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His virtues, and even his vices, were artificial; and according to the various dictates of his interest, he was at first the enemy, and at last the father, of the Roman world.

Besides the baseness of such commissions, there is, moreover, a prostitution of conscience.

Such was the course of proceeding now followed: the Corinthians, together with such other of the confederates as felt either aggrieved or alarmed by Athens, presented themselves before the public assembly of Spartan citizens, prepared to prove that the Athenians had broken the truce, and were going on in a course of wrong towards Peloponnesus.128 Even in the oligarchy of Sparta, such a question as this could only be decided by a general assembly of Spartan citizens, qualified both by age, by regular contribution to the public mess, and by obedience to Spartan discipline. That city, the western key of the empire, was guarded by ancient renown, and recent fortifications, by George Pal I will not deprive deceit of its due; that were but ill to understand the world: I know it has often been of great use, and that it maintains and supplies most men’s employment. Wickham bishop of Winchester made L. Therefore I cannot sufficiently wonder how this chief of yours came to entertain these strange opinions.

We see even virtue, the greatest and most dear of all possessions, can be destroyed by disease or evil drugs; and Thales by avoiding marriage still had just as much to fear, unless indeed he ceased to love his friends, his kinsmen, and his native land. For, as it has been said, “The errors of a wise man are more instructive than the truths of a fool. During the second year of his Milanese residence Filelfo lost his first wife, Theodora. The report of the Country Life Commission was transmitted to Congress by me on February 9, 1909. “I say, shall we soon be clear? They say the cavalry are blocking the way,” said an officer.

Never is a lang term. Sc. “What? A minister? What minister? Who gave orders?” he said in his shrill, harsh voice. But what if I should refuse to go with you? I hope you would not force me. His eloquence, however it was applauded by the senate, was formed not so much on the model of Cicero, as on that of the modern declaimers; but in an age very far from being destitute of poetical merit, he contended for the prize with the most celebrated of his contemporaries, and still remained the friend of his rivals; a circumstance which evinces either the goodness of his heart, or the superiority of his genius. The cross was the fitting close of a life of rejection, scorn, and defeat. W.

My soul, what’s lighter than a feather? Wind. After this there was a very perplexing affair. The provisions gave out, and his soldiers were reduced to devouring each other. “Why talk of me?” she said quietly and glanced at Natásha.


One of the visitors, usually spoken of as “a man of great merit,” having described how he had that day seen Kutúzov, the newly chosen chief of the Petersburg militia, presiding over the enrollment of recruits at the Treasury, cautiously ventured to suggest that Kutúzov would be the man to satisfy all requirements.

On the evening of November 24th he had retreated towards London as far as Andover.

And now, at the summons of the herald, a warrior stood forth; splendidly armed, of noble air, and distinguished appearance; who had formerly been victor in many contests, but at this meeting had not engaged in any, probably because he could not find a competitor; and none now appearing to oppose him, the Amphyctyons ordered him to retire, the law not permitting any one to be crowned who had not contended. A tall, stout, and proud-looking woman, with a round-faced smiling daughter, entered the drawing room, their dresses rustling. He went about looking at every corner. The most prominent citizen of the valley was the Hon. My recollection is that Hains built a raft bridge; McPherson a pontoon, using cotton bales in large numbers, for pontoons; and that Ransom felled trees on opposite banks of the river, cutting only on one side of the tree, so that they would fall with their tops interlacing in the river, without the trees being entirely severed from their stumps.

It was founded by their first king, the mighty Usertsen I, under the Old Theban Royal Dynasty (XIIth of Manetho), between 2400 and 2300 B.C., and even now exhibits some ruins in the centre of the building from that period bearing the name of this king. Hal noticed as he came into the business portion of the city that in many of the stores and offices lights were burning to dispel the gloom. I need no allurement, no invitation, no sauce; I eat the meat raw, so that, instead of whetting my appetite by these preparatives, they tire and pall it. A party of Prætorian guards, who trembled for their wives and children in the camp of Alba, near Rome, executed the sentence of the senate. A school of pistol practice was established, and the marksmanship of the force was wonderfully improved.

It ran in a due northern direction through the midst of Mesopotamia, and reached the Euphrates near Anthemusia, five and twenty days’ journey distant, where it turned off towards the west to the Mediterranean. I followed with one of the later boats and found McClernand had stopped, very properly, nine miles below Fort Henry. Not letting the abbé and Pierre escape, Anna Pávlovna, the more conveniently to keep them under observation, brought them into the larger circle. The only plea which they have since held out to color this atrocious invasion of a neutral and friendly territory, is that it was the road to attack the English power in India. Pierre, in reply, sincerely agreed with her as to Hélène’s perfection of manner.

We ignorant fellows had been lost, had not this book raised us out of the dirt; by this favour of his we dare now speak and write; the ladies are able to read to schoolmasters; ‘tis our breviary. “(The year XVI, of the 4th month of Pirt, the VII, under) King Se-Amen, (day of) the exhuming of (the King Men-pehtet-Ra L. There are exceptional outlaws, men with a price on their heads and of remarkable prowess, who are utterly indifferent to taking life, and whose warfare against society is as open as that of a savage on the war-path. The fourth part of the universe is entirely fire, and is the source of the salutary and vital heat which is found in the rest. Maurice, which will be alluded to later on.

His prophecy was soon verified: the death of Pal “About 1850 the counter-action set in with peculiar violence. The judgment of the army pronounced him worthy of death; and Claudius, after a feeble resistance, consented to the execution of the sentence. The army was moving from west to east, and relays of six horses carried him in the same direction. Sennacherib, it will be recalled, was the Assyrian that came down like a wolf on the fold, as recorded in Byron’s stirring lines.

Little did he imagine, deplorable as was his retreat, that he would never enter his capital again till he came as a prisoner in the hands of this insulted Parliament. The best collation of reports of casualties at Antietam gives 12,410 as those on the National side, and 11,172 on the Confederate. The picture drawn by Thucydidês, of moral and political feeling under these influences, will ever remain memorable as the work of an analyst and a philosopher: he has conceived and described the perverting causes with a spirit of generalization which renders these two chapters hardly less applicable to other political societies, far distant both in time and place,–especially, under many points of view, to France between 1789 and 1799,–than to Greece in the fifth century before the Christian era. xi.), which it dates from the days of Saint Jerome (A.D. Es kann der beste Herz in dunkeln Stunden fehlen—The best heart may go wrong in dark hours.

I think you will have no trouble in appreciating the fact that it was not the matter of your independence. versis animosum equis
Parthum.”—Hor. But there is so much perplexity in the titles of the MSS., and so many disputes have arisen among the critics (see Fabricius, Biblioth.


Both the action and description should relish of theft.

Under the last and most indolent of the Ptolemies, the revenue of Egypt is said to have amounted to twelve thousand five hundred talents; a sum equivalent to more than two millions and a half of our money, but which was afterwards considerably improved by the more exact economy of the Romans, and the increase of the trade of Æthiopia and India.

But the amplitude, the magnificence, or the harmony of design, are, though imposing, yet unworthy claims on our admiration, unless the details are filled up with correctness and accuracy. I live in a time wherein we abound in incredible examples of this vice, through the licence of our civil wars; and we see nothing in ancient histories more extreme than what we have proof of every day, but I cannot, any the more, get used to it. A nearer approach to the right epical poem is the Araucana of Alonso de Ercilla y Zúñiga (1533-95), who appeared as Felipe II.’s page at his wedding with Mary Tudor in Winchester Cathedral. He speaks thus:[128] ‘I say to you, all men; and I make known to you the rewards and honours that have fallen to my lot. She could not rest, but cast about in her mind how she could avenge herself for the shame which had been put upon her that day, and that for the first time in her life.

When I was very unwell, as was often the case, this girl would appear to be in despair. “Most certainly not. So fierce was the shock that the dragon was constrained to raise his wing, and there, where the flesh was bare of shelter, the spear point made a grisly wound. Maria Maggiore, in the lower town (13th-14th century), has a very fine exterior; the interior, the plan of which is a perfect rectangle, has been spoilt by restoration. Having borrowed money from his brother-in-law, Nicholas tried to hide his wretched condition from him.

Nemo ex proprio dolo consequitur actionem—No man can sue at law upon his own fraud. To read with diligence; not to rest satisfied with a light and superficial knowledge, nor quickly to assent to things commonly spoken of: whom also I must thank that ever I lighted upon Epictetus his Hypomnemata, or moral commentaries and common-factions: which also he gave me of his own. At the same time there hove in sight some eighty or more ships “great and small,” among them twenty “great ships armed and prepared for battle,” coming from Romney under Philip d’Aubigné and Nicolas Haringot. He organized a horse board in Texas, and began purchasing all horses that were not too big and were sound. Starting with great advantages from his noble birth, his wealth, his recognised bravery in battle, and his many friends and relatives, he relied upon nothing so much as on his eloquence for making himself popular and influential.

God is my witness, I did not know you had honored us with a visit, and I came in such a costume only to see my daughter. As soon as the prior withdrew, Natásha took her friend by the hand and went with her into the unoccupied room. He also made love to. And while she tarried she strove to the utmost to teach them something of the Christian faith: but ever she had much ado to keep them from the worshipping of herself. But the Tories did not mean to let it pass without a sharp attack.

All those family details which had made it inexpedient to apply either to old Hatto or to Herbert’s father before the end of the year need not be specially explained. He tells Bonaparte fairly what he has to expect. He lifted his hand, and I saw that it was small and white; he lifted it and gently put it upon my purse, smiling sweetly as he did so. I emphasized the following points: That the Russians were[Pg 201] Asiatics and Slavs; being the first, they would be inclined to favor Japan, in spite of their defeat; being the second, they would like to ally themselves with those who had proved themselves strong. Rostóv, who had completely forgotten Denísov, not wishing anyone to forestall him, threw off his fur coat and ran on tiptoe through the large dark ballroom.

With Frontispiece and Maps.


As usual after dinner he was slightly feverish, and his thoughts were preternaturally clear.

On rising to speak he took off his hat, and made what Whitelock styles “a large and subtle speech.” It was largely illustrated by Scripture quotations, it is true, for that was inseparable from the religious temperament of Cromwell; but it gave a clear review of the causes which had led to the overthrow of the monarchy, the rise of the Commonwealth, and particularly of its then form, as well as of the measures which he had adopted in Council, in the interim between his appointment and the meeting of Parliament.

Though man is born a frail and powerless being, nevertheless he is safe from all animals destitute of voice; and at the same time those other animals of greater strength, although they bravely endure the violence of weather, cannot be safe from man. When the Romans suffered any loss, it was commonly occasioned by their own cowardice or rashness; but the superior talents of the emperor, his perfect knowledge of the country, and his judicious choice of measures as well as officers, assured on most occasions the success of his arms. The first exploit of Clovis was the defeat of Syagrius, the son of He watches over them with tender solicitude, rewarding truth, charity, and uprightness, but severely punishing perjury, cruelty, and want of hospitality. He smiled and held out his hand to her.

Your prime one need is to do right, under whatever compulsion, till you can do it without compulsion. Of King Asshur-erbi it is only mentioned that under him the districts conquered by Tiglathpileser, namely, the country Pitru on the Sagur near Carchemish, and the city of Mutkinu, east of the Euphrates, were taken by the Aramæan king. Under these conditions a temple was soon erected, and its construction did not demand centuries of continuous labour, like the great limestone and granite sanctuaries of Egypt: the same ruler who laid the first brick, almost always placed the final one, and succeeding generations had only to keep the building in ordinary repair, without altering its original plan.


There the Knight tarried many days.

148 But the same cannot be said of things not coming under the nature of contracts.

His rival was more favorably treated: his services were forgiven; and Tarik was permitted to mingle with the crowd of slaves. That he was deep in the secrets of the party, and had dangerous papers in his possession, is clear. MAJOR-GENERAL W. “Yes, you might, but I am afraid of getting the accounts mixed. 360] as to the second proposition, guaranteeing autonomy to every distinct city of Greece, they would admit it only under special reserves, which it did not suit the purpose of Antalkidas to grant.

The two heroes then proceed against the Elamite tyrant, Khumbaba. The count was so disconcerted by this long-foreseen inquiry that without consideration he gave the first reply that came into his head. When I reached Grand Gulf May 3d I had not been with my baggage since the 27th of April and consequently had had no change of underclothing, no meal except such as I could pick up sometimes at other headquarters, and no tent to cover me. What business have you, anyway, she asked him, to be associating with that ordinary class of people? They’re not your kind. “It would be wasting paper to insist upon the benefits of reviving the ancient industry.

Let them not, therefore, reproach me with the infirmities under which I now suffer; is it not enough that I for my part have lived seven-and-forty years in good health? though it should be the end of my career; ‘tis of the longer sort. Sophia, and all the churches of Constantinople. The Russian Cossacks and bugler and the French hussars looked silently at one another from time to time.


Potter of the Ninth Corps was President.

Don Quixote was produced in 1734, and the list of plays may be here interrupted by an event of which the date has only recently been ascertained, namely, Fielding’s first marriage.

Zweierlei Arten giebt es, die treffende Wahrheit zu sagen; / Oeffentlich immer dem Volk, immer dem Fürsten geheim—There are two ways of telling the pertinent truth—publicly always to the people, always to the prince in private. To purify me the more from the mixture I might make of His gifts with my own self-love, He gave me interior probations, which were very heavy. “Your excellency! Eh, Prince!” said the trembling voice of Timókhin, who had run up and was looking down on the stretcher. He understood that for him the storm had blown over, and that Kutúzov would content himself with that hint. But especially clear to the eye of a layman is the addition to the signature, which represents a kind of library mark, unlike that of the specially prized Ishtar hymn in two languages (S.

The Commonwealth at first coined the same coins as the king, only distinguishing them by a P for Parliament. The roar of foreign guns was heard for the first and last time by the citizens of London. It is not without good reason said “that he who has not a good memory should never take upon him the trade of lying.” I know very well that the grammarians—[Nigidius, Aulus Gellius, xi. The religions we call false were once true. But this time Nesvítski could not see what was happening there, as a dense cloud of smoke arose from it.

I shall be happy beyond my desert, if I can obtain only thus much from the public approbation, as to make men of understanding perceive that I was capable of profiting by knowledge, had I had it; and that I deserved to have been assisted by a better memory. It is certain that, after the overthrow of Phoenicia, the king found it advisable first to reduce the small Philistine states on the seacoast to obedience that he might then attack the Jewish king, who at last, when[409] he had been deprived of everything save his capital, and when his own soldiers were deserting him, saw himself compelled to produce the war-tax demanded. There are of course differences of sentiment between one town and another; but the conduct of the towns generally demonstrates that the Athenian empire was not felt by them to be a scheme of plunder and oppression, as Mr. Mitford and others would have us believe. Maids are May when they are maids, but the sky changes when they are wives. As You Like It, iv. A strong barrier of arms and fortifications defended the Bosphorus: they were eluded by the usual expedient of drawing the boats over the isthmus; and this simple operation is described in the national chronicles, as if the Russian fleet had sailed over dry land with a brisk and favorable gale.

The eye of genius has always a plaintive expression, and its natural language is pathos. Governor Smith of Virginia had left Richmond with the Confederate States government, and had gone to Danville. Then was I as a tree / Whose boughs did bend with fruit; but, in one night, / A storm, or robbery, call it what you will, / Shook down my mellow hangings, nay, my leaves, / And left me bare to weather. Cymbeline, iii. “A few words concerning the Kasîdah itself. General Sherman, leaving a force to hold Atlanta, with the remainder of his army fell upon him and drove him to Gadsden, Alabama.

Under the walls of this town king Pausanias engaged to meet him on a given day, with the native Lacedæmonian force and the Peloponnesian allies. This was a plan of campaign he had devised while serving at the outposts during the retreat. If the course of poetry and that of the manual arts have thus run independently throughout almost the whole field of history, those of music and the manual arts have been more widely separated still. It could only petition, it could not yet enforce; and when the king promised his assent to a petition he frequently forgot his word. “Has something happened?” he added, surprised at the cadet’s troubled face.

The true renaissance of history writing came with the eighteenth century. He extended two divisions of this corps off to the west of the road to the left of Griffin’s corps, and one division to the right. But the most ancient map of Russia affords some places which still retain their name and position; and the two capitals, Novogorod and Kiow, are coeval with the first age of the monarchy.


The Parliament of Bordeaux chose me mayor of their city at a time when I was at a distance from France,—[At Bagno Della Villa, near Lucca, September 1581]—and still more remote from any such thought.

Yet there are some that deny that these Gods are Buri’d at Memphis; but near the Mountains of Ethiopia and Egypt, in the Isle of Nile, lying near to a place call’d Philas, and upon that account also nam’d the Holy Field.

Post 8vo, cloth limp, 2s. “Anna Ignátyevna wants to see you, Nicholas,” said she, pronouncing the name so that Nicholas at once understood that Anna Ignátyevna was a very important person. At the end of that time, the slaves of Adolius, to whom the inheritance of the mountain had descended, removed the stones to supply materials for some rustic edifice: the light of the sun darted into the cavern, and the Seven Sleepers were permitted to awake. A prince, when by some urgent circumstance or some impetuous and unforeseen accident that very much concerns his state, compelled to forfeit his word and break his faith, or otherwise forced from his ordinary duty, ought to attribute this necessity to a lash of the divine rod: vice it is not, for he has given up his own reason to a more universal and more powerful reason; but certainly ‘tis a misfortune: so that if any one should ask me what remedy? “None,” say I, “if he were really racked between these two extremes: ‘sed videat, ne quoeratur latebya perjurio’, he must do it: but if he did it without regret, if it did not weigh on him to do it, ‘tis a sign his conscience is in a sorry condition.” If there be a person to be found of so tender a conscience as to think no cure whatever worth so important a remedy, I shall like him never the worse; he could not more excusably or more decently perish. In the pictorial view of 111 this situation, Lord Trentham, a dandified person dressed in the extreme of French taste, is in conference with his “backer” the “Two-Shilling Butcher,” who has been supposed by Thomas Wright and other authorities to represent the “Culloden Butcher,” i.e. the Duke of Cumberland.

Still, about ten miles was made each day till the evening of the 16th, when we encamped at the mouth of the Pocotaligo, a large creek which enters the Kanawha from the north. When father made me read to him, I read with such heartfelt devotion that he was surprised. The doctrine of a future state was scarcely considered among the devout polytheists of Greece and Rome as a fundamental article of faith. Under pain of retrograding she must advance. by rail E.

On the evening of the twenty-sixth of August, Kutúzov and the whole Russian army were convinced that the battle of Borodinó was a victory. Opera illius mea sunt—His works are mine. The language of Genseric was furious and formidable; the knowledge of his intentions might justify the most unfavorable interpretation of his actions; and the Arians were reproached with the frequent executions which stained the palace and the dominions of the tyrant. The feud between the old and the new Company had grown so violent that the old Company, fearing Government might be induced to grant a charter to the new Company, had put forth all its powers of bribery, and had succeeded.


Let Hercules himself do what he may, / The cat will mew, and dog will have his day. Ham., v.

This is the humour of it. Henry V., ii.

But since it has been found that the same kinds of raisins have been produced in very different localities, and that some localities can produce all the different kinds, a new division has been found necessary. The parhelia are formed by the reflection of the sunbeams on a cloud properly situated. Most of the poems mentioned are printed in Rivadeneyra, vol. I carried my little daughter to the Ursulines at Tonon. Such was the battle of Meanee, when our 2800 thrashed 22,000 men.

The enemy had followed Ricketts’s retiring battalions and were again in occupation of the East Wood. After the conversation, which turned on various maritime topics, had come to an end, I asked Freiherr von Senden what the matter was with the man; the Admiral laughed and replied that he had elicited from his neighbor, during the meal, that he had been the commander of the ship which had captured the two German steamers in the Boer War, and that he had been afraid that I might find this out. So that the sum of all the kings is ten; and the term which they collectively reigned was a hundred and twenty sars. [666] Xen. But what was she to say? Anything but the open truth; she well knew that.

Was hab’ ich mehr als meine Pflicht gethan? / Ein guter Mann wird stets das Bessre wählen—What have I done more than my duty? A good man will always select what is better. The actions of Napoleon and Alexander, on whose words the event seemed to hang, were as little voluntary as the actions of any soldier who was drawn into the campaign by lot or by conscription.


Cardinal Borromeo, who died lately at Milan, amidst all the jollity that the air of Italy, his youth, birth, and great riches, invited him to, kept himself in so austere a way of living, that the same robe he wore in summer served him for winter too; he had only straw for his bed, and his hours of leisure from affairs he continually spent in study upon his knees, having a little bread and a glass of water set by his book, which was all the provision of his repast, and all the time he spent in eating.

Curly. By John Coleman.

In June, 1821, my father, Jesse R. In the beginning of each season, the basin, instead of water, was replenished with the most exquisite fruits, which were abandoned to the populace for the entertainment of the prince. But let us come to my subject: what has the act of generation, so natural, so necessary, and so just, done to men, to be a thing not to be spoken of without blushing, and to be excluded from all serious and moderate discourse? We boldly pronounce kill, rob, betray, and that we dare only to do betwixt the teeth. London, 1894;[303] Egyptian Tales. And Rostóv got up and went wandering among the campfires, dreaming of what happiness it would be to die—not in saving the Emperor’s life (he did not even dare to dream of that), but simply to die before his eyes.

“If we get to Vienna I’ll get rid of it there but in these wretched little towns there’s nowhere to spend it,” said he. Suo Marte—By his own prowess. The ferry below the falls was called Montgomery’s and was at the mouth of Big Falls Creek, up which ran the road to Fayette C. By William Knight, M.R.C.S., and Edward Knight, L.R.C.P. They were not established to-day, nor yesterday, but from all eternity and will for ever be in force.

Nor was this privilege rescinded, even though it had more than once entailed upon them the troubles of a contested succession: foreign kings often having claimed a right to the throne through marriage with an Egyptian princess. “Ha! so this is the top of the Pyramid, is it?” said Mr. Damer, bringing out his words one by one, being terribly out of breath. Parliament, on Lambert’s victory, voted him thanks and one thousand pounds to purchase a jewel in memory of it; but Lambert distributed the money amongst his soldiers. [Footnote: Official Records, vol. Well, have you at last decided on anything? Are you going to be a guardsman or a diplomatist?” asked Prince Andrew after a momentary silence.

[Footnote: Official Records, vol.


Having given several more orders, he was about to go to his “little countess” to have a rest, but remembering something else of importance, he returned again, called back the cook and the club steward, and again began giving orders.

Plutarch, Alkibiadês, c.

The vessel being thus stranded in Armenia, some part of it yet remains in the Corcyræan [or Gordyæan] Mountains of Armenia; and the people scrape off the bitumen, with which it had been outwardly coated, and make use of it by way of an alexipharmic and amulet. Archbishop Usher’s famed Chronology, which so long dominated the ideas of men, is swept away, and we learn from evidence graven in stone and baked indelibly in bricks that in the year 4004 B.C., which our Bible margins still point out as the year of Creation, vast communities of people, in widely separated portions of the earth, had attained a high degree of civilisation. He denied predestination as unworthy of a divine and merciful Creator, and declared fate to be nothing more or less than the free will of the individual. As it went down the line the rifle of every man was thrown to the front, his left hand supporting the barrel, his right hand grasping the stock. As regards political economy, I was of course while in college taught the laissez-faire doctrines—one of them being free trade—then accepted as canonical.

Cyrus himself, armed generally like the rest, stood distinguished by having an upright tiara instead of the helmet. By reason of the military power vested in him, the king could demand the services of all freemen to fulfill the trinoda necessitas,—service in the militia, repair of bridges, and the maintenance of fortifications. It was not enough for them to fight and to die bravely, but cheerfully too; insomuch that they were hissed and cursed if they made any hesitation about receiving their death. Nor need the words of Pandulf bear any more definite meaning. These victories, coming together as they did and on the 4th of July, made the national anniversary seem more than ever a day of rejoicing and of hope to the whole people.

These he got. I see young men very gay and frolic, who nevertheless keep a mass of pills in their trunk at home, to take when they’ve got a cold, which they fear so much the less, because they think they have remedy at hand. Conformably to which Tacitus says, that “in the Italian towns all the temples, the images of the Gods, and every thing connected with religion belonged of right to the Roman people.” For this reason a nation, as the Lawyers, Paulus and Venuleius openly maintain, may, under a change of circumstances, convert to secular uses things, that have before been consecrated: and an overruling necessity may justify the hand, which has formerly consecrated the object in employing it as one of the resources and instruments of war. [351] Plutarch, Lysander, c. If the anticipation of this meeting had filled Hal’s heart with foreboding, the reality was no less fear-compelling.

“Colonel Gordon’s work, however, was too ‘thorough;’ moreover, his strict and honourable rule allowed no plundering and embezzling of ‘parasitical Pashas, foreigners in Egypt.’ The Khedive (Ismail I.) by a stout-hearted coup d’état had appointed and had unhesitatingly supported his great lieutenant. If he failed, it was my determination, by hard fighting, either to compel Lee to retreat, or to so cripple him that he could not detach a large force to go north, and still retain enough for the defence of Richmond. Die Augen sind weiter als der Bauch—The eyes are larger than the belly. Here the fugitives were checked by a double obstacle. Arbogastes fixed his station on the confines of Italy; the troops of Theodosius were permitted to occupy, without resistance, the provinces of Pannonia, as far as the foot of the Julian Alps; and even the passes of the mountains were negligently, or perhaps artfully, abandoned to the bold invader.

Cede Deo—Yield to God. May I have succeeded!’ The Prussian generals pride themselves on being polite to the French and lay down their arms at the first demand. I knew some who never advanced farther in the spiritual process because they grew impatient, and sought means of consolation. Victory in union with justice has crowned its efforts. It seemed to her that it was absolutely now left to the two young lovers to say whether or no they would have each other or not.

These ladies joined together also in providing for the sick who could not go to the hospital. I see the massacre or captivity of our citizens, the rapes of our virgins and matrons.