking out for an army to command, wherever he could find one, and offering his services to any city which would engage him.

129 Balbus here speaks of the fixed stars, and of the motions of the orbs of the planets. At the age of fifteen he decided on a military career, and having obtained an introduction to Napoleon Bonaparte, then first consul, was admitted to the Military Academy at Paris. Thus in the matter of that conservatism which is commonly spoken of as the predominant trait of the national character of the Egyptians. I went to visit a relation there, who had been one of the members. In the long room, brightly lit up by the sun through the large windows, the sick and wounded lay in two rows with their heads to the walls, and leaving a passage in the middle.

He sought after enjoyment as a man of culture, who in that very way had raised himself into perfect indifference to all that is particular, all passions and bonds of every kind. One must leave a little room for the infidelity or indiscretion of a servant; if you have left enough, in gross, to do your business, let the overplus of Fortune’s liberality run a little more freely at her mercy; ‘tis the gleaner’s portion. Thanks to Denísov the conversation at table soon became general and lively, and she did not talk to her husband. The worst thing I find in our state is instability, and that our laws, no more than our clothes, cannot settle in any certain form. “The history of Babylonia has an interest of a wider kind than that of Egypt; from its more intimate connection with the general history of the human race, and from the remarkable influence which its religion, its science, and its civilisation have had on all subsequent human progress.

There, as the same arguments were being urged, and Sir John Packington was declaring that this forced incorporation, carried against the Scottish people by corruption and bribery within doors, by force and violence without, was like marrying a woman against her consent, Sir Simon Harcourt, the Solicitor-General, introduced a Bill of ratification, in which he enumerated the various Articles in the preamble, together with the Acts made in both Parliaments for the security of the two Churches, and, in conclusion, wound up with a single clause, by which the whole was ratified and enacted into a law. Leal heart leed never. Sc. Shortlie after, to wit, the morrow after the Purification of our ladie, the parlement began, the which was named the parlement that wrought woonders. This common humour pleases not me. We possess a letter written by Asshur-uballit to Amenhotep IV of Egypt.

“Sir,—You should have heard from me before had not petite santé stood in the way of good intentions.


Not only now, but during the remainder of their days, Daphnis and Chloe led a pastoral life, worshipping as their deities the Nymphs, Pan, and the God of Love.

Men have done with nature as perfumers with oils; they have sophisticated her with so many argumentations and far-fetched discourses, that she is become variable and particular to each, and has lost her proper, constant, and universal face; so that we must seek testimony from beasts, not subject to favour, corruption, or diversity of opinions.

‘Puss’ [Cowper’s tame hare] was unfortunately let out of her box, so that the candidate, with all his good friends at his heels, was refused admission at the grand entry, and referred to the back door as the only possible way of approach. Roger of Wendover mentions only one truce, which he represents as made in consequence of the tidings received by Louis as to the Pope’s intention of excommunicating him on Maundy Thursday: “Hac itaque de causa statutae sunt treugae inter Lodowicum et regem Henricum usque ad mensem de Pascha, ita scilicet ut omnia remaneant in eo statu quo fuerunt in die quo juratae fuerunt treugae, in castellis et rebus aliis, usque ad terminum constitutum” (vol. iv. p. 11). That’s what a man wants in a wife, mostly: 25 he wants to make sure o’ one fool as’ll tell him he’s wise. In another moment Rostóv’s horse dashed its breast against the hindquarters of the officer’s horse, almost knocking it over, and at the same instant Rostóv, without knowing why, raised his saber and struck the Frenchman with it. I am a Briton, Tristram by name, son of good King Meliogras, who once reigned in the land of Cornwall.

A magistrate or lawgiver might well address an old man who marries a young girl in the words of Sophokles: "Poor wretch, a hopeful bridegroom you will be;" and if he found a young man fattening like a partridge in the house of a rich old woman, he ought to transfer him to some young maiden who is without a husband. It is a matter of capital importance to the country that his position in this respect be stated directly, not by indirect suggestion. Apprized of the coming march of Eurylochus, he went personally to the Akarnanians, and persuaded them to send a force to aid in the defence of Naupaktus: for a long time they turned a deaf ear to his solicitations, in consequence of the refusal to blockade Leukas, but they were at length induced to consent. a letter… There are truths that shield themselves behind veils, and are best spoken by implication.

Elulæus fled in haste to Cyprus, where Citium still belonged to him; and all his towns on the continent, within a short space of time, fell into the hands of the Assyrian. What he calls a common feeling of right he explains by discussion, showing in this way that a commonwealth cannot proceed without justice. The countess could not conceive of life without the luxurious conditions she had been used to from childhood and, unable to realize how hard it was for her son, kept demanding now a carriage (which they did not keep) to send for a friend, now some expensive article of food for herself, or wine for her son, or money to buy a present as a surprise for Natásha or Sónya, or for Nicholas himself. But, on the Sunday, he had a fainting fit; and when he came to himself, he told me that everything seemed to him confused, as if in a mist and in disorder, and that, nevertheless, this visitation was not unpleasing to him. Life sways to-day, and it will sway tomorrow, O Brahman! Life is immortal; death but conceals the fact as the garment covers the body.

The poor wretches whom in his cruelty he slew, he was wont to give when they were but half dead to these beasts. Little green heron, night heron, red-tailed hawk, yellow-billed cuckoo, kingfisher, flicker, humming-bird, swift, meadow-lark, red-winged blackbird, sharp-tailed finch, song sparrow, chipping sparrow, bush sparrow, purple finch, Baltimore oriole, cowbunting, robin, wood thrush, thrasher, catbird, scarlet tanager, red-eyed vireo, yellow warbler, black-throated green warbler, kingbird, wood peewee, crow, blue jay, cedar-bird, Maryland yellowthroat, chickadee, black and white creeper, barn swallow, white-breasted swallow, ovenbird, thistlefinch, vesperfinch, indigo bunting, towhee, grasshopper-sparrow, and screech owl. The first part of the operation is easy; the wax and spermaceti are melted at the lowest possible temperature, and the almond oil is added under continual stirring. On the twenty-eighth of March, eighty-six days only after the death of Commodus, a general sedition broke out in the camp, which the officers wanted either power or inclination to suppress. He alone did not obey the law of immutability in the enchanted, sleeping castle.

Men from all countries going to the East, now pass through Cairo, and its streets and costumes are no longer strange to us. They contain very few examples of anything that can be justly called old popular songs. These cases, wherein happiness would be sinful, are just as much, but no more, the ordainments of Providence as those more common ones wherein happiness is natural and right. W. One of my wishes at this time should be, to have a son-in-law that knew handsomely how to cherish my old age, and to rock it asleep; into whose hands I might deposit, in full sovereignty, the management and use of all my goods, that he might dispose of them as I do, and get by them what I get, provided that he on his part were truly acknowledging, and a friend. N.’s Dream, i.

Everything was the pink of cleanliness; she knew so well what one wanted, and how to make one comfortable. If this war of reproach and invective is to be countenanced, may not the French with equal reason complain of the outrages and horrors committed by the powers opposed to them? If we must not treat with the French on account of the iniquity of their former transactions, ought we not to be as scrupulous of connecting133 ourselves with other powers equally criminal? Surely, sir, if we must be thus rigid in scrutinizing the conduct of an enemy, we ought to be equally careful in not committing ourselves, our honor, and our safety, with an ally who has manifested the same want of respect for the rights of other nations. On his first entrance into the service, an oath was administered to him with every circumstance of solemnity. Borís followed her, smiling. iv, 7, 2); nor yet at Delphi, which was not less Pan-hellenic than Olympia (see Thucyd.

As soon as their resolution was decided, they convoked in the temple of Castor the whole body of the senate, according to an ancient form of secrecy, 22 calculated to awaken their attention, and to conceal their decrees.


Life is ravelled almost ere we wot, / And with our vexing / To disentangle it, we make the knot / But more perplexing, / Embittering our lot. Dr.

Other men are allowed to retain their Indian appointments, and still to take temporary service in Egypt: for this there are several precedents.

Our loss in the two days’ fight was 1,754 killed, 8,408 wounded and 2,885 missing. The dye is prepared by bruising the leaves and moistening them with a little lime-water. It did not necessarily mean wavering loyalty. There was one (French) woman who had flown into an Abbé’s room, and flung herself upon his bed, shrieking, ‘Get up! get up, Father! I have not confessed for twenty years.’ The poor Abbé did get up, but a shock flung him against the wall, and he fainted; but when he came to, he heard the woman’s confession. The story was confirmed, and the matter was brought to me for action.

The little princess was sitting at a small table, chattering with Másha, her maid. All these columns support horse-shoe arches, on which the roof is built, long vistas of arches being seen from each of the eighteen doors of the mosque. Scholarship, save by accident, is never the measure of a man’s power. J. At any rate, the order showed that Lee’s army was in two parts, separated by the Potomac and thirty or forty miles of road. Hydaspes was astonished and confounded at this strange request.

From the host’s room came the sounds of a child crying, the despairing sobs of a woman, and the hoarse angry shouting of Ferapóntov. Then there was a cook, a kling (a name for a certain race natives of Madras), who got drunk whenever we happened to have friends to dinner; there was a cook’s mate, who was inclined to be musical just as we were going to sleep; there was a buttee-wallah, or lamplighter, a stripling, some near relation of the butler’s, whose friends and relatives were always dying, and who asked permission three times in the course of a few months to be allowed to go and bury his mother. Major sum quam cui possit Fortuna nocere / Multaque ut eripiat, multo mihi plura relinquet. As a rule they will not know how thoroughly flirting is an institution in the West Indies—practised by all young ladies, and laid aside by them when they marry, exactly as their young-lady names and young-lady habits of various kinds are laid aside. Protagoras now replied that it could be taught, and shows the reason why great statesmen did not give this instruction,[362] while he asks whether he is to speak as an elder to younger men in a myth, or whether he should give his reasons.

But Megarian writers, in opposition to common tradition, and, as Simonides says, "warring with all antiquity," say that Skeiron was not an arrogant brigand, but repressed brigandage, loved those who were good and just, and was related to them. He was so exasperated that he overwhelmed Rupert with reproaches: he even accused him of cowardice or treason, revoked his commission, and bade him quit the kingdom. There were none to spare. “Well, I am like any other dog as long as it’s not a question of coursing. Quocunque aspicio, nihil est nisi mortis imago—Wherever I look I see nothing but some form {pg 367}of death.

Now if it be no wonder that a man should have such and such opinions, how can it be a wonder that he should do such and such things? I will remember then, that he cannot but do as he doth, holding those opinions that he doth. And so to imagine the action of a man entirely subject to the law of inevitability without any freedom, we must assume the knowledge of an infinite number of space relations, an infinitely long period of time, and an infinite series of causes. Bethmann likewise asserted his independence decidedly in his relations with me. Chick! he called, you’re just the man I’m looking for. Est natura hominum novitatis avida—It is the nature of man to hunt after novelty.

The lord chancellor Michaell de la Poole seeming to fauour his cause, was likelie to haue run in high displeasure. Tout faiseur de journaux doit tribut au malin—Every journalist owes tribute to the evil one. I don’t want any more breakfast, he said to his mother who was already giving directions to the maid for serving him. The accepted and betrothed lover has lost the 30 wildest charms of his maiden in her acceptance of him. We discover the hidden veins of copper, silver, and gold, advantageous for our use and beautiful as ornaments.


The institution of synods was so well suited to private ambition, and to public interest, that in the space of a few years it was received throughout the whole empire.

The count was not angry even when they told him that Natásha had countermanded an order of his, and the servants now came to her to ask whether a cart was sufficiently loaded, and whether it might be corded up.

I have seen a frightful multitude of people of all ranks and robes, of all ages, sexes and conditions, priests, friars, married men, maids and wives, with pikes, halberts and drawn swords, all eager for your instant destruction. The attributes of this divinity are the helmet, shield, and spear. One division of the 2d corps was withdrawn on the night of the 28th, and moved during the night to the rear of the 18th corps, to relieve that corps in the line, that it might be foot-loose in the assault to be made. Jeder ist seiner Worte bester Ausleger—Every one is the best interpreter of his own words. But all along we have followed the story of these strange books, taking for granted their meaning as interpreted on the labels, and ignoring for the moment the great marvel about them, which is not that we have the material documents themselves, but that we have a knowledge of their actual contents.

But she had not on that account despaired. No one is ever allowed to approach them save the Fire-priests and those who carry their dead. In the administration of their own powers, they frequently consulted the great national council, and seemed to refer to its decision the most important concerns of peace and war. “No, I shan’t have such luck,” thought Rostóv, “yet what wouldn’t it be worth! It is not to be! Everywhere, at cards and in war, I am always unlucky.” Memories of Austerlitz and of Dólokhov flashed rapidly and clearly through his mind. These places were several times lost and regained.

a negation of continuity, but the negation is something quite abstract. The first line of the Goths at length gave way in disorder; the second, advancing to sustain it, shared its fate; and the third only remained entire, prepared to dispute the passage of the morass, which was imprudently attempted by the presumption of the enemy. Perhaps, if this singular transaction had been investigated by the penetration of a philosopher, we should discover the secret causes which on that occasion authorized the boldness of the prince, and commanded the obedience of the troops; and perhaps, if it had been related by a judicious historian, we should find this action, worthy of Cæsar himself, reduced nearer to the level of probability and the common standard of the character of Alexander Severus. His father was a servant in the household of the lord of Blumenhagen. Augustus has escaped them, for there was in him so apparent, sudden, and continual variety of actions all the whole course of his life, that he has slipped away clear and undecided from the most daring critics.

“Bâton de gueules, engrêlé de gueules d’azur—maison Condé,” said he. To one of my political opponents, Mr. Aloisi, La Battaglia di Gavinana (Bologna, 1881); cf. Eminent positions are like the summits of rocks; only eagles and reptiles can get there. Mme. Unitate fortior—Stronger by being united.

Between the two points a bridge had been built across Snake Creek by our troops, at which Wallace’s command had assisted, expressly to enable the troops at the two places to support each other in case of need. “I have given the order again and again, your honor, but they don’t obey,” answered the quartermaster.


The Emperor was with the army to encourage it, but his presence and ignorance of what steps to take, and the enormous number of advisers and plans, destroyed the first army’s energy and it retired.

[657] Xen.

The Puritans put down May-games, Whitsun-ales, morrice-dances, and all amusements that savoured of a Catholic origin. Chariclea, deprived of all other means of assisting him, encouraged him with her voice. On the following day Butler was notified of my intended advance on the 4th of May, and he was directed to move the night of the same day and get as far up the James River as possible by daylight, and push on from there to accomplish the task given him. Miracles are ceased, and therefore we must needs admit the means, how things are perfected. Hen. They perceive that “effects exist even before the operation of the causes; for what does not exist cannot be made explicit in existence through causality.” Colebrooke says, “This means that effects are educts rather than products.” But the question is just what products are.

Neither Hillyer nor Lagow proved to have any particular taste or special qualifications for the duties of the soldier, and the former resigned during the Vicksburg campaign; the latter I relieved after the battle of Chattanooga. They have thus not only themselves created the substantial[151] in their culture and made their existence their own, but they have also held in reverence this their spiritual rebirth, which is their real birth. It represents the hero Gilgames, kneeling and holding with both hands a spherically shaped vase, from which flow two copious jets forming a stream running through the country; an ox, armed with a pair of gigantic crescent-shaped horns, throws back its head to catch one of the jets as it falls. In England and America also the continental methods of pronunciation have been extensively used. One of the generals rode up to Napoleon and ventured to offer to lead the Old Guard into action.

So she told him her tale. The officer, evidently glad of an opportunity for a talk, moved up to Pierre. The prince and high priest of Memphis, Khamuas, journeyed through the chief cities of the country in this connection, that he might have the great and joyful festival in honour of his father prepared in a worthy fashion by[154] the different governors. If they observed I closed them, they would be in a fury against me for several hours. Possibly these two phases might be found to pertain to every religion whatsoever.

Spanish Dehesas are generally both faced and filled. He died with the happy conviction that he was a dramatist of genius; his contemporaries ruled the point against him, and posterity has upheld the decision. Gott müsst ihr im Herzen suchen und finden—Ye must seek and find God in the heart. “Never mind, I’ll run it up, it won’t show,” said Dunyásha. Leipsic, 1900.—Woltmann, A.

When Burnside arrested Mr. Vallandigham, the Secretary of War telegraphed from Washington his approval, saying, “In your determination to support the authority of the government and suppress treason in your department, you may count on the firm support of the President.” [Footnote: Official Records, vol. Austria has been made a fool of, and she is not used to it. Fynes Clinton as well as from M.


Diogenes Laertius says (IX.

But although, as god of the sun, he is a life-giving and life-preserving power, who, by his genial influence, dispels the cold of winter, he is, at the same time, the god who, by means of his fiercely darting rays, could spread disease and send sudden death to men and animals; and it is to this phase of his character that we must look for the explanation of his being considered, in conjunction with his twin-sister, Artemis (as moon-goddess), a divinity of death.

“Or is it yours?” he said, addressing the black-mustached Denísov with servile deference. they are two passions to be feared; but the one has its remedy much nearer at hand than the other. Fumos vendere—To sell smoke. On this occasion, the vague appellation of Thule is applied to England; and the new Varangians were a colony of English and Danes who fled from the yoke of the Norman conqueror. The reason for these formalities was the high and important nature of the conveyance, which, according to the act of Edward I.

From this extreme difficulty all these fancies proceed: “That every subject has in itself all we there find. Perhaps, if this singular transaction had been investigated by the penetration of a philosopher, we should discover the secret causes which on that occasion authorized the boldness of the prince, and commanded the obedience of the troops; and perhaps, if it had been related by a judicious historian, we should find this action, worthy of Cæsar himself, reduced nearer to the level of probability and the common standard of the character of Alexander Severus. “If (added Xenophon) you had continued as destitute and unprovided as you were just now,–I should still have looked out for a resource in the capture of some city which would have enabled such of you as chose, to return at once; while the rest stay behind to enrich themselves. On my next visit I hope to find Mr. Clarke travelling Director of Telegraphs, a post which will suit him and which he will suit down to the ground. O bitte um Leben noch! du fühlst, mit deinen 5 Mängeln, / Dass du noch wandeln kannst nicht unter Gottes Engeln—O still pray for life; thou feelest that with those faults of thine thou canst not walk among the angels of God.

Hancock heard the firing between Sheridan and Stuart, and thinking the enemy coming by that road, still further reinforced his position guarding the entrance to the Brock Road. Qui mores hominum multorum vidit et urbes—He who saw the manners of many men and cities. They deemed it a much safer expedient to divide than to combat the barbarians, from whose defeat they could derive neither honor nor advantage. At last, when they were come to Smithfield, and althings readie, the trumpets sounded to the exercise; and both parties, as well the English as the outlandish cheualiers ran togither, and tried their strengths till they did sweat and were tired, their horsses panting and braieng with the violence of their bodilie motion; their staues being crasht in sunder, flue vp into the aire, and the broken stocke or stumpe hitting the aduersarie ouerthrew him to the ground: the beholders with ioy of heart gaue a shout thereat, as greatlie delighted with the sight. I did not venture to include so well-known a scientist as Mr. Crookes among the red or black terrors.

C., December 28, 1898. XX. Marcius, perceiving that the Senate, divided between their regard for himself and their fear of the people, knew not what to do, himself asked the tribunes of the people what it was that he was charged with, and what indictment they intended to bring against him at his trial. Prince Arthur without delay addressed himself to the fight. Obvious as the wisdom of his propositions appears, each of them is left to him not only to imitate, but to enforce;–Cheirisophus and Kleanor, after a few words of introduction, consign to him the duty of working up the minds of the army to the proper pitch. Pierre came up to him and caught him by the arm.

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Odys. Thither Salatis came in summer-time, partly to gather his corn, and pay his soldiers their wages, and partly to exercise his armed men and thereby to terrify foreigners. Aristippus instituted opinions so bold in favour of pleasure and riches as set all the philosophers against him: but as to his manners, Dionysius the tyrant, having presented three beautiful women before him, to take his choice; he made answer, that he would choose them all, and that Paris got himself into trouble for having preferred one before the other two: but, having taken them home to his house, he sent them back untouched. Tell me, can I hope? Tell me what I am to do, dear princess!” he added after a pause, and touched her hand as she did not reply. [157] Xen.

(Grote, iii. Generals Ord, McPherson, Logan and A. Send envoys to the Athenians on the subject of Potidæa, and of the other grievances alleged by our allies,–and that too, the rather as they are ready to give us satisfaction: against one who offers satisfaction, custom forbids you to proceed, without some previous application, as if he were a proclaimed wrong-doer. If we now consider the second point of the accusation, that Socrates led youth astray, we find that he first sets against it the fact that the oracle of Delphi declared that none could be nobler, juster or wiser than he.[137] And then he sets against this accusation his whole manner of life, and asks whether by the example that he gave, particularly to those with whom he went about, he ever led any into evil.[138] The general accusation had to be further defined and witnesses came forward. Thus, to mention no others, they were washed in the Cudgegong river, near Rylston, New South Wales; the Australian Diamond Company failed, however, probably by bad management, to pay its expenses.

The Franks, after an obstinate struggle, gave way; and the Alemanni, raising a shout of victory, impetuously pressed their retreat.


Our reasons for dwelling on this wide and enthusiastic formula of Schiller’s are both its importance in the history of reflection—it remained, indeed, for nearly a century a formula almost classical—and the measure of positive value The strong points of Schiller’s theory. which it still retains.

Look a little into our experience: there is no man, if he listen to himself, who does not in himself discover a particular and governing form of his own, that jostles his education, and wrestles with the tempest of passions that are contrary to it.

This lasted about two minutes, which to Pierre seemed an hour. He was daring enough to tell us, in his first book of travels, that after dinner with the Turkish Minister at Teheran—and a very good dinner it was—he just disguised himself asPg 508 a dervish, and travelled perfectly incog. for months and months under Russian eyes, partly through Russian territory. The waters accumulated in the hollow thus formed, as in a ditch; it was a narrow and mysterious sea, an ocean stream, which no living man might cross save with permission from on high, and whose waves rigorously separated the domain of men from the regions reserved to the gods. When Garcilaso introduced himself as Salicio, and, under the name of Nemoroso, presented Boscán (or, as Herrera will have it, Antonio de Fonseca), he but took the formula as he found it, and translated it in terms of genius. FINDEN, WILLIAM (1787-1852), English line engraver, was born in 1787.

Then, too, Sherman knew that if Lee should escape me I would be on his heels, and he and Johnson together would be crushed in one blow if they attempted to make a stand. One portion of the Dutch fleet sailed up as far as Gravesend, the other was ordered to destroy the shipping in the Medway (June, 1667). Plutarch, Agesil. General Alfred H. Partage de Montgomerie: tout d’un côté, rien de l’autre—A Montgomery division: everything on one side and nothing on the other.

[75] Xen. 1): “Much learning (????u????) does not instruct the mind, else it had instructed Hesiod, Pythagoras, Xenophanes and Hecatæus. The rashness of the Ostrogoths had drawn them into a disadvantageous position between the Rivers Melas and Eurymedon, where they were almost besieged by the peasants of Pamphylia; but the arrival of an Imperial army, instead of completing their destruction, afforded the means of safety and victory. Roebuck is vainly whipping and spurring “Leader,” the second horse. The country in this part of Mississippi stands on edge, as it were, the roads running along the ridges except when they occasionally pass from one ridge to another.

Macmur sendeth to the K. Fourthly, it would have been senseless to wish to take captive the Emperor, kings, and dukes—whose capture would have been in the highest degree embarrassing for the Russians, as the most adroit diplomatists of the time (Joseph de Maistre and others) recognized. ‘Tis pity a man should be so potent that all things must give way to him; fortune therein sets you too remote from society, and places you in too great a solitude. I must confess that I looked upon Sophonisba as being almost more indiscreet than her mother-in-law. He said no, and added frankly that he had not read even the Introduction in the French, which he had found unpleasantly hard reading, but in the English translation published under the title of the Art of War.

Before terms were finally agreed upon he was ordered back to Washington, but General Scott prevailed upon him to remain, as an arrangement had been so nearly reached, and the administration must approve his acts if he succeeded in making such a treaty as had been contemplated in his instructions. Smith and McCall deployed on each side of the road as well as they could, and engaged the enemy at long range. The “business” which is hurt by the movement for honesty is the kind of business which, in the long run, it pays the country to have hurt. If we are to believe the memoir writers and dramatists of this period, the national manners and morals had suffered a decided deterioration. Steamers are puffing in and out, tugs are plying, and small craft under sail and oar are dotting the broad expanse.

The general in charge of the stores galloped after the carriage with a red and frightened face, whipping up his skinny horse. When I conferred with him as to future building operations and as to the selection of persons to occupy the place, the old expert on Jerusalem advised me to select none of the order of monks there, since all were more or less mixed up in the intrigues and quarrels concerning the “loci sacri” (sacred spots). If I made her agreeable answers, though more from chance than from judgment, she thought herself well paid for all her labor. At Smolénsk the armies at last reunited, much as Bagratión disliked it.