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Ich schweige zu vielem still; denn ich mag die Menschen nicht irre machen, und bin wohl zufrieden, wenn sie sich freuen, da wo ich mich ärgere—I keep silent to a great extent, for I don’t choose to lead others into error, and am well content if they are happy in matters about which I vex myself.

He cleaves to the ethical, not the intellectual, worship of ‘Nature,’ which moderns define to be an ‘unscientific and imaginaryPg 465 synonym for the sum total of observed phenomena.’ Consequently he holds to the ‘dark and degrading doctrines of the Materialist,’ the ‘Hylotheist;’ in opposition to the spiritualist, a distinction far more marked in the West than in the East.

Indigna digna habenda sunt hæres quæ facit—Things unbecoming are to be held becoming if the master does them. To him they are only sectaries ‘violently and passionately set upon opposition. The count and countess did not know where they were and were very anxious, said one of the men. “Sir,” she answered, weeping the while, “I have suffered much from evil fortune. Her motive was to persuade Thersander of her own innocence, and it was for this purpose that she urged him to bring forward Leucippe.

22 The translation proceeds from the fourth to the ninth Chapter of the Second book of the original. He was assisted in his various and exquisitely skilful works of art, by two female statues of pure gold, formed by his own hand, which possessed the power of motion, and always accompanied him wherever he went. He came to the raisin district with only a dollar in his pocket. “So be it,” Britomart made answer. Although religion is a concern between the soul of man and his Maker alone, its influence on human morals is of no inconsiderable importance.

All this was in the order of nature. The arrival of Brasidas comes on both of them like a clap of thunder. After the second night at Goliad, Benjamin and I started to make the remainder of the journey alone. When we reached a safe position I instructed my little command again to carry their arms at a trail, not to fire at the enemy until they were ordered, and to move very cautiously following me until the San Cosme road was reached; we would then be on the flank of the men serving the gun on the road, and with no obstruction between us and them. Many a hand moulded by Nature to give elegance of form to a kid glove is “stinted of its fair proportion” by grubbing toil. S.

Sound trumpets!—let our bloody colours wave; / And either victory or else a grave. 3 Hen. After having finished my labors, I allowed some time to elapse before I reviewed the whole. Elizabeth Garrow was a very good girl, but it might almost be a question whether she was not too good. It has also been done into French and German. In eadem re utilitas et turpitudo esse non potest—In the same thing usefulness and baseness cannot coexist.

She has a treaty with Russia which makes her a spectator. I walked in, and found Mrs. Greene still engaged in attacking the landlord, while all the porters who had carried the luggage up to the house were standing round. In addition to the Articles upon subjects in Literature, Science, and Art, for which this Magazine has so high a reputation, “Science Notes,” by W. “They want more!…” said Napoleon in a hoarse voice. The Lords next attacked Russell for his neglect to make the descent intended on the coast of France.

This latter fact is very important. They had driven him back towards Wells and Glastonbury, and not deeming it safe to push farther with their small force into a quarter where the Royal interest was so strong, and Cromwell advising Parliament to send more troops to Salisbury to defend that point against Rupert, who was reported at Trowbridge, he had returned to Windsor to resign his command according to the Ordinance. The contemporaries of Socrates, who came forward as his accusers before the Athenian people, laid hold on him as the man who made known that what was held as absolute was not absolute. But practically all that we know of this people is that they were the builders of the pyramids. He built an entirely new Nineveh, which was to show forth worthily the power and glory of the Assyrian Empire.

The king also for his part protested, that those pardons were not voluntarilie granted by him, but rather extorted by compulsion, and therefore he besought them that euerie man would shew foorth their opinions what they thought thereof. The principal business consisted in securing mules, and getting them broken to harness. He had nothing to do in Moscow, but he had noticed that everyone in the army was asking for leave to visit Moscow and had something to do there. My wife had taken Ida out of the way when the first complaining note from Mrs. Talboys had been heard ascending the hill. The first of them, a complaint against the delivery of his general addresses on Sundays, was easily settled.

I laid their report before the Legislature with a message in which I said: “There is probably no lawyer of high standing in the State who, after studying the report of counsel in this case and the testimony taken by the investigating commission, would disagree with them as to the impracticability of a successful prosecution. 592.] Foster then returned to Blountsville, and marched on the next day to Hall’s Ford on the Watauga, where, after a skirmishing fight lasting several hours, he again dislodged the enemy, capturing about fifty prisoners and a piece of artillery with slight loss to himself.


I’m not such a child as that comes to.

There is a wretched little station called Bou Medfa, where a tumbledown little ‘bus, only good enough for luggage, awaits passengers; but fortunately we got a calèche, two good horses, and a pleasant Jehu, and we had a long drive through cold, raw, snowy air (in February).

Friendship is like a debt of honour; the 25 moment it is talked of, it loses its real name, and assumes the more ungrateful form of obligation. Arliss’ Lit. Rien de plus éloquent que l’argent comptant—Nothing 45 is more eloquent than ready money. The English have not understood and cannot understand the self-abnegation of our Emperor who wants nothing for himself, but only desires the good of mankind. He piously commended himself to the protection of the gods, assembled a carefully selected body of troops, and ventured with them on the almost impossible enterprise. 192), “according to these men” (the Ionians and others) “and in reference to such causes” (water, fire, &c.), “since they are not sufficient to beget the nature of things, the philosophers are, as already said, compelled by the truth to go on to the principle following (???u????).

Quandoque bonus dormitat Homerus—Even the worthy Homer nods sometimes. Nowadays I must do without the intercourse with my men of learning of my association, and that is a cruel blow to me. Heracles at once armed himself and ascended the mountain, where he soon caught sight of the lion, and rushing at him with his sword succeeded in killing him. There is no place where earth’s sorrows / Are 5 more felt than up in heaven; / There is no place where earth’s failings / Have such kindly judgment given. F. Urbem quam dicunt Romam, Meliboee, putavi, / Stultus ego, huic nostræ similem—The city, Meliboeus, which they call Rome, I foolishly imagined to be like this town of ours.

But repressed vexation at his son’s poor-spirited behavior found expression in his treatment of his daughter.


Crooke’s instrument has proved to be material as any other form of electricity.

The Opposition party-cry is “No Excise,” with the names of “Vane and Dering,” the successful candidates, in whose honour, with that of the “Country Interest,” i.e. Tories, which they had pledged themselves to promote, the followers of their party wear sprigs of oak in their hats—a memorial of the Restoration of the Stuarts.

On the 19th of October the second session of William’s first Parliament met. Such refinements, under the odious name of luxury, have been severely arraigned by the moralists of every age; and it might perhaps be more conducive to the virtue, as well as happiness, of mankind, if all possessed the necessaries, and none the superfluities, of life. If we are at home with the Greeks, we must be at home more particularly in their Philosophy; not, however, simply as it is with them, for Philosophy is at home with itself, and we have to do with Thought, with what is most specially ours, and with what is free from all particularity. At first my ideas on the subject were altogether pleasant. God is my witness, I didn’t know—” he repeated, stressing the word “God” so unnaturally and so unpleasantly that Princess Mary stood with downcast eyes not daring to look either at her father or at Natásha.

The campaign of Vicksburg was suggested and developed by circumstances. It has in it, and on the shores, many towns and forts, some of which are governed by the Venetians, and some by the German princes. In the union of Zeus with most of his immortal wives we shall find that an allegorical meaning is conveyed. Par negotiis, neque supra—Equal to, and not above, his business. Thus, there was near each of them a river called by the same name Selinus, having in it fish and a shelly bottom.

“For instance, Syncellus, whose writings show marks of haste and are by no means free from error, borrows his quotations from Eusebius, whom he often pretends to correct. They were probably not written by the same man, for the edition we are quoting is one published after the author’s death, and “edited and brought up to date” by another writer. The whole country round was a boggy and dreary waste, and therefore, having scarcely an inhabitant, was admirably adapted to the smuggling in of French goods and French plots. Curses, not loud, but deep, mouth-honour, breath, / Which the poor heart would fain deny, but dare not. Macb., v. Within a few months of my assuming office we had stamped out the last armed resistance in the Philippines that was not of merely sporadic character; and as soon as peace was secured we turned our energies to developing the islands in the interests of the natives.

These things were done in that part of her dominions which was most accessible to the Medes, and with the further view of keeping them in ignorance of her affairs by giving them no commercial encouragement. Princess Mary shrugged her shoulders but took the glass submissively and calling the nurse began giving the medicine. Believing, however, in the practicability of capturing Richmond unless it was reinforced, I made that the objective point of his operations. Cromwell, though on the verge of concluding[126] a treaty with Portugal, would not concede a pardon to the bloodthirsty Portuguese, who had been found guilty by a jury of half Englishmen and half foreigners. He paid especial attention to orthography, and sought to differentiate the meanings of cases of like ending by distinctive marks (the apex to indicate a long vowel is attributed to him).

“Let them too approach, and execute their commission,” said the monarch. Juan de Tapia, Juan de Andújar, and Fernando de la Torre practise in the same school of knightly hedonism; and at the opposite pole is Juan de Valladolid, son of the public executioner, a vagabond minstrel, who passed his life in coarse polemics with Antón de Montero, with Gómez Manrique, and with Manrique’s brother, the110 Conde de Paredes. Two years later, another appeal to the country was impending. 15] the rhetor Lysias, and the historian Herodotus, were both domiciliated there as citizens. Bellicæ virtutis præmium—The reward of valour in war.

She must either grant or not grant a port to the barbarous and bloodthirsty Nestorians called Christians. Cossacks were crowding about a hut, busy with something. But as soon as she had said it a new train of thoughts and feelings arose in her. N’importe—No matter. Nous sommes mieux seul qu’avec un sot—One had better be alone than with a fool.

The princess felt this, and as if wishing to show him that she did not even dare expect to interest him, she turned to his father. At eight I was in the Capitol at the Executive chamber, and sent in another special message, which opened as follows: “I learn that the emergency message which I sent last evening to the Assembly on behalf of the Franchise Tax Bill has not been read. There is here some confusion; together with the usual difficulty in assigning any given distance as the equivalent of the parasang (Koch, Zug der Zehn Tausend, p. In August of the year 1336, when the king’s arms were meeting with great success on the northern border, Edward, confident in his popularity, sent out royal letters forbidding the export of wool.[213] Parliament met at Nottingham the following month full of pride in the military prowess of the king, and granted him liberal aids. Four days after his landing, the 15th of June, Monmouth marched forward to Axminster, where he encountered Christopher Monk, Duke of Albemarle, the son of the first General Monk, at the head of four thousand men of the trained bands.

In the Demosthenic or pseudo-Demosthenic Orat. Ricketts’s division advanced from the wood in which it had spent the night, passed through Seymour’s skirmishers and entered the East Wood, swinging his left forward as he went. After three days’ march (that is, apparently, three days, calculated from the moment when they began their retreat with Ariæus) they came to the Wall of Media, and passed through it,[120] prosecuting their march onward through the country on its other or interior side.


In coelo quies—There is rest in heaven.

Pierre went out.

Oil of turpentine has a yellowish color and a decidedly disagreeable, resinous, and burnt taste. The Peloponnesian fleet under Alkidas arrived at the road of Sybota on the opposite mainland,–fifty-three triremes in number, for the forty triremes brought back from Ionia had been reinforced by thirteen more from Leukas and Ambrakia, and the Lacedæmonians had sent down Brasidas as advising companion,–himself worth more than the new thirteen triremes, if he had been sent to supersede Alkidas, instead of bringing nothing but authority to advise.457 Despising the small squadron of Nikostratus, then at Naupaktus, they were only anxious to deal with Korkyra before reinforcements should arrive from Athens: but the repairs necessary for the ships of Alkidas, after their disastrous voyage home, occasioned an unfortunate delay. This weak man, whom William had warned through Rochester of his knowledge of his practices, and who had declared that he would never again meddle with treason, was again as busy as ever. Their præfect, the wise Ulpian, was the friend of the laws and of the people; he was considered as the enemy of the soldiers, and to his pernicious counsels every scheme of reformation was imputed. To the first of these the Christians were indebted for their invincible valor, which disdained to capitulate with the enemy whom they were resolved to vanquish.

To the above law, in the form in which we have expressed it, it may perhaps be objected that the acted drama is at once the most full and complete reproduction of nature which we owe to the fine arts, and that at the same time the number of The acted drama no real exception to the general law. facts over which its imitation ranges is the greatest. Then said the other pagan, Cymochles: “Old man, you dote. When I came to the camp of the picket guard of our side, I heard the call, “Turn out the guard for the commanding general.” I replied, “Never mind the guard,” and they were dismissed and went back to their tents. Mitford nor any other historian says a word. As soon as the armies met, Marcius charged before the rest, and the Volscians gave way before his onset.

The vast extent of the Roman empire was governed by absolute power, under the guidance of virtue and wisdom. Leaving Oxford at seventeen, Fox went to the continent, where the prodigal liberality of his father encouraged him in a life of unbounded indulgence. Bennigsen, the Tsarévich, and a swarm of adjutants general remained with the army to keep the commander in chief under observation and arouse his energy, and Barclay, feeling less free than ever under the observation of all these “eyes of the Emperor,” became still more cautious of undertaking any decisive action and avoided giving battle. So he fled into the hall which stood at the entering in of the gate, hoping so to save himself, but the prince following hard after him, slew him there. Up rose the horn lantern containing the sacred light to the masthead of the dahstur’s (or high priest’s) vessel.

“Not a word,” said Miss Le Smyrger. The term may have become synonymous with the fish itself. The plots to which the Protector alluded had been going on for some time, and even yet were in full activity. The doctor may have been right, but I shall never divest myself of the idea that my partners wished to be rid of me while they made certain changes in the management of the firm. In the Rocky Mountain States there had existed for years what was practically a condition of almost constant war between the wealthy mine-owners and the Western Federation of Miners, at whose head stood Messrs.

/ Than wind? The fire. Ordinary birds, and especially song birds, should be rigidly protected. A great victorie of the English nauie against the Flemish fléet, Ia. “‘Two great points require emphatic contradiction. Timokrates visited Thebes, Corinth, and Argos, distributing his funds.

They demanded that consuls should be re-established, one of whom should always be a plebeian, and that they should never both be patricians. And I mean to give it to you. Unless Mr. I never had a compliment, nor a “thank you,” nor a single farthing.


After this they went on to the castle of Bajaia, where they landed their men and took out their cannon.

Pierre ran after him, avoiding the spot where the young officer was sitting.

Pierre could not afterwards remember how he went, whether it was far, or in which direction. Bonis omnia bona—All things are good to the good. Neither have I satisfied myself in this employment; but I have very near arrived at what I expected from my own performance, and have much surpassed what I promised them with whom I had to do: for I am apt to promise something less than what I am able to do, and than what I hope to make good. “I found,” said he, “at a depth of scarcely thirty centimeters under the original soil, four cubes of masonry of large bricks and bitumen, measuring eighty centimeters on each side. The interval between his two pastorates he spent in Europe.

“You would have my love,” said she; “my deepest, warmest, best heart’s love. Newlands, of Nevada, fought hard for the cause of reclamation in Congress. “Who can call to remembrance without abhorrence the behaviour of a Whiggish Ministry, who, neglecting everything else but the business of Bribery and Corruption, reduced the credit of the Nation and themselves to so low an ebb, that at length they were obliged to import Hessian and Hanoverian Troops to support an immense unconstitutional standing army, in defending them and their measures at home; whilst our perfidious enemies ravaged and distressed our wretched Colonies in every other part of the globe. The desire I had to please Thee, the tears I shed, the manifold pains I underwent, the labors I sustained, and the little fruit I reaped from them, moved Thee with compassion. Patriotism, politics, philanthropy are his inspirations, and these find utterance in the lofty rhetoric of such pieces as his Ode to Guzmán the Good and the Ode on the Invention of Printing.

To refer the offer to the enlisted men for their approval might imply that there was a question about the acceptability of his gift, and this was not a pleasing thought to him. LORD FALKLAND. Hélène was so lovely that not only did she not show any trace of coquetry, but on the contrary she even appeared shy of her unquestionable and all too victorious beauty. Not once, so fierce were they, did they pause to take rest. Among the peculiarities of Egyptian architecture, one of the most important is the studied avoidance of uniformity in the arrangement of the columns, and many of the details.

Vane himself was a staunch Independent, and he was at the same time one of the most adroit of diplomatists. On whose side does the truth lie? The more one studies the question, the more it is seen how difficult it is to reply. They appear to have been altogether ignorant of the contents of the authentic historical documents, many of which were still accessible in the libraries of Babylonia when Herodotus visited that city. The moral attributes of Jehovah may not easily be reconciled with the standard of human virtue: his metaphysical qualities are darkly expressed; but each page of the Pentateuch and the Prophets is an evidence of his power: the unity of his name is inscribed on the first table of the law; and his sanctuary was never defiled by any visible image of the invisible essence. The Segovian poet, Alonso de Ledesma Buitrago (1552-1623), founded the school of conceptismo with its metaphysical conceits, philosophic paradoxes, and sententious moralisings, as of a Seneca gone mad.

No one can pooh-pooh the stern old Canigou, standing high and solitary, solemn and grand, between the two roads which run from Perpignan into Spain, the one by Prades and the other by Le Boulon. Analysis and Identification.—For the analysis of textile fabrics and the identification of component fibre, a special treatise must be consulted. This is no new thing.


And in the best governed nations this trial of skill in drinking is very much in use.

But it was not in such matters as this that Patience Woolsworthy was impatient.

Of my grandfather Roosevelt my most vivid childish reminiscence is not something I saw, but a tale that was told me concerning him. The troops, so lately returned from the Persian war, had acquired their glory at the expense of health and numbers; nor were they in a condition to contend with the unexhausted strength of the legions of Europe. Reason gives expression to the laws of inevitability. But Patty will scold you if you do not mind the figure, though you were the whole Board of Directors packed into one. “I’m glad, glad, to see you,” he said, looking attentively into her eyes, and then quickly went to his place and sat down.

A dreadful serpent….
… The count, pipe in hand, was pacing up and down the room, when Natásha, her face distorted by anger, burst in like a tempest and approached her mother with rapid steps. But although there were so many points of resemblance between gods and men, there remained the one great characteristic distinction, viz., that the gods enjoyed immortality. Adstrictus necessitate—Bound by necessity. I apprehend that no one would ever have entertained any other idea, except from the words of Thucydidês,–?????? ??? ??? ?????? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??????.

Neither vexing himself to no purpose at the wickedness of others, nor yet ever condescending to any man’s evil fact, or evil intentions, through either fear, or engagement of friendship. Love is the bond which never corrodes. Dr. Fox spoke in the same strain, having reserved himself till the latter part of the night, with the evident purpose of overwhelming the young leader of the11 House by the force and severity of his presentation. “I can but conclude that the representations, or rather the misrepresentationsPg 577 of those whose interest it has been to prolong my absence from Zanzibar, have led to a conclusion by which I feel deeply aggrieved—namely, the non-recognition of my services by the Secretary of State for India in Council. From the seed of the sesame an oil was expressed which served for food, while the castor-oil plant furnished that required for lighting.

The more the plundering by the French continued, the more both the wealth of Moscow and the strength of its plunderers was destroyed. The Parliament was soon called on to defend itself against more dangerous enemies. But, as I have said, I changed horses five times, and it is a great lightening of labor for a rider to have a fresh horse. “Such is the nation which is fated to contend with Russia for the glorious empire of Central Asia. These things have very little effect on me, not merely from their being common, but principally because, like certain light wines that will not bear water, these arguments of the Stoics are pleasanter to taste than to swallow.

In Syria, the divine and excellent Marcellus, as he is styled by Theodoret, a bishop animated with apostolic fervor, resolved to level with the ground the stately temples within the diocese of Apamea. In this primitive village-system the Brahman, or priest and poet, the Pundit, or schoolmaster, the Vakeel, or pleader, were as essential as food and drink to the community. He did more—he contrived to send away succours which arrived from England. It often leads to anger, to ambition, and to revenge; but when it is guided by the sense of propriety and benevolence, it becomes the parent of every virtue, and if those virtues are accompanied with equal abilities, a family, a state, or an empire, may be indebted for their safety and prosperity to the undaunted courage of a single man. Also in this twelfth yeare, were com­mis­sion­ers appointed to méet at Balingham, betwixt Calis and Bullongne, to treat a truce to be had betwixt the realmes of England, France and Scotland.

Plate sin with gold, / And the strong lance of justice hurtless breaks; / Arm it in rags, a pigmy’s straw does pierce it. King Lear, iv. In the choice of these magistrates, as much regard was shown to birth as to merit. Macedon his Son he made King of Macedonia, so calling it after him.


By the aid of his divine herdsman, Admetus accomplished this difficult task, and gained his bride.

“Yes, Donna Maria, it was I; and if Lord John Russell were to dress himself in the same way——” But I had no time to complete my description of what might occur under so extravagantly impossible a combination of circumstances, for as I was yet speaking, the little door leading out on to the leads of the tower was opened, and my friend, the mayo of the boat, still bearing all his gewgaws on his back, stepped up on to the platform.

Rise up, and either maintain your cause in arms, or confess your guilt.” The Saracen, when he heard these words, rose quickly from his place and put his helmet on his head, and took his shield upon his arm, and drew near to his adversary. But for the rest they abstained from speculative research, and by directing their attention to what was practical, adhered firmly and faithfully to the fulfilment of the duties of their position and circumstances, thereby maintaining calm and satisfaction. Equo frænato est auris in ore—The ear of the 20 bridled horse is in the mouth. Local debt on the other hand can only be contracted under the sanction of the appropriate administrative organ of the state. They did not see that both their interests and the interests of the workers must be accommodated, and if need be, subordinated, to the fundamental permanent interests of the whole community.

No one can bake cakes for the whole world. Serv. “I think he must be tipsy,” whispered Miss O’Conor, the{44} maiden sister, who always sat at her brother’s left hand. So it came about that at the council at Málo-Yaroslávets, when the generals pretending to confer together expressed various opinions, all mouths were closed by the opinion uttered by the simple-minded soldier Mouton who, speaking last, said what they all felt: that the one thing needful was to get away as quickly as possible; and no one, not even Napoleon, could say anything against that truth which they all recognized. of Verona, v. “What is the matter, Maurice?” she said.

His province extended to the Julian Alps, which gave an easy access into Italy; and he remembered the saying of Augustus, That a Pannonian army might in ten days appear in sight of Rome. The tranquil Ilágin, Nicholas, Natásha, and “Uncle” flew, reckless of where and how they went, seeing only the borzois and the hare and fearing only to lose sight even for an instant of the chase. “Mr. Stanley’s account of the puny and insignificant streamlet which he was told was the Rusizi river, shows that it cannot be taken to have any weight whatever on the solution of the great enigma. Der den Augenblick ergreift / Das ist der rechte Mann—He who seizes the moment is the right man. Prince Andrew was one of those rare staff officers whose chief interest lay in the general progress of the war.

For then neither wilt thou see cause to complain of them that offend against their wills; or find any want of their applause, if once thou dost but penetrate into the true force and ground both of their opinions, and of their desires. Accordingly, I enjoined those that had got them, to bring them all before us; and when they did not comply for a great while, and I saw one of the soldiers that were about me with a garment on that was more splendid than ordinary, I asked him whence he had it; and when he replied that he had it out of the plunder of the city, I had him punished with stripes; and I threatened all the rest to inflict a severer punishment upon them, unless they produced before us whatsoever they had plundered; and when a great many spoils were brought together, I restored to every one of Tiberias what they claimed to be their own. Special bailiffs were appointed for the protection of the coasts.1135] Reinforcements were sent to the Channel Isles to hold them against a possible attack from France.[1136] The bailiffs of some of the great trading towns were ordered to seize the persons, goods, and chattels of all Normans and other subjects of the French King within their several bailiwicks.[1137 Soon, however, it became apparent that Louis had no present intention of attacking England, but was bent on completing his conquest of Aquitaine, and that Gascony was in imminent danger of falling into his hands like Poitou. Stets liegt, wo das Banner der Wahrheit wallt, / Der Aberglaube im Hinterhalt—Where the banner of truth waves unfurled, there you will always find superstition lying in ambush. The clergy of Gaul consisted almost entirely of native provincials; the haughty Franks fell at the feet of their subjects, who were dignified with the episcopal character: and the power and riches which had been lost in war, were insensibly recovered by superstition.

The speaker in that oration defends himself against a charge of having grubbed up one of these and sold the wood. “We had our hands full last night.


The thirty adventurers lay in ambush at the foot of the hill; and Dames at length succeeded in his inquiries, though he was provoked by the ignorance of his Greek captives.

There are Bambura, or Bampoora, whence in former times an enormous gun, the Mahratta curfew, boomed sunset warnings to honest men to betake themselves home; and Dapooree, where Colonel Ford, C.

His little letter of dedication to Swinburne, in vol. On joining Demosthenês with his reinforcement, Kleon found every preparation for attack made by that general, and the soldiers at Pylus eager to commence such aggressive measures as would relieve them from the tedium of a blockade. General Scott left the country, and never after had more than the nominal command of the army until early in 1861. Stop a moment, dear, and understand that I do not mean to offend you. I found my host very genial and communicative, and staid longer than I had intended, until the lady of the house announced dinner and asked me to join them.

Father La Combe returned with me. Edited by Col. The caliph’s fifth was granted to a favorite, on the nominal payment of five hundred thousand pieces of gold; but the state was doubly injured by this fallacious transaction, if each foot-soldier had shared one thousand, and each horseman three thousand, pieces, in the real division of the plunder. During the afternoon’s fighting, while I was the highest officer at our immediate part of the front, Captains Boughton and Morton of the regular cavalry, two as fine officers as any man could wish to have beside him in battle, came along the firing line to tell me that they had heard a rumor that we might fall back, and that they wished to record their emphatic protest against any such course. The law of resolution and constancy does not imply that we ought not, as much as in us lies, to decline and secure ourselves from the mischiefs and inconveniences that threaten us; nor, consequently, that we shall not fear lest they should surprise us: on the contrary, all decent and honest ways and means of securing ourselves from harms, are not only permitted, but, moreover, commendable, and the business of constancy chiefly is, bravely to stand to, and stoutly to suffer those inconveniences which are not possibly to be avoided.


The river, of the same name as the valley, flows northward about fifteen miles, then turns westward, breaking through the ridge, and by junction with the Buckhannon River forms the Monongahela, which passes by Philippi and afterward crosses the railroad at Grafton.

It makes a great difference to the force of any sentence whether there be a man behind it or no.

He looked about for his companion, having no good designs against him, for he was still persuaded that he had slain Thisbe, and was considering how he might serve him in the same manner; proposing afterwards to attack Theagenes. Few of his opponents, however, questioned his own full persuasion that the Compromise Measures were vitally necessary to pacify the nation. Will you believe that I have been four months in England, and quite unable to wind-up half our affairs because my whole mornings have been taken up with answering such letters? I can satisfy all the objections. Noscenda est mensura sui spectandaque rebus / In summis minimisque—A man should know his own measure, and have regard to it in the smallest matters as well as the greatest. The diary of George Bubb Dodington, Baron of Melcombe-Regis, does not, it is true, contain any enlightenment upon the subject of the Oxfordshire election as depicted by Hogarth, yet the writer is circumstantial in his account of the elections of April, 1754.

So Fanny has put a boy upon one of the horses, and proposes that you should send another line to Mrs. Meehan at Ballyglass. The allusion to this incident in Demosthenes (adv. It was not always easy to keep the just middle, especially when it happened that on one side there were corrupt and unscrupulous demagogues, and on the other side corrupt and unscrupulous reactionaries. 1490), a convert Jew, who incited the mob to massacre his brethren. “Dunyásha, you pack! You will, won’t you, dear?” And when Dunyásha willingly promised to do it all for her, Natásha sat down on the floor, took her old ball dress, and fell into a reverie quite unrelated to what ought to have occupied her thoughts now.

Napoleon was inexorable in his demands, and Pius VII. A god in the latest temple was of the same form as when represented on monuments of the earliest date; and King Menes would have recognised Amen, or Osiris, in a Ptolemaic or a Roman sanctuary. Vast, Le Cardinal Bessarion (Paris, 1878), 53-113; A. Cupid’s butt-shaft is too hard for Hercules’ 35 club. Love’s L. One word more by way of comparison betwixt these two.

What, then, renders this soul so perfectly content? It neither knows, nor wants to know, anything but what God calls it to. Necessity reconciles and brings men together; and this accidental connection afterwards forms itself into laws: for there have been such, as savage as any human opinion could conceive, who, nevertheless, have maintained their body with as much health and length of life as any Plato or Aristotle could invent. In one of the conferences on the subject Lord Haversham declared his opinion that the Commons themselves really believed the accused lords innocent; “for there are,” he said, “various other lords implicated in the very same business, and yet the Commons make no charge against them, but leave them at the head of affairs, near the King’s person, to do any mischief they are inclined to, and impeach others, when they are all alike guilty, and concerned in the same facts.” This was a hard hit, for it was the simple truth, and the delegates of the Commons, as they could not deny it, could only affect to take violent offence at it. And even had he not been hindered by anything on the way, his intention could not now have been carried out, for Napoleon had passed the Arbát more than four hours previously on his way from the Dorogomílov suburb to the Krémlin, and was now sitting in a very gloomy frame of mind in a royal study in the Krémlin, giving detailed and exact orders as to measures to be taken immediately to extinguish the fire, to prevent looting, and to reassure the inhabitants. Well, then, it must out.

It is supposed that Janus was the most ancient king of Italy, who, during his life, governed his subjects with such wisdom and moderation that, in gratitude for the benefits conferred upon them, his people deified him after death and placed him in the foremost rank among their divinities. Dei plena sunt omnia—All things are full of God. Let us bring in the women too. Folle est la brébis qui au loup se confesse—It is a silly sheep that makes the wolf her confessor. William announced to them that James had sailed from Brest, with an armament, for Ireland.

Richard was knocked down twice, and had a very heavy fall on head and forehead and shins. Over this was stretched the dome of heaven behind which was the heavenly ocean and the home of the gods. Beseht die Gönner in der Nähe! Halb sind sie kalt, halb sind sie roh—Look closely at those who patronise you. Autant en emporte le vent—All idle talk (lit. so much the wind carries away). Ne forçons point notre talent; / Nous ne ferions rien avec grâce—Let us not force our faculty; we shall in that case do nothing to good effect.

Immense activity in building. In the vicinity of Boguchárovo were large villages belonging to the crown or to owners whose serfs paid quitrent and could work where they pleased.


This she did with her bonnet still on, looking round the half-opened door as though she were afraid to disturb her nephew.

It should be told indeed that she was not only betrothed to this same Scudamore, but verily wedded, only it had come to pass on the very wedding-day, when the guests were somewhat overtaken with wine, that the enchanter Busyrane had entered the palace, and, under cover of a jest, had carried her away into captivity.

“I was in love with Borís, with my teacher, and with Denísov, but this is quite different. Beaten in the open field, he was compelled to retreat to his capital. Measles and small-pox also attacked them. My experience in the Mexican war was of great advantage to me afterwards. The vanquished king sunk into the grave; his children were made captive; and his dominions, as far as Mount H

This word Senate clearly means assembly of old men; and the members of it were named Patricians, according to some, because they were the fathers of legitimate offspring; according to others, because they were able to give an account of who their own fathers were, which few of the first colonists were able to do. Following the chronology of Diodorus, who places the beginning of the war in 402 B.C., I differ from Mr. Earnest and sport go well together. Dan. It is doubtful whether the quantitative prosody, brought from Greece by literary dandies, ever flourished without the circle of professional men of letters. In its very nature this was a makeshift and a very dubious expedient to cure the mischief.

As De Torcy could not bring the Dutch Ministers to concede anything, he consented to meet Prince Eugene and Marlborough, who had now returned from England with Lord Townshend. These men banded themselves together in March, 12211221, for a combined plundering raid on Falkes’s lands in Devonshire, “but,” wrote Falkes to the Justiciar, “that day they received letters from the Earl of Salisbury bidding them not move, on account of a truce made between him and me till the quindene of Easter; to which truce—so he told them—he had consented in order that he might make use of the interval in Lincolnshire.”835 Robert de Courtenay, nevertheless, not only forcibly prevented the shipping of corn from Falkes’s manor of Exminster to revictual Falkes’s castle of Plympton, but seized the corn, and flogged and imprisoned one of Falkes’s boatmen, alleging that he had orders from the King to let no corn go out of the harbour of Exminster. He appended the clause that for his service and the defense of the kingdom, the vassals should supply themselves with horses and arms. Il n’y a point au monde un si pénible métier que celui de se faire un grand nom. and then everything…