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In the finishing of woollen pieces the most important operation is that of milling, which consists in subjecting the pieces to mechanical friction, usually in an alkaline medium (soap or soap and soda) but sometimes in an acid (sulphuric acid) medium, in order to bring about felting and consequent “fulling” of the fabric.

In ordinary civic life in Greece, no one could prosper or maintain his position who held peculiar principles, or even secrets, and differed in outward modes of life and clothing; for what evidently united and distinguished them was their community of principles and life—whether anything was good for the commonwealth or not, was by them publicly and openly discussed.

So I said I would take charge of it if I had guarantees that no money should be used and nothing improper done in order to push it. Iohn Hastings knight, sonne of the last Henrie, was borne at Asleghe, in the yéere of our Lord 1262, and in the six & fortith yeare of the reigne of Henrie the third. Wisdom picks friends; civility plays the rest. The first formal step was the creation of the Inland Waterways Commission, appointed on March 14, 1907. Out of these marked mental and physical differences grew up the monstrous and extraordinary system of caste in India.

Hermes, therefore, as god of herdsmen, came to be regarded as the protector of merchants, and, as ready wit and adroitness are valuable qualities both in buying and selling, he was also looked upon as the patron of artifice and cunning. "You may judge, my son, by our dress and appearance, even though we keep silence, to what a miserable condition your exile has reduced us at home. Chariclea, pleased at hearing her native language, and flattering herself with the hopes of comfort and assistance from the man who spoke it, did as he bid her; and when Mithranes asked her her name, said it was Thisbe. Bramstone. To wait for his co-operation would have detained me at least a month.

The Bactrians, who dwell in the neighbourhood of the Indians, assert that the griffins watch over the gold, though the Indians themselves deny that they do anything of the kind, as they have no need of the metal; but (say they) the griffins are only apprehensive on account of their young, and these are the objects of their protection. Then Sir Calidore, mastering his anger, such was his courtesy, said: “Mercy I grant with all goodwill. “Comtesse, à tout péché miséricorde,” * said a fair-haired young man with a long face and nose, as he entered the room. Grant, in the real estate agency business. The lives of the last Duke of Alva, and of our Constable de Montmorency, were both of them great and noble, and that had many rare resemblances of fortune; but the beauty and glory of the death of the last, in the sight of Paris and of his king, in their service, against his nearest relations, at the head of an army through his conduct victorious, and by a sudden stroke, in so extreme old age, merits methinks to be recorded amongst the most remarkable events of our times.

But she was just as terribly close to him. Lee could reinforce any part of his line from all points of it in a very short march; or could concentrate the whole of it wherever he might choose to assault. The visions of future triumph, which at first animate exertion, if dwelt upon too intently, will usurp the place of the stern reality; and noble objects will be contemplated, not for their own inherent worth, but on account of the day-dreams they engender. Intervals in this labor were used in discussing the general situation and plans of campaign. “O Lord, my Creator, Thou has heard our prayer…” said he in a tremulous voice with folded hands.

Honesta quædam scelera successus facit—Success makes some species of crimes honourable. To the like end came sir Thomas Banester, sir Nicholas Trumpington, and sir Thomas Dale, impeaching each others, as they leapt foorth of the ship: also one Musard an esquire, a most séemelie personage and a bold; and an other esquier named Denioke, being almost out of danger, were fetched awaie by the surges of the sea, and so perished, with manie other. We have attempted to explain the spirit which moderated, and the strength which supported, the power of Hadrian and the Antonines. These streams, and their numerous mountain affluents, not only supply water for irrigation, but also bring down vast quantities of sand, which is deposited alongside their courses, more especially alongside the Syr-darya where it cuts its way through the Khojent-Ajar ridge, forming there the Karakchikum. I sent away to Paris immediately, to hire a coach, to go the sooner; mine waited for me at the midway.


He therefore commenced a system of what has been called “closetings.” He sent for the Tory members of Parliament, who were in town, one by one, and taking them into his closet at Whitehall, tried by personal persuasions and by bribes—for though dreadfully penurious, he now all at once became liberal of promises, and tolerably liberal of money—and entreated the members to oblige him by voting for the abolition of the laws against Catholics, which he told them had been, in truth, directed against himself; and whilst he promised, he threatened, too, in case his wishes were not complied with.

On the 2d of August, I ordered General Sheridan to report in person to Major-General Halleck, chief of staff, at Washington, with a view to his assignment to the command of all the forces against Early.

The Thebans went on to vindicate their nocturnal surprise of Platæa, by maintaining that they had been invited by the most respectable citizens of the town,436 who were anxious only to bring back Platæa from its alliance with a stranger to its natural Boeotian home,–and[p. But since we find that grief is removed by length of time, we have the greatest proof that the strength of it depends not merely on time, but on the daily consideration of it. Many do not reach even that. He had conceived that they would be satisfied with the supremacy of their faith in their own country, and he at once refused this demand. At the mention of Princess Mary he experienced a feeling of shyness and even of fear, which he himself did not understand.

But the mere thought of being afraid roused him again. A lady, an exile, came to my father’s house. This had indeed been effected in the Commons in the preceding session by the Oath of Supremacy, and the declaration against Transubstantiation; but the present test went to exclude the Catholic peers from their House also. We could subdue our adversaries’ fire with them, when their smooth-bores could not reach us. The capture of this city, perhaps the most important of all the foreign possessions of Athens, and the opening of the bridge over the Strymon, by which even all her eastern allies became approachable by land, occasioned prodigious emotion throughout all the Grecian world.

But when these representations were made to Charles, the Marquis of Hamilton, now made duke, strongly opposed the advice of Montrose, declared that it was monstrous to set Scots against Scots, and that he would undertake to keep them quiet. At the same time there was about the king the lord Rafe Basset, who said thus to the king flatlie and plainelie: “Sir, I haue béene, and euer will be your true liege man, and my bodie and goods shall euer be at your graces commandement, in all iustice and trueth. Aquatic plants were more numerous than on the banks of the Nile, but they did not occupy such an important place among food-stuffs. Injusta ab justis impetrare non decet; / Justa autem ab injustis petere, insipientia est—To ask what is unreasonable from the reasonable is not right; to ask what is reasonable from the unreasonable is folly. In neither case was there anything unworthy, or even human in his conduct, but it was either that of a god or a brute beast.

The many voyages of discovery over the world argue a world-wide discontent. Excess in apparel is costly folly. It is easier to carry the world in one’s thoughts than on one’s shoulders. A. The new religion spread at once. The loss of reputation which Sparta had then incurred, was now compensated by a reaction against the unfounded terrors since conceived about the probable career of her enemy.

the possibility of division as mere possibility; it is thus always possible in every space, however small. A second armament, however, was speedily sent forth.–forty triremes and two thousand Athenian hoplites, under Kallias, son of Kalliades,119 with four other commanders,–who, on reaching the Thermaic gulf, joined the former body at the siege of Pydna. It was necessary to have two witnesses for convicting traitors, and other tools were not long wanting. As Bacon’s were directed to the advancement of true liberty in philosophy, Milton’s were directed to the liberation of the Church and State from the tyranny of king and custom. Diffused through Europe by the genius of Corneille, who conveyed his conception from Guillén de Castro, the legendary Cid differs hugely from the Cid of history.

“If we live we shall see,” replied Bilíbin, his face again becoming smooth as a sign that the conversation was at an end. Fleay’s ingenious conjecture that Greene is identical with that Rupert Persten who accompaniedPg xxiv Leicester’s company to Saxony and Denmark in 1585-87, and that this name is equivalent to Robert the Parson, is discredited on philological grounds as well as for its general lack of weight. But imprisonment was scarcely a means of relief to the king’s financial exigencies. He entered the dining room. Thus, in 1843, dipped Valencias brought six and a quarter cents, while the Smyrna Sultanas brought ten cents.

To these we may add a third distinction for the body of the natives in Syria, and especially in Egypt, the use of their ancient dialects, by secluding them from the commerce of mankind, checked the improvements of those barbarians.


But it was necessary to employ sixteen of these ships, partly in summoning contingents from Chios and Lesbos, to which islands Sophoklês went in person;54 partly in keeping watch off the coast of Karia for the arrival of the Phenician fleet, which report stated to be approaching; so that Periklês had only forty-four ships remaining in his squadron.

studiis atque operibus (1845); Quaestiones Nigidianae (1890), and edition of the fragments (1889) by A.

When they prayed for the warriors, she thought of her brother and Denísov. He now felt that he could not cross that creek without bridges, and his orders were changed to move so as to strike the pursuing enemy in flank or get in their rear; but he was so late in getting up that Sheridan determined to move forward without him. To the last breath, there was never a saner, or a sounder, or a truer judgment in any man who walked this earth. To Marduk, my Lord, I prayed; I took up my parable in prayer to him, the speech of my heart came (before him) to him I spoke: ‘Eternal, Holy, Lord of all things, for the king, whom thou lovest, whose name thou callest according to thy good pleasure, guide his name well, lead (or guard) him in a straight path. Ellis of the admiralty.” The candidates nominated by the Duke of Newcastle, Lord J.

The benefits of the Christian communion were those of eternal life; nor could they erase from their minds the awful opinion, that to those ecclesiastical governors by whom they were condemned, the Deity had committed the keys of Hell and of Paradise. “After my very hartie commendacions. My aunt Anna, my mother’s sister, lived with us. No good doctor ever takes physic. It. Hayes, being in the woods, was not seen till he had passed over the crest and turned upon the enemy’s flank and rear.

The genuine Mauritania, or country of the Moors, which, from the ancient city of Tingi, or Tangier, was distinguished by the appellation of Tingitana, is represented by the modern kingdom of Fez. “If I come (said Molineux) will ye saue my life?” “I will make thée no such promise (said sir Thomas Mortimer) but not­with­stand­ing, either come vp, or thou shalt presentlie die for it.” “Well then (said Molineux) if there be no other remedie, suffer me to come vp, and let me trie with hand-blowes, either with you or some other, and so die like a man.” But as he came vp, the knight caught him by the helmet, plucked it off his head, & streightwaies drawing foorth his dagger, stroke him into the braines, and so dispatched him. This substance bears some resemblance to musk with reference to its derivation and the rôle it plays in the life of63 the animal from which it is obtained. After them were led along a hundred and twenty fat oxen with gilded horns, adorned with crowns and wreaths. In his very first reports, which laid the foundation of the first Naval law, he showed himself thoroughly in accord with me in the belief that the sanction of the Reichstag for the building of warships was not to be gained by the old form of procedure.

The reddish Lyubím rushed forward from behind Mílka, sprang impetuously at the wolf, and seized it by its hindquarters, but immediately jumped aside in terror. On Friday, the 24th, the Comte de Chambord (Henri V.) died. Bethune opened in the city of Calcutta a school for native women. When I am sick I send for them if they be near, only to have their company, and pay them as others do. Its professed object was to trade with the East and West Indies and Africa; but there was a plan for carrying out these objects, which does not seem to have been made known to the Government, or made public generally, till after the acquisition of the charter.

The Babylonians take the southern and the Syrio-Phoenician possessions. They were soon taken in hand by the poor woman whose privilege it was to show the ruins. [22] The ancient trireme was not habitable, like a modern ship of war. That is the impulse of emotional self-expression, the instinct which compels us to seek relief under the stimulus of pent-up feeling; an instinct, it is added, second only in power to those which drive us to seek food, shelter, protection from enemies, and satisfaction for-sexual desires. He left me to myself, because I first left him.

But Napoleon’s power suppressed the ideas of the Revolution and the general temper of the age. Plutarch also notices his being forbidden to drink the water of the Nile, in consequence of its having a peculiarly fattening property. Maybe we can find a little sport in it after all. On the 27th of March he was allowed to go out for a drive, but even that gave him a little fresh cold. “There now!” said one of the soldiers.

Ferrier’s works are remarkable for an unusual charm and simplicity of style. Theodosius continued to support an unworthy minister, to whose diligence he delegated the government of the palace, and of the East; but when he marched against the tyrant Eugenius, he associated his faithful general to the labors and glories of the civil war; and in the last moments of his life, the dying monarch recommended to Stilicho the care of his sons, and of the republic. The first belief of the Peloponnesians was, that Phormio would not dare to attack them at all: accordingly, having arrived at Patræ, they stretched from thence across the gulf to the mouth of the Euenus,–the natural way of proceeding according to ancient navigation,–going in the direction of Akarnania (??? ??????????). is a salt formed by fusing a mixture of manganese dioxide, potassa, and potassium chlorate, extracting the product with water, and evaporating the solution to crystallization; the salt is obtained in small dark violet, almost black crystals which dissolve in sixteen parts of water to which they impart a beautiful violet color. Only Natásha and the countess remained in the room.

On the 30th these troops moved out, under Warren, and captured an advanced intrenched camp at Peeble’s farm, driving the enemy back to the main line.


When it is in the power of privileged delegates, the State is said to be ruled by an aristocracy; and when the people are all in all, they call it a democracy, or popular constitution.

Meanwhile the Parliament, without proceeding to lay a platform for its successor, evidenced a jealousy of the ascendency of the army; it voted a reduction of one-fourth of the army, and of the monthly assessment for its support from one hundred and twenty thousand pounds to ninety thousand pounds.

She looked beautiful, with her black mantilla over her head, and with black gloves on, and her black morning silk dress—beautiful, composed, and at her ease, as though she were well satisfied to undertake this early morning walk from feelings of good nature—sustained, probably, by some under-current of a deeper sentiment. The Muscat grape seems especially to love water, and, in the real raisin districts, the healthiest vineyards are those that are best irrigated. In the evening I went down to the countess and told a funny story about B., and only remembered that I ought not to have done so when everybody laughed loudly at it. The oldest Basque book, well named as Linguæ Vasconum Primitiæ, is a collection of exceedingly minor verse by Bernard Dechepare, curé of Saint-Michel, near Saint-Jean Pied de Port; and its date is modern (1545). The letters still extant from the princes of the East to Sapor are manifest forgeries; nor is it natural to suppose that a jealous monarch should, even in the person of a rival, thus publicly degrade the majesty of kings.

Mit Worten lässt sich trefflich streiten / Mit Worten ein System bereiten, / An Worten lässt sich trefflich glauben, / Von einem Wort lässt sich kein Iota rauben—With words disputes may be effectively carried on; with words a system may be built up; on words one may rest religious belief; from a word must not one iota be taken. “She managed to live very well without jewels till papa married her, about a year since; and now she can’t travel about for a month without{386} lugging them with her everywhere. The others suffered pain equally. [281] Xen.


Ille crucem sceleris pretium tulit, hic diadema—That one man has found a cross the reward of his guilt; this one, a diadem.

To this formidable catalogue of means for war were to be[p.

He first began by endeavouring to undermine the walls; but the besieged so briskly attacked the sappers, that they soon killed a hundred of them, and compelled them to retire. In this we find the art of applied sculpture exercised in fashions infinitely rich and various, but entirely in the service and for the adornment of the architecture; we find painting exercised in fashions more rudimentary still, principally in the forms of translucent imagery in the chancel windows and tinted decorations on the walls and vaultings. In our mountain camps of West Virginia I had felt discontented that our native Ohio regiments did not take as kindly to the labors of drill and camp police as some of German birth, and I had warned them that they would feel the need of accuracy and mechanical precision when the day of battle came. Thou, O my God, increased both my love and my patience, in proportion to my sufferings. “I shall be very pleased, very pleased.

Every part of the walls is provided with two or three balistoe and artificial fires are thrown from her military engines. There is more heartbreaking than consolation in taking leave of one’s friends; I am willing to omit that civility, for that, of all the offices of friendship, is the only one that is unpleasant; and I could, with all my heart, dispense with that great and eternal farewell. The alliance of the Persian king was secured by the faith of treaties; the martial Barbarians were persuaded to follow the standard, or to respect the frontiers, of an active and liberal monarch; and the dominions of Theodosius, from the Euphrates to the Adriatic, resounded with the preparations of war both by land and sea. The Calasiries (Klashr) were the most numerous, and amounted to 250,000 men, at the time that Egypt was most populous. It was then proposed to make over Ireland to Louis of France in case Mary of Orange could not be prevented from succeeding to England; and Louis expressed his assent to the proposal.

Guardati da aceto di vin dolce—Beware of the vinegar of sweet wine. There are other reservoir sites in the mountains, and the possibilities of future irrigation can hardly be comprehended.


On his arrival at Bassora he heard that the fleet of the vile infidels was advancing towards him; a report which was confirmed by the infidel capudan whom he took at Muscat, and who now advised him to remain no longer in his present situation, on account of the impossibility of escaping by the strait of Ormuz.

We must not make a scarecrow of the law. Meas.

After the revolt of Spain from the temporal and spiritual supremacy of the Abbassides, the first symptoms of disobedience broke forth in the province of Africa. “You do not act,” said he, “conformably to the principles of your country or religion in lamenting so deeply the departure of a holy man, who, besides, foretold it to you, and forbade you to grieve at it. But contrary to what had always happened in their former battles, instead of the news they expected of the enemy’s flight, these orderly masses returned thence as disorganized and terrified mobs. But it did not suit Kleon’s purpose to go as commissioner to Pylus, since his mistrust of the statement was a mere general suspicion, not resting on any positive evidence: moreover, he saw that the dispositions of the assembly tended to comply with the request of Demosthenês, and to despatch a reinforcing armament. The rest of their dance is done with their feet; they move gracefully, whirling round, swiftly and airily counter-changing their positions with light and vigorous motions according to rhythm and measure.

This is only an image, but Mind does not require such a symbol. These may be divided into entremeses, a term loosely applied to balls and tourneys, accompanied by chorus-singing; and into momos, entertainments which took on a more literary character, and which found excuses for dramatic celebrations at Christmas and Eastertide. Matters being in this posture, they prevailed upon some of the orators who were not known to be enemies to Alkibiades, but who hated him nevertheless, to move before the people that it was an absurd proceeding for the irresponsible general of so great a force of Athenians and their allies to waste his time while the court was drawing lots for the jury, and filling water-clocks with water. They had rendered these decisions sometimes as upholders of property rights against human rights, being especially zealous in securing the rights of the very men who were most competent to take care of themselves; and sometimes in the name of liberty, in the name of the so-called “new freedom,” in reality the old, old “freedom,” which secured to the powerful the freedom to prey on the poor and the helpless. But where they were to take him Pierre did not know: back to the coach house or to the place of execution his companions had pointed out to him as they crossed the Virgin’s Field.

There can be little doubt but that this was a feeler on the part of Cromwell, and as he was never likely to acquiesce in the restoration of a family which they had put down at so much cost, it would have the effect of causing him to proceed with caution. Of the assault on the land-side, we hear little: the Lacedæmonians were proverbially unskilful in the attack of anything like a fortified place, and they appear now to have made little impression. To procure themselves the means of sustenance more easily, they make use of the following expedient: when the waters have risen to their extremest height, and all their fields are overflowed, there appears above the surface an immense quantity of plants of the lily species, which the Egyptians call the lotus: having cut down these, they dry them in the sun. But things had not gone well with him. At all events, the damage occasioned by my absence seems not to deserve, so long as I am able to support it, that I should waive the occasions of diverting myself by that troublesome assistance.

154), attracted many Greeks to the country, and had Greek troops and colonies. To be received in the Countess Bezúkhova’s salon was regarded as a diploma of intellect. yet remaining, bestow that wholly as a gracious overplus upon a virtuous life. Ebbe il migliore / De’ miei giorni la patria—The 25 best of my days I devoted to my country. He remembers besides that whatsoever partakes of reason, is akin unto him, and that to care for all men generally, is agreeing to the nature of a man: but as for honour and praise, that they ought not generally to be admitted and accepted of from all, but from such only, who live according to nature.

The man whom they called Tíkhon, having run to the stream, plunged in so that the water splashed in the air, and, having disappeared for an instant, scrambled out on all fours, all black with the wet, and ran on. This fact impressed Alpátych, but in thinking about his own business he soon forgot it. The court and the people were astonished by the strange intelligence, that a virtuous hero, after so many favors, and so many services, had renounced his allegiance, and invited the Barbarians to destroy the province intrusted to his command. The next day, the weather being calm, the danger was thought to be over, but in the night the fire burst out again in the neighbourhood of the Temple, in Cripplegate, and near the Tower. Alemán’s self-control under greater provocation contrasts most favourably with Cervantes’ petulance.

These mercenaries were classed together under the name of Ma, derived from the contraction of the Libyan name Mashauasha. They alleged against him some official misconduct in reference to the public money, and the dikastery visited him with a fine. H., and it is not worth while to apply to it any military criticism, further than to say that either of the brigades intrenched at Gauley Bridge could have laughed at Loring. Thought is free. As You Like It, i. There was a feeling of disgust manifested by the audience to find that he had come to life again.

A cold storm of mingled rain and snow had made the march and bivouac very uncomfortable for a couple of days. A wicked fellow is the most pious when he takes to it.


Since that time the production of currants has increased greatly in Greece, especially on the mainland, and now it reaches yearly from 126,000 to 130,000 tons.

36 Gondwana has been thought by some Oriental scholars to be the ancient Chèdi, which was ruled by the great Sisupal, who is said to have governed India about the time of the appearance of Krishna (the last of the incarnations of Brahm) on earth.

It is meet and fit that the apologists for corrupt wealth should oppose every effort to relieve weak and helpless people from crushing misfortune brought upon them by injury in the business from which they gain a bare livelihood and their employers fortunes. The character of Theodosius imposed on his minister the task of hypocrisy, which disguised, and sometimes restrained, the abuse of power; and Rufinus was apprehensive of disturbing the indolent slumber of a prince still capable of exerting the abilities and the virtue, which had raised him to the throne. After the siege Antwerp became quite a show place; and among the visitors who flocked there to talk of the gallant general, and to see what remained of the great effort which he had made to defend the place, were two Englishmen. The infidels in haste betook themselves to their ships, leaving six in the harbour, and proceeded to Halk-al-vad. Stulta maritali jam porrigit ora capistro—He is now stretching out his foolish head to the matrimonial halter.

His expressions have a simple emphasis which marks how unfading was the recollection of what he had suffered in Karduchia. Invidus alterius macrescit rebus opimis—The envious man grows lean at the prosperity of another. The most central of those mixed is the goddess that reigns over all, the Divider (?????????), Dice and Necessity. Nations if they had thought proper, certainly might have laid down ABSOLUTE rules of security for ambassadors, or coupled them with certain exceptions. [648] Xen.

The old prince said that if he was ill it was only because of Princess Mary: that she purposely worried and irritated him, and that by indulgence and silly talk she was spoiling little Prince Nicholas. Gefährte munter kürzt die Meilen—Lively 25 companionship shortens the miles. But yet bicause it should not séeme that he |789| imprisoned him for that cause, he was shortlie after set at libertie, and returned againe to his charge at Calis. “My dear Princess Catherine Semënovna,” began Prince Vasíli impatiently, “I came here not to wrangle with you, but to talk about your interests as with a kinswoman, a good, kind, true relation. With Memorial-Introduction and Notes by the Rev.

On the way he came upon a bush, his gallant horse cleared it, and almost before he had righted himself in his saddle he saw that he would immediately overtake the enemy he had selected. The countess shrugged her shoulders. The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool. As You Like It, v. I, too, was sleepless as before, ruminating how I should conceal our flight, and into what country it was the intention of the gods that I should conduct my young companions. It possessed, up to the Arab conquest, its polished facing, coloured by age, and so subtly jointed that one would have said that it was a single slab from top to bottom.

“‘The effects produced by them, hitherto spoken of with contempt as charlatanism, are the same as those lately published by Dr. John Braid (1843). And, as ‘tis held of virtue, that it is not greater for having continued longer, so do I hold of truth, that for being older it is none the wiser. They only want rice, but the ship does not give it, and I have seen a man with three hundred rupeesPg 60 in his belt die of starvation sooner than spend it. Father La Combe confessed to me that he had some reluctance to do it, and only obedience, and the danger to which I should have been exposed, made him surmount it. “Weally! And I’ve been losing, bwother.

Why should not the same sort of thing happen to me? I know they want me to learn. [714] Xen. He gazed up at the swelling and rolling folds of the Star-Spangled Banner, still floating, thanks to the alert patriotism of the same bold officer, in glorious symbolism from the summit of its staff. The death of the bishop, sword in hand, has more of magnanimity in it, and less of sentiment, the ardour of combat taking away part of the latter. 424.] As I directed the details of the action at the bridge in obedience to this order, it would have been easy for him to have accepted the hour named by me, for I should have been answerable for any delay in execution after that time.

However these earliest of historians may have dreamed of immortality for their work, they can hardly have hoped to speak to eager audiences in regions far beyond the limits of their world, twenty-five centuries after the very nation to which they belonged had vanished from the earth, and the language in which they wrote had ceased to be known to men. You see I can do nothing without money from her—and as for you, you see she won’t even let you stay in the house unless you marry old Campan at once. “I write you in Russian, my good friend,” wrote Julie in her Frenchified Russian, “because I have a detestation for all the French, and the same for their language which I cannot support to hear spoken…. His second wife ouerliuing hir husband, was after maried to sir Rafe Monthermer, for which mariage the said Rafe was fined by Edward the second at a thousand marks, as appeareth in the rols of the chancerie of 13 of Edward the second: she died the 9 of Edward the third, & was buried in the frier minors of Salisburie. The field marshal grows impatient and sets to work himself and finds letters from the Emperor to Count T., Prince V., and others.


The air was continally refreshed by the playing of fountains, and profusely impregnated by the grateful scent of aromatics.

Fires from sixteen different places are necessary.

That evening Márya Dmítrievna was going to the Akhárovs’ and proposed to take the girls with her. “I shall go to-morrow,” said the king. Because, after what they heard in court yesterday, the boys will have no confidence in me. I answered, that as to the engagement it was impossible for me, since my vocation was elsewhere. Joachim Menant was born at Cherbourg, France, 16th April, 1820.

Für ewig ist ja nicht gestorben, was man für diese Welt begräbt—What is buried for this world is not for ever dead. Ex malis moribus bonæ leges natæ sunt—From bad manners good laws have sprung. When Pyrochles beheld what had befallen his brother, he was so filled with rage that he cast away all caution and care, and rushed in madman’s fashion upon the Prince. Meditation is a busy search in the storehouse of phantasy for some ideas of matters to be cast in the moulds of resolution into some forms of words and action; in which search I find this is the best conclusion, that to meditate on the best is the best of meditations, and a resolution to make a good end is a good end of my resolutions. A. The multitude, armed with sticks and stones, drove them back into the Capitol.

The Grenadiers were introduced in 1678, and were so called from being practised to fling hand grenades, each man having a pouch full. He went down that staircase and out into the yard. His success was complete, and the extent of his services to the Nation are not easily to be exaggerated. He then exclaimed, “That is hard! not one word!” and suddenly stepping up to Harley, he cried, “Have at thee, then!” and stabbed him with his penknife. Post equitem sedet atra cura—Behind the horseman sits dark care.

“It is a terrible thing to be innocent, and yet to know yourself suspected.


Phil. vol.

But so far as concerns the Thebans separately, he had not only gained no victory, but had failed in his purpose of stopping their progress, and had had the worst of the combat.

Moreover what Acts of Religious Worship they perform’d towards Apis in Memphis, Mnevis in Heliopolis, the Goat in Mendes, the Crocodile in the Lake of Moeris, and the Lyon kept in Leontopolis, and many other such like, is easie to describe, but very difficult to believe, except a Man saw it. I should not have come, but I have business,” he said coldly. 149] interference of the state with individual liberty, as a general fact among the ancient Greek republics. Hard study, temperance and integrity gave him a good reputation and moderate success, and in 1827 he was made an attorney 345 and, in 1829, counsellor of the supreme court of the state. “It’s not at all from friendship,” declared Nicholas, flaring up and turning away as if from a shameful aspersion.

And for the same reason, neither slaves, nor things taken in war are restored upon a peace, except express stipulations be made to that purpose. Si ce n’est toi, c’est ton frère—If you did 5 not do it, it was your brother. Gescheite Leute sind immer das beste Konversationslexikon—Clever people are always the best Conversations-lexicon. This would heat the rails very much more in the middle, that being over the main part of the fire, than at the ends, so that they would naturally bend of their own weight; but the soldiers, to increase the damage, would take tongs and, one or two men at each end of the rail, carry it with force against the nearest tree and twist it around, thus leaving rails forming bands to ornament the forest trees of Georgia. When, intoxicated by the crimes he has committed so successfully, he reaches Paris, the dissolution of the republican government, which a year earlier might have ruined him, has reached its extreme limit, and his presence there now as a newcomer free from party entanglements can only serve to exalt him—and though he himself has no plan, he is quite ready for his new rôle.

Læso et invicto militi—For our wounded but unconquered soldiery. It is also found in many other places here still unknown to Europeans, as the natives keep the secret, as far as it is possible, to themselves and even from one another. They are paid for so doing, and they are paid out of the public chest. He stopped the noisy efforts to make the refractory mules move, and sent in haste for a fresh team.


Three hundred thousand are said to have been vanquished, in a battle near Milan, by Gallienus in person, at the head of only ten thousand Romans.

It was not to be called the House of Lords, nor the Upper, but the Other House.

Rome was not built in a day, nor will Cyprus be restored in a week. / But where there is true friendship, there needs none. Timon of Athens, i. Five hundred voices repeated at once, in eloquent confusion, that the greatest of the Roman princes, Numa, Trajan, Hadrian, and the Antonines, had ascended the throne in a very advanced season of life; that the mind, not the body, a sovereign, not a soldier, was the object of their choice; and that they expected from him no more than to guide by his wisdom the valor of the legions. A minority of those present were casual guests—chiefly young men, among whom were Denísov, Rostóv, and Dólokhov—who was now again an officer in the Semënov regiment. [708] Xen.

Pierre looked at his friend and, noticing that he did not like the conversation, gave no reply. When his fellows saw how easily he had been overcome, they fled away as fast as their steeds could carry them. The entire fleets engaged and Lysander was victorious. “Financially speaking, Egypt is now on the path of Progress. Chi edifica, sua borsa purifica—He who builds clears his purse.

Johnson was one of those sturdy, uncompromising reformers—always found, like the petrel, just before the occurrence of a storm—who are regarded with almost more terror and aversion by men of more moderate views or weaker nerves, than by the national offenders whom they attack. He accordingly went up from Sardis to Media, along with his body guard of three hundred Greeks, under the Arcadian Xenias; who were so highly remunerated for this distant march, that the rate of pay was long celebrated.[16] He also took with him Tissaphernes as an ostensible friend; though there seems to have been a real enmity between them.