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He himself soon after made his public entry into the city, with the flower of his army.

The host had natural dignified manners.

Un fou avise bien un sage—A wise man may learn of a fool. He got upon that road, destroyed its bridges at different places and rendered the road useless to the enemy up to within a few miles of Lynchburg. William had, however, difficulties at home to surmount before he could depart for Ireland. Pacuvius Calavius corrected the vice of this proceeding by a notable example. When I take a book in hand I have then discovered admirable graces in such and such passages, and such as have struck my soul; let me light upon them at another time, I may turn and toss, tumble and rattle the leaves to no purpose; ‘tis then to me an inform and undiscovered mass.

Should we inquire into the reasons why raisin grapes may in some localities be grown and actually prove profitable without irrigation; we find the same to depend not alone upon the rainfall of the locality, but principally upon such other circumstances as dew, fog, the nature of the subsoil, and the moisture of the air. B., Mesopotamia and Assyria, from the Earliest Ages to the Present Time. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 3s. Un sot trouve toujours un plus sot qui l’admire—Every fool finds a greater to admire him. XXXVII. Camillus, when appointed military tribune for the sixth time, begged to be excused, as he was growing old, and perhaps feared that such unbroken success and glory would call down upon him the wrath of the gods.[16] His most obvious reason for declining the appointment was the state of his health, for at this time he was sick.

I am surprised, he said, that remarks such as you have just heard should be greeted with applause by any member of this company. Forbearance is not acquittance. Ger. His gratitude and policy conferred on Robert and his posterity the ducal title, with the investiture of Apulia, Calabria, and all the lands, both in Italy and Sicily, which his sword could rescue from the schismatic Greeks and the unbelieving Saracens. The houses are described as numerous and well built; the manners of the people as polished and liberal. The lee sides of the larger islands, however, have grassy plains suitable for grazing, with scattered trees, chiefly Pandanus, and ferns.

Then followed an expedition to the east against [the Musri and] the then unknown race of the Qumani. “The man, who, with his wife, has made this pied à terre in Trieste is a man unlike anybody else—a very extraordinary man, who has toiled every hour and minute for forty-four and a half years, distinguishing himself in every possible way. The battle of Tarútino obviously did not attain the aim Toll had in view—to lead the troops into action in the order prescribed by the dispositions; nor that which Count Orlóv-Denísov may have had in view—to take Murat prisoner; nor the result of immediately destroying the whole corps, which Bennigsen and others may have had in view; nor the aim of the officer who wished to go into action to distinguish himself; nor that of the Cossack who wanted more booty than he got, and so on. He appointed a Board of Regulators at Whitehall to examine into the state of the corporations and introduce new rules and new men as they thought fit. And lastly, which beareth me that tread upon it, and beareth with me that so many ways do abuse it, or so freely make use of it, so many ways to so many ends.

Progress begins with the minority. G. In this humble occupation he passed the remainder of his life. Patriots would persuade you that the Arabs brought nothing to the stock of general culture, and the more thoroughgoing insist that the Spaniards lent more than they borrowed. 42 The sudden elevation of the Praetorian praefects betrayed the meanness of their origin; and the equestrian order was still in possession of that great office, which commanded with arbitrary sway the lives and fortunes of the senate. Æs debitorem leve, gravius inimicum facit—A slight debt makes a man your debtor; a heavier one, your enemy.

He revived the university first founded by his grandfather Alphonso VIII., and placed it at Salamanca. Princess Mary noticed this and glanced gratefully at him with that radiant look which caused the plainness of her face to be forgotten. She then wrote to me about it no more. The Goths were now in possession of the Ukraine, a country of considerable extent and uncommon fertility, intersected with navigable rivers, which, from either side, discharge themselves into the Borysthenes; and interspersed with large and leafy forests of oaks. “So you’ve decided to go, Andrew?” asked his sister.

In all the pursuits of active and speculative life, the emulation of states and individuals is the most powerful spring of the efforts and improvements of mankind. After one hundred and twenty years, Egypt recovered her independence under three native dynasties, the XXVIIIth, the XXIXth, and the XXXth. When the Egyptians sank from power, it was not so much that they lost their inherent capacity for progress, as that other nations outstripped them in the race, and came presently to dominate and subjugate them, and thus to stamp out their ambition. And this is the right place for saying a word concerning the relations between the Emperor and the Chancellor. The next important advance was the substitution of solid for liquid media; due originally to Schroter.

FERRULE, a small metal cap or ring used for holding parts of a rod, &c., together, and for giving strength to weakened materials, or especially, when attached to the end of a stick, umbrella, &c., for preventing wearing or splitting. if I will, it is in my power to keep out of this my soul all wickedness, all lust, and concupiscences, all trouble and confusion.


On the other hand, Halifax, who had not joined William’s party till the last moment, received again the Privy Seal, and was continued Speaker of the House of Lords, to the great disgust of the Whigs, who remembered how long he had deserted them, and how successfully he had opposed them on the question of the Exclusion Bill.

I had noticed all this year that I had been getting weaker and weaker in the fencing-school, and sometimes used to turn faint, and Reich (my fencing-master) used to say, “Why, what is the matter with you? Your arms are getting so limp in using the broadsword.” I did not know, but I could not keep up for long at a time.

When he had reported himself to the commander of the regiment and had been reassigned to his former squadron, had been on duty and had gone out foraging, when he had again entered into all the little interests of the regiment and felt himself deprived of liberty and bound in one narrow, unchanging frame, he experienced the same sense of peace, of moral support, and the same sense of being at home here in his own place, as he had felt under the parental roof. A regular course of study and exercise was judiciously instituted; of the military exercises of riding, and shooting with the bow; of the liberal studies of grammar, rhetoric, and philosophy: the most skilful masters of the East ambitiously solicited the attention of their royal pupil; and several noble youths were introduced into the palace, to animate his diligence by the emulation of friendship. It’s not pleasant, but what’s to be done, my dear fellow? You landed yourself in it. Comes jucundus in via pro vehiculo est—A pleasant companion on the road is as good as a carriage. “Some six years after Russia’s first decided move eastwards (1869), she abandoned the direct Persian line, and adopted the new plan of turning her friend’s flank by annexing the Balkan or Krasnovdsk Bay, and exploring the northern valley of the Atrek river, the road popularly known as the ‘Atok,’ or hill-skirt.

The Devil can counterfeit them, as he did formerly in the heathen temples, where he uttered oracles. On the 6th of March Parliament met, and the Commons were immediately engaged in a dispute with the Crown regarding the election of a Speaker. IV. Most writers tell us that his tutor in music was Damon, whose name they say should be pronounced with the first syllable short. “None but fools trust to luck in play,” Dólokhov had then said. On receiving command of the armies Kutúzov remembered Prince Andrew and sent an order for him to report at headquarters.

He was convicted, led to the Capitol, and thrown down the cliff, which thus witnessed both the most glorious deed of his life, and his miserable end. [Greek: hô philoi oudeis philos]—He who has many friends 35 has no friends. The heroic age of her literature extends over some hundred and fifty years, from the accession of Carlos Quinto to the death of Felipe IV. He was, for the moment, somewhat trammelled by his half-clerical position, but he very soon cut the knot. Indeed there is a tinge of melancholy pervading the preface in which the Editor refers to his ‘unsuccessful professional life,’ and to the knowledge of which his country has cared so little to avail itself.

They both saw that he was sinking slowly and quietly, deeper and deeper, away from them, and they both knew that this had to be so and that it was right. After a war of about forty years, undertaken by the most stupid, maintained by the most dissolute, and terminated by the most timid of all the emperors, the far greater part of the island submitted to the Roman yoke. Not the least curious thing near Bombay is Walkeshwar; most visitors and many residents do not know what it is. Only those who fell as suppliants at the feet of the archons’ wives were spared. But the fact that I had fought hard and efficiently, even though defeated, and that I had made the fight single-handed, with no machine back of me, assured my standing as floor leader.

More majorum—After the manner of our ancestors. In the year 1498, just ten months and two days after leaving the port of Lisbon, Vasco da Gama landed on the coast of Malabar at Calicut, or more properly Kale Khoda, City of the Black Goddess. Much he marvelled to see how fair she was, and more did he marvel at the wise and gracious words that came from her lips; for, indeed, by this time, being by nature of a lively wit, he had himself learnt many things. Heraclitus having written so many natural tracts concerning the last and general conflagration of the world, died afterwards all filled with water within, and all bedaubed with dirt and dung without. Anaximander was also of Miletus, and he was a friend of Thales.


I preserve their writing, seal, and a particular sword they wore, and have not thrown the long staves my father used to carry in his hand, out of my closet.

Andrews, completed his academic days.

It is here that reasoned knowledge differs from mere knowledge of the understanding, and it is the business of Philosophy, as opposed to understanding, to show that the Truth or the Idea does not consist in empty generalities, but in a universal; and that is within itself the particular and the determined. (3) However accessible may be the chain of causation of any action, we shall never know the whole chain since it is endless, and so again we never reach absolute inevitability. or but for three years. The Historians’ History of the World is in one sense of the word a compilation, but it is a compilation of unique character. Some of his servants had failed in their preparations, I said to myself, as I made my way round to the water’s edge.

Prince Bagratión ordered two battalions from the center to be sent to reinforce the right flank. Although for all practical purposes this mechanism works satisfactorily, it is not by any means perfect, and many physiological conditions cause a transient rise of temperature; e.g. severe muscular exercise, in which the cutaneous eliminating mechanism is unable at once to dispose of the increased amount of heat produced in the muscles. Socrates, the conductor of his dialogues, is eternally upon questions and stirring up disputes, never determining, never satisfying, and professes to have no other science but that of opposing himself. “I am straight from the palace. In science and history and geography and in unexpected parts of German and French I was strong, but lamentably weak in Latin and Greek and mathematics.

After a hundred checks and defeats she has utterly annihilated the intrusive Mohammedan schism which attempted to establish its independence in Yunnan.


When, after having seen all this, he was again brought before the king, Croesus asked him whether he knew any man more happy than himself.

When I returned home, I wrote to the good father that he had made what I had written a part of his sermon, reciting it verbatim as I had written it.

Many of the books necessary to a first-hand study of the subject are cited in the article Aesthetics. But the governor of Puglia, an infidel called Raika, represented his case to the king of Spain, who immediately sent assistance to him. The generals rewarded him with a wreath, which was the prize of the bravest; Socrates did not, however, take it, maintaining that it was given to Alcibiades. When our regiment reached Tampa it could already be handled creditably at fast gaits, and both in mass and extended formations, mounted and dismounted. While Denísov was talking to the esaul, Pétya—abashed by Denísov’s cold tone and supposing that it was due to the condition of his trousers—furtively tried to pull them down under his greatcoat so that no one should notice it, while maintaining as martial an air as possible.

“Yes… Anatole sat at a table frowning and biting his lips. I used to have them spells; but I got over ’em.


“I am so enchanted by the brilliancy of the wit and culture of the society, more especially of the feminine society, in which I have had the honor of being received, that I have not yet had time to think of the climate,” said he.

Pense ce que tu veux, dis ce que tu dois—Think what you like, say what you ought.

It is like stepping out of one room into another. Stat sua cuique dies; breve et irreparabile tempus / Omnibus est vitæ; sed famam extendere factis, / Hoc virtutis opus—Each man has his appointed day; short and irreparable is the brief life of all; but to extend our fame by our deeds, this is manhood’s work. After the sack of Corinth, Athens, and Thebes, his lieutenant embarked with a captive train of weavers and artificers of both sexes, a trophy glorious to their master, and disgraceful to the Greek emperor. Count v. He was afraid of meningitis, as they had wounded him just in the nuque.

Agesilaus replied that he had no power to entertain such a proposition without the authorities at home, whom he accordingly sent to consult. Little things blame not: Grace may on them wait. But in the absence of the patrician, who was hastily summoned to Italy by some public or private interest, Count Litorius succeeded to the command; and his presumption soon discovered that far different talents are required to lead a wing of cavalry, or to direct the operations of an important war. Here Marlborough proposed to come to a general engagement with them, but again he was thwarted by the Dutch officers and deputies, and most determinedly by General Schlangenburg. “To make the game worth the candle, we must clear Suákin of its Egyptian clique, and re-embark the last Egyptian soldier en route for the Nile Valley.

In consequence I had made up my mind to return and bring the troops to the upper side of the creek, when the enemy opened upon us with a rifled gun that sent shot far beyond us and beyond the stream. This last principle, which is called propriety, from its fitness, according to the various things on which it turns, sometimes is limited to a very narrow point, the least departure from which is a deviation into vice; sometimes it allows a wider scope, so that some actions, even laudable in themselves, may be omitted or varied without crime. Yet his parts seem to have been better suited to the second than to the first rank; he was an unequal rival, though he might have approved himself an excellent lieutenant, to Severus, who afterwards displayed the greatness of his mind by adopting several useful institutions from a vanquished enemy. Les plus grands hommes d’une nation sont 20 ceux qu’elle met à mort—The greatest men of a nation are those whom it puts to death. Religion is consciousness of the infinite.

Gens de lettres—Literary people. Headstrong liberty is lashed with woe. Com. 30 of Errors, ii. They have likewise Opinions concerning the Earth peculiar to themselves, affirming it to resemble a Boat, and to be hollow, to prove which, and other things relating to the frame of the World, they abound in Arguments; but to give a particular Account of ’em, we conceive would be a thing foreign to our History. He had lost his first wife, while he was governor of the Lionnese Gaul. That was the sort of thing which, in the spring of 1914, occupied the thoughts of the German Emperor, who, lusting for robbery and conquest, is accused of having bloodthirstily brought on the World War.

307] being exposed to the enemy, and at the same time to be protected by the shield of a right-hand neighbor.[581] The Lacedæmonians in the one army, and the Thebans in the other, each inclined themselves, and caused their respective armies to incline also, in a direction slanting to the right, so that the Lacedæmonians on their side considerably outflanked the Athenians on the opposite left. FETTERS AND HANDCUFFS, instruments for securing the feet and hands of prisoners under arrest, or as a means of punishment. With hurried hands the soldiers blindfolded them, drawing the sacks over their heads, and bound them to the post. C’est trop aimer quand on en meurt—It is loving too much to die of loving.


“On July 11, 1870, when we were in summer quarters at Bludán, Anti-Libanus, I suddenly found two Englishmen camping with a gypsy-tent below the garden.

And when the Fiend saw him depart, he took a halter and put it round his neck, and was fain to hang himself.

The assistance of captives and deserters must have been very necessary to pilot their vessels, and to direct their various incursions, as well on the coast of Greece as on that of Asia. Finally, the negotiations with England were broken off, without result, in a rather impolite manner. Che ne può la gatta se la massaia è matta—How can the cat help it if the maid is fool (enough to leave things in her way)? It. The Earl of Aylesbury, who was also in the Tower on a similar charge, was equally anxious to have these two men out of the way, and the friends of both plotters united to get rid of them by bribery. Two hundred of them were made prisoners and a few slain; but the greater number got safely on shipboard.

“Yes, please do,” said Rostóv. But one of these demands was for lands of inheritance to be settled on Richard Cromwell to the value of ten thousand pounds a year, and a pension on her Highness, his[154] mother, of ten thousand pounds a year. In Egyptian memorials we find them again under the name of Rebu (we should observe here, once for all, that neither Egyptian speech nor Egyptian writing has an L, and so in foreign words every R may be read as an L). finire, to bring to an end (finis). This was the immediate effect on most of them.

203] wisdom. But do all reach that state? Very few, indeed, as far as I can comprehend. It was hard to restrain our men from showing themselves on the crest of the long ridge in front of us, and whenever they did so they drew the fire from some of the enemy’s batteries, to which ours would respond. They must here of necessity confess, that if reason be not, fortune at least is on my side, and with physicians fortune goes a great deal further than reason. “Karáchi is still the capital village of the local Government, and the head-quarters of the European regiment.

His talent for composition manifested 295 itself at the age of seven, and at nine years old he was an organist at Sainte-Waudru. Formerly he had appeared to be a kindhearted but unhappy man, and so people had been inclined to avoid him. The lion was in a fury, turning himself in every direction and vainly snapping at the air; his wrath afforded additional sport to the gnat, who made an onslaught on his very mouth. I rode forward, or rather back, to where the middle road intersects the north road, and found the skirmishers of Carr’s division just coming in. These now despatched two messengers to Rome, ostensibly to report to the Pope on the state of affairs in England.

“Well, my dear?” asked the countess. Thought means life, since those who do not think do not live in any high or real sense. It was calculated that forty thousand work-people and servants were left destitute by the flight of their employers, and subscriptions were made to prevent them from starving, for they were not allowed to leave the City. The sick man was so surrounded by doctors, princesses, and servants that Pierre could no longer see the reddish-yellow face with its gray mane—which, though he saw other faces as well, he had not lost sight of for a single moment during the whole service. I63 tried to get him to tell me who wrote that on it, and he wouldn’t.

His cries being heard by his brother Cyclops, who lived in caves not far distant from his own, they soon came trooping over the hills from all sides, and assailed the door of the cave with inquiries concerning the cause of his cries and groans. Follow the wise few rather than the vulgar many. It. The steward went out with one of the servant-wenches to fetch a light; and, whilst so doing, he heard the ghost speaking in the room he had left.


But the nation did not submit tamely.

“How glad I am you’ve come! I am so happy today,” she said, with the old animation Pierre had not seen in her for a long time.

Take the Muses’ servants by the hand; / … In an hour’s time the whole hunting party was at the porch. Again, that he that would not have a vicious man to sin, is like unto him that would not have moisture in the fig, nor children to welp nor a horse to neigh, nor anything else that in the course of nature is necessary. My life was easy; I was educated agreeably with her. I do not suppose Mr.

Old Rome had fallen through such selfishness as that; but new Rome would not forget the lesson. “… Charmides seeing my distress, did all in his power to console me, but to no purpose; for about the first watch of the night, when all were asleep, I took my sword, proceeded to the spot and prepared to stab myself upon the coffin.—”Wretched Leucippe,” I exclaimed, “thou most ill-fated of human kind, I lament not so much thy death, nor thy dying in a foreign land, nor that it has been a death of violence; but that such insults have been heaped upon thy misfortunes—that thou hast been made a victim to purify the most polluted of their kind—that thou hast been ripped up while yet alive, and able to gaze upon the horrid process—that thou hast had an accursed altar and coffin for thy joint grave, the former for thy bowels, the latter for thy body. Amid the smoke, deafened by the incessant reports which always made him jump, Túshin not taking his pipe from his mouth ran from gun to gun, now aiming, now counting the charges, now giving orders about replacing dead or wounded horses and harnessing fresh ones, and shouting in his feeble voice, so high pitched and irresolute. He reported that he had just come from Columbus, a point on the Mississippi twenty miles below on the Kentucky side, and that troops had started from there, or were about to start, to seize Paducah, at the mouth of the Tennessee.

The man who in this world can keep the whiteness 10 of his soul is not likely to lose it in any other. Alex. A few minutes later an officer came hurriedly out of the front door, gave an order, and the dragoons formed up in line. Yes,” he went on, “I promised and would have given the Emperor Alexander Moldavia and Wallachia, and now he won’t have those splendid provinces. She spoke kindly to him, inquiring who he was and whence he came. The tragic element for me, in the Bismarck case, lay in the fact that I became the successor of my grandfather—in other words, that I skipped one generation, to a certain extent.

Each of these was equivalent, putting out of sight errors of observation, to two hours of mean solar time, such as we use in ordinary life. The clock-winder behaved so beautifully; he never moved a muscle of his face, and when he had finished his work, went out with a lovely bow. Light is light, though the blind man doesn’t 15 see it. Ger. In the case of Mr. It presents itself under two forms, of which one is found only on the coffin of Seti I, whilst the other is afforded us by the two coffins of Ramses I and Ramses II.

Among the minor singers the robin was noticeable. Borís, during the campaign, had made the acquaintance of many persons who might prove useful to him, and by a letter of recommendation he had brought from Pierre had become acquainted with Prince Andrew Bolkónski, through whom he hoped to obtain a post on the commander in chief’s staff. The imprisoned multitude of horses and men was gradually destroyed, by famine rather than by the sword; but the Romans were exposed, during the progress of such an extensive work, to the frequent attacks of an impatient enemy. But the vain hopes of the Pagans were soon annihilated by the defeat of Eugenius; and they were left exposed to the resentment of the conqueror, who labored to deserve the favor of Heaven by the extirpation of idolatry. All this was too much for Marian’s weak strength, and before long she was again whirling round with Captain Ewing.

It is curious to reflect how small a portion of the habitable globe was the theatre of all those human activities, the record of which constitutes ancient history. “Well, maybe!” said Prince Andrew. Some few Englishmen, too, were employed in fresco-painting. From the far side of the house through the closed doors came the sound of difficult passages—twenty times repeated—of a sonata by Dussek. “And then Miss Grogram just cut them up with her scissors,” continued Aunt Sally, not a whit abashed, “and gave us each a bit, only she took more than half for herself.” It was clear to me that there had been some quarrel, some delicious quarrel, between Aunt Sally and Miss Grogram.

“Yes, I should think…” Natásha began. Tarde sed tute—Slow but sure. His 253voluminous private letters, full of wit and malice and risky anecdote, are as brilliant and amusing as they are unedifying. The fifth of November was the first day of what is called the battle of Krásnoe. [Footnote: O.

XVII. Herodotus tells us that, of Greek States, Aegina received the prize of valour, and that, of the generals, it was awarded to Themistokles, though against the will of the voters. Das Leben gehört den Lebendigen an, und wer lebt, muss auf Wechsel gefasst sein—Life belongs to the living, and he who lives must be prepared for changes. Van Laun.—History of French Literature. By H.


I suppose that war always does bring out what is highest and lowest in human nature.

Zeitch., vol.

“But, O noble sir,” etc. Equipped with the ambition, though not with the accomplishment, of the artist, Boscán has a prouder place than he ever dreamed of, since he is confessedly the earliest representative of a new poetic dynasty, the victorious leader of a desperately forlorn hope. a councillor of Toulouse, printed, of a strange incident, of two men who presented themselves the one for the other. Then the Highlanders raised a wild shout, which was returned by the enemy with a cry so much less lively and determined, that Lochiel exclaimed, “We shall do it now; that is not the cry of men who are going to win.” The Highlanders dropped their plaids and rushed forward. In its normal shape this impost consisted in a given proportion of the yield, or of certain portions of the yield, of the soil; one-fourth as in India, one-fifth as in Egypt, or two separate levies of a tenth as in Palestine, are examples of what may from the last instance be called the “tithe” system.

Greatly worried on account of the turn which matters might now take, I decided to give up my intended journey to Norway and remain at home. All right! Make it a contest between their aunts if you like. Soon after getting into position he was violently attacked, but repulsed the enemy with great slaughter. Newell, the present Director of the Reclamation Service, began his work as an assistant hydraulic engineer under Major Powell; and, unlike Powell, he appreciated the need of saving the forests and the soil as well as the need of irrigation. All the women show their faces, proving they are Hindús, and not high-caste Moslemahs.

the chase is there in very good earnest: the question is, which of these letters is to be rewarded for so many sieges, battles, wounds, imprisonments, and services done to the crown of France by this famous constable? Nicholas Denisot—[Painter and poet, born at Le Mans,1515.]— never concerned himself further than the letters of his name, of which he has altered the whole contexture to build up by anagram the Count d’Alsinois, whom he has handsomely endowed with the glory of his poetry and painting. But this incredible tale is sufficiently disproved by the caution of the French general, who apprehended the snares and accidents of a pursuit, and dismissed his German allies to their native forests. 3 See Schiller’s Thesaurus antiq. With this discourse she stimulated her passion to such a degree, that she could scarcely prevent her hastening to an immediate interview with Theagenes, by suggesting that it should not take place while as yet her face was pale, and her eyes swelled, from the distraction in which she had passed the preceding night. Qu’on parle bien ou mal du fameux cardinal, / Ma prose ni mes vers n’en diront jamais rien; / Il m’a fait trop de bien pour en dire du mal, / Il m’a fait trop de mal pour en dire du bien—Let the world speak well or ill of the famous cardinal, neither in my prose or verse will I mention his name; he has done me too much kindness to speak ill of him, and too much injury to speak well.

But, Frank, I could not rest if I went to bed without speaking to you. The various transactions of peace and war had introduced some Roman coins (chiefly silver) among the borderers of the Rhine and Danube; but the more distant tribes were absolutely unacquainted with the use of money, carried on their confined traffic by the exchange of commodities, and prized their rude earthen vessels as of equal value with the silver vases, the presents of Rome to their princes and ambassadors. To a novice this sort of thing is very amusing; to see the procession to the springs, almost like a religious procession, each with a glass in their hand. Chiefs of renown and power were flattered by the most trifling presents, which they received either as marks of distinction, or as the instruments of luxury. Chaucer for Children: A Golden Key.

Besides it is the mark of a dignified mind to adhere to engagements even after receiving an injury. His last days and hours passed in an ordinary and simple way. Qui conducit—He who leads. Cov., vol. ii. p. 253) says the castle “de jure spectabat ad Willelmum de Bello Campo”; and Ralf of Coggeshall (pp. 205, 206), says “Rex Johannes … Prudence as well as glory might have justified a war on the side of Artaxerxes, had his views been confined to the defence or acquisition of a useful frontier.

I was in great pain of mind for my daughter, who visibly lost weight. But as this style of dryer may be adapted to raisins, I will give a few hints at its construction.


I never became more than a fair hunter, and at times I had most exasperating experiences, either failing to see game which I ought to have seen, or committing some blunder in the stalk, or failing to kill when I fired.

He had among his captives shipbuilders from Khatti, and he set them to work at Nineveh on the Tigris and Tel-Barsip on the Euphrates.

Gardens and groves of date-palms, together with large regions devoted to rough attempts at vegetable culture, were often to be met with, especially in the neighbourhood of towns; these paid their contributions to the State, as well as the owners’rent, in kind—in fruit, vegetables, and fresh or dried dates. He heard the speaker addressed as Sire. The Goths were no longer the victorious Barbarians, who had humbled the pride of Rome, despoiled the queen of nations, and penetrated from the Danube to the Atlantic Ocean. My boy is growing up and rejoices in life, in which like everybody else he will deceive or be deceived. “We’ll make that all right,” I answered; and then we remounted,—not without some difficulty on his part.

¶ About this time, or (as Henrie Knighton saith) in the yeare 1392, maister William Courtenie archbishop of Canturburie, brother to the earle of Denshire visited the diocesse of Lincolne, and on the feast of saint Faith the virgine he visited maister Iohn Bokingham bishop of Lincolne in the cathedrall church of Lincolne, with the chapter, and an hundred of the canons, and he came to Leicester abbeie in visitation, the sundaie before the feast of All saints, where he abode all the tuesdaie, and on the eeue also, of All saints being mondaie, calling togither all the canons of the said monasterie, with the chaplines of his owne chappell, euerie of them hauing in their hands burning candels. Next day Prince Vasíli had arrived and settled in the count’s house. “In the communications sent me by various labor organizations protesting against the retention of Miller in the Government Printing Office, the grounds alleged are twofold: 1, that he is a non-union man; 2, that he is not personally fit. Commercial treaties with the Greeks. Which he the more sedulously solicited, in hope that this licence would augment the schisms and factions of their division, and hinder the people from reuniting, and consequently fortifying themselves against him by their unanimous intelligence and concord; having experienced by the cruelty of some Christians, that there is no beast in the world so much to be feared by man as man; these are very nearly his words.

Some, like Diogenes Laertius (IX. It may be doubtful whether the soldiers imbrued their hands in the blood of this innocent prince. Thus architecture, in so far as it provides shelter and accommodation, is one of the useful or mechanical arts, and one of the fine arts only in so far as its structures impress or give pleasure by the aspect of strength, fitness, harmony and proportion of parts, by disposition and contrast of light and shade, by colour and enrichment, by variety and relation of contours, surfaces and intervals. When I was President, we owned a little house in western Virginia; a delightful house, to us at least, although only a shell of rough boards. Meminerunt omnia amantes—Lovers remember 5 everything.

On the left side of Maha Dèo is Vishnu, in the grand character of preserver; the head is very noble and the face of no common beauty; it wears a tender and smiling expression.


Gaiety pleases more when we are assured that it does not cover carelessness. Mme.

The writers, who suppose that he died in ignorance of the ingratitude and ambition of Maximin, affirm, that, after taking a frugal repast in the sight of the army, he retired to sleep, and that, about the seventh hour of the day, a part of his own guards broke into the imperial tent, and, with many wounds, assassinated their virtuous and unsuspecting prince.

FENWICK, SIR JOHN (c. 1645-1697), English conspirator, was the eldest son of Sir William Fenwick, or Fenwicke, a member of an old Northumberland family. And then, let a mother be ever so motherly—and no mother could have more of a mother’s tenderness than Mrs. Bell—still her presence must be a restraint. A writ for transferring records from one court to another; a precept committing an accused person to prison by a justice of the peace. On my arrival I found he had almost died. Two engagements, 481 the one near the Hellespont, the other in the narrow defiles of Cilicia, decided the fate of his Syrian competitor; and the troops of Europe asserted their usual ascendant over the effeminate natives of Asia.

One rhetra, as we have seen, forbade the use of written laws. The question has been raised as to whether Babylonian-Assyrian art may not perhaps have been a daughter of the Egyptian. The actual casualties in Sanders’s command were trifling. We had a delightful drive from Davos to Maloja, with a comfortable landau, two good steady grey horses, and a nice coachman; it was a truly delicious day, which I shall always remember amongst my mental treasures. I said to myself, "These persons feel the pains of divine operations; but as to me, I sin, and feel nothing but my own wicked state." I could have wished to separate the sin from the confusion of sin, and provided I had not offended God, all would have been easy to me.

They crossed the Po between Montcalier and Cavignan, and on the 5th of September captured a convoy of eight hundred loaded mules. Of the four obelisks which used to mark the limits of the authority of the abbots of Figeac, those to the south and the west of the town remain. The Irish returned the compliment, and declared that, if the English would exchange kings, they were ready to fight again, and to conquer too. “What is the matter, Count?” asked the countess in a surprised and commiserating tone. Kutúzov’s face as he stood in the open doorway remained perfectly immobile for a few moments.