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I am anxious to see a force assembled that may be able to inflict a heavy blow upon the enemy.

Vivere sat vincere—To conquer is to live enough.

“Why Great Britain, at the present moment of her history, has turned her sword into a ploughshare, is apparently little understood by the mass of foreign writers. One wheel slowly moved, another was set in motion, and a third, and wheels began to revolve faster and faster, levers and cogwheels to work, chimes to play, figures to pop out, and the hands to advance with regular motion as a result of all that activity. I was fortunate enough to please him. When Tacitus was elected by the senate, he resigned his ample patrimony to the public service; 21 an act of generosity specious in appearance, but which evidently disclosed his intention of transmitting the empire to his descendants. Quadrupedante putrem sonitu quatit ungula 5 campum—The hoof, in its four-footed galloping, shakes the crumbling plain.

Thus if any one should sell his corn at a high price, when he knows that many ships laden with grain are bound for that place, though it would be an act of kindness in him to communicate such intelligence to the purchasers, and though no advantage could be derived to him, from withholding the communication, but at the expence of charity, yet there is nothing unjust in it, or contrary to the general rules of dealing. “Very good!” said Bagratión in reply to the officer’s report, and began deliberately to examine the whole battlefield extended before him. Man must be compelled and restrained within the bounds of this polity. Were it not that I am somewhat closely restricted in the number of my pages, I would describe at full the merits and beauties of Hetta and Susan Bell. I went through a long course of vapour-baths and shampooing.

Notwithstanding the policy of Diocletian, it was impossible to maintain an equal and undisturbed tranquillity during a reign of twenty years, and along a frontier of many hundred miles. But no such sign was vouchsafed to her. The history of culture explains to us the impulses and conditions of life and thought of a writer or a reformer. This does not concern me; mine slip from me with as little care as they are of little value, and ‘tis the better for them. But the emperor, confident of victory, and resolving, by the chastisement of these invaders, to strike a salutary terror into the nations of the North, refused to listen to any terms of accommodation.

In other parts of his dress similar designs were introduced, and rows of tassels or fringes were carried round the borders. The question about the obligation of military service beyond sea was still unsettled; and from the expressions used by some writers of the time we should gather that the ostensible purpose for which the barons were summoned to Northampton was merely to concert measures for the preservation of the King’s transmarine dominions.1008 It is however scarcely credible that if the King and his ministers really desired to consult further with the barons about this most urgent business, the council223 actually assembled in London should not have been detained there for that purpose, instead of being dismissed for seven weeks and then reassembled elsewhere in the middle of June to discuss a matter which ought in fact to have passed from the stage of consultation to that of action by the middle of May. When, therefore, silence was made by the whole multitude, I spake thus to them: “O my countrymen! I refuse not to die, if justice so require. “Nonsense, I tell you. He was followed by four or five others, dressed somewhat as himself, though by no means in such magnificent colours, and by one gentleman in a coat and trousers.

A huge, broad-shouldered gunner, Number One, holding a mop, his legs far apart, sprang to the wheel; while Number Two with a trembling hand placed a charge in the cannon’s mouth. No less erroneous is the idea that the entire assonantic system is an Arab invention. The senate assumed the reins of government, and, with a calm intrepidity, prepared to vindicate by arms the cause of freedom. But there is another inference which the scene just described irresistibly suggests. Baker photographed us in the garden.

When I refused to attach importance to this objection, the[Pg 267] chaplain grew more and more excited. As its name implies, the Witan was an assembly of the wise. Laus magna natis obsequi parentibus—Great 25 praise is the meed of children who respect the wishes of their parents. “During the last two years and a half of war and massacre, which must have cost the lives of a million human beings, the situation has shifted, but the truth remains untouched. For let our finger ache, and it endues / Our other healthful members ev’n to that sense / Of pain. Othello, iii.

XXIII. When Perikles submitted the accounts of the campaign to the people, there was an item of ten talents, "for a necessary purpose," which the people passed without any questioning, or any curiosity to learn the secret. Some of the vanquished triremes being deserted by their crews, who jumped out upon the land, the Athenians were proceeding to tow them off, when the Lacedæmonian hoplites on the shore opposed a new and strenuous resistance. Memory is not so brilliant as hope, but it is more beautiful, and a thousand times more true. G.


Make your creed simply and broadly out of the revelation of God, and you may keep it to the end. P.

There was exposed with her this profusion of jewels which I have shown you.

Schrecklich blicket ein Gott, da wo Sterbliche weinen—Dreadful looks a God, where mortals weep. Page 834. Homines, quo plura habent, eo cupiunt ampliora—The more men have, the more they want. By no reader of classical antiquity will any of its remains be regarded as entirely devoid of worth. No course was spared to make me appear to advantage.

All her inward labor, her dissatisfaction with herself, her sufferings, her strivings after goodness, her meekness, love, and self-sacrifice—all this now shone in those radiant eyes, in her delicate smile, and in every trait of her gentle face. This is a name given to those who have begun their second year after ceasing to be children, and the eldest of the children are called Melleirenes. The same writers are mistaken too in the supposition that defensive wars require no declaration. This great French writer deserves to be regarded as a classic, not only in the land of his birth, but in all countries and in all literatures. Nor are the goods properly ours, since, by civil prescription and without us, they are all destined to certain successors.

[He was killed in the uprising.] Kudur-nankhundi became king in his stead. Do you believe that chestnuts can hurt a Perigordin or a Lucchese, or milk and cheese the mountain people? We enjoin them not only a new, but a contrary, method of life; a change that the healthful cannot endure. / She sat like patience on a monument, / Smiling at grief. Twelfth Night, ii. Pliny, on the other hand, quoting “Epigenes, a writer of first-rate authority,” claims for the astronomical records only a period of seven hundred and twenty years, noting also that Berosus and Critodemus still further limit the period to four hundred and eighty years. He was not thinking of anything, but looked absent-mindedly and cheerfully from side to side.

In the interior sat the dread judge Rhadamanthus, who declared to each comer the precise torments which awaited him in Tartarus. The question: how did individuals make nations act as they wished and by what was the will of these individuals themselves guided? the ancients met by recognizing a divinity which subjected the nations to the will of a chosen man, and guided the will of that chosen man so as to accomplish ends that were predestined. But he regarded such a refusal as a slur on his father’s memory, which he held sacred, and therefore would not hear of refusing and accepted the inheritance together with the obligation to pay the debts. Pitt and his royal patron were, however, exerting every method to secure the downfall of the redoubtable “Carlo Khan.” Up to the third day of the polling, “Fox was in a minority, notwithstanding the immense exertions that were made on his behalf. Euclid is perpetually in their hands.

If they can do nothing, why doest thou pray? If they can, why wouldst not thou rather pray, that they will grant unto thee, that thou mayst neither fear, nor lust after any of those worldly things which cause these distractions and distempers of it? Why not rather, that thou mayst not at either their absence or presence, be grieved and discontented: than either that thou mayst obtain them, or that thou mayst avoid them? For certainly it must needs be, that if the Gods can help us in anything, they may in this kind also. Scipio, to sound Syphax’s intention, leaving his army, abandoning Spain, not yet secure nor well settled in his new conquest, could pass over into Africa in two small ships, to commit himself, in an enemy’s country, to the power of a barbarian king, to a faith untried and unknown, without obligation, without hostage, under the sole security of the grandeur of his own courage, his good fortune, and the promise of his high hopes.—[ Livy, xxviii. This other lesson is too high and too difficult: ‘tis for men of the first form of knowledge purely to insist upon the thing, to consider and judge it; it appertains to one sole Socrates to meet death with an ordinary countenance, to grow acquainted with it, and to sport with it; he seeks no consolation out of the thing itself; dying appears to him a natural and indifferent accident; ‘tis there that he fixes his sight and resolution, without looking elsewhere. There is no loss / In being small; great bulks but swell with dross. For my part, I think it cruelty and injustice not to receive them into the share and society of our goods, and not to make them partakers in the intelligence of our domestic affairs when they are capable, and not to lessen and contract our own expenses to make the more room for theirs, seeing we beget them to that effect.

was very eloquent. Aristotle was as great a subverter as Alexander; but the quasi-prophetical Stagyrite of the Dark Ages, who ruled the world till the end of the thirteenth century, became the ‘twice execrable’ of Martin Luther and was finally abolished by Galileo and Newton. “Dear count, you must let me look after your daughters! Though I am not staying here long this time—nor are you—I will try to amuse them. Epicurus said of the laws, “That the worst were so necessary for us that without them men would devour one another.” And Plato affirms, “That without laws we should live like beasts.” Our wit is a wandering, dangerous, and temerarious utensil; it is hard to couple any order or measure to it; in those of our own time, who are endued with any rare excellence above others, or any extraordinary vivacity of understanding, we see them almost all lash out into licentiousness of opinions and manners; and ‘tis almost a miracle to find one temperate and sociable. This offensive ignorance of the first principles of social intercourse has been fostered in the races most visited by the Arabs, whose national tendency, like the Italian and the Greek, is ever and essentially republican.

I am seldom consulted, and still more seldom believed, and know no concern, either public or private, that has been mended or bettered by my advice. It was with equal surprise and pleasure, that on his arrival at a place called Saxa Rubra, about nine miles from Rome, he discovered the army of Maxentius prepared to give him battle. Prince Andrew glanced again at the artillery officer’s small figure.


When the promise of eternal happiness was proposed to mankind on condition of adopting the faith, and of observing the precepts, of the gospel, it is no wonder that so advantageous an offer should have been accepted by great numbers of every religion, of every rank, and of every province in the Roman empire.

We might naturally expect that a principle so essential to religion, would have been revealed in the clearest terms to the chosen people of Palestine, and that it might safely have been intrusted to the hereditary priesthood of Aaron.

Baron Bunsen had the original instincts of the scholar, as proved by his numerous writings; but it was his fate to be shifted early in life from the field of professional scholarship to that of the diplomatist, and his researches were carried on under somewhat disadvantageous circumstances. Capital, said Scipio. They claim immunity from criticism, and the claim is heatedly advanced by men and newspapers like those of whom I speak. As it was not possible to find in the capital of the empire a sculptor who was capable of adorning that public monument, the arch of Trajan, without any respect either for his memory or for the rules of propriety, was stripped of its most elegant figures. are nothing but fine flat lamp wicks treated first with saltpetre solution and then with the preceding mixture.

The known intention to put the Duke of[200] York at the head of it was another strong objection. But the success was not a lasting one; an army despatched by Asshurbanapal beat the Ethiopian troops, and Tirhaqa had to fly to Thebes but did not manage to hold it (about 667 B.C.). However the people, disgusted with the idea of monarchy, and thinking that they could more easily endure to be ruled by two men, proposed that two consuls should be chosen. Better to hunt in fields for health unbought, / 50 Than fee the doctor for a nauseous draught. Beside the three kinds of mint above mentioned, there is another species, Mentha arvensis, a native of Japan, which is extensively cultivated there, and is the chief source of the menthol of commerce, so well known as an efficient remedy for neuralgia, migraine, etc., in form of menthol cones.

What shall I say of Democritus, who classes our images of objects, and their orbs, in the number of the Gods; as he does that principle through which those images appear and have their influence? He deifies likewise our knowledge and understanding. Tangere ulcus—To touch a sore; to renew one’s grief. As regards the Franco-Russian alliance, opinions follow two courses. Now, gentlemen, we can not give a probable answer to this question without previously examining two or three questions, on which the answer to the first must very much depend. Sharp was wonderfully elated by the Conventicle Act, and, establishing what proved to be a High Commission Court, he managed to place his creature, Lord Rothes, at the head of the law department as Chancellor, who brow-beat magistrates and lawyers, and twisted the laws as Sharp thought fit.

They gather this into a point in front, and fasten it around their waists with or without belts, as the case may be. What, hast thou neither means nor power in any other thing, but only to undertake Caesar? I quit the throne, if there be no other than I to obstruct thy hopes. But since it has been found that the same kinds of raisins have been produced in very different localities, and that some localities can produce all the different kinds, a new division has been found necessary. Thus, Pasteur showed that Penicillium glaucum, when grown in an aqueous solution of ammonium racemate, decomposed the dextro-tartrate, leaving the laevo-tartrate, and the solution which was originally inactive to polarized light became dextro-rotatory. That land of the West has gone now, “gone, gone with lost Atlantis,” gone to the isle of ghosts and of strange dead memories.

It had been the capitaine’s custom, now for some years past, to retire every evening at about seven o’clock into the sanctum sanctorum of Madame Bauche’s habitation, the dark little private sitting-room in which she made out her bills and calculated her profits, and there regale himself in her presence—and indeed at her expense, for the items never appeared in the bill—with coffee and cognac. The faults in the first appointments were such as were almost necessarily connected with the sudden creation of a vast army. It had hitherto been considered as a fundamental maxim of the constitution, that the emperor must be always chosen in the senate, and the sovereign power, no longer exercised by the whole body, was always delegated to one of its members. I wonder that he was not fired upon, but I believe he was not; at all events he was not hurt. “They both,” i.e.

Every one who saw her dance and act will dream of her to-night.


Two of his brigades were sent up the bayou to find a crossing and reach the North Fork to repair the bridge there.

Two brigades of cavalry were already there, and his purpose was to concentrate about 6000 infantry, try to obtain a decisive engagement with the Confederates, and to punish them so severely that the upper valley would be safe, for a time at least, from invasion by them, so that he might be free to withdraw most of his troops to co-operate with Rosecrans in a Georgia campaign, if that alternative in Halleck’s plans should be adopted.

The Assyrians have but little rain; the lands, however, are fertilised and the fruits of the earth nourished by means of the river. Madness is consistent, which is more than can be said for poor reason. Nothing in life seemed to him of much importance, and under the influence of the depression that possessed him he valued neither his liberty nor his resolution to punish his wife. The air, the light, was delicious, and the views, had they been in England, would have had express trains to see them. The next morning the members hurried in to sign the form of Association; and, as some were not present, it was ordered that all who had not signed it within sixteen days should be called upon to do so or formally to refuse.

be in some sort troubled and vexed, return unto thyself as soon as may be, and be not out of tune longer than thou must needs. Having, therefore, this thought in her mind, she made her way to the place where the three Fates sit by the distaff spinning the lines of Life. The expedition under Brigadier-General Julius White was sent to beat up the Confederate posts in the Big Sandy valley and to aid incidentally the raid under Sanders into East Tennessee. Tria juncta in uno—Three joined in one. Here lay one wounded with an axe, another bruised by a shell picked up on the beach, a third had his limbs broken with a billet, a fourth was burnt with a torch, but the greater part were transfixed with arrows; in short, the strangest contrast was exhibited within the shortest compass; wine mingled by fate with blood, war with feasting, drinking and fighting, libations and slaughters.

His unique renown is based upon the fact that he created a national theatre, that he did for Spain what Shakespeare did for England. … The wealth of Asia, the arms and ensigns of so many conquered nations, and the magnificent plate and wardrobe of the Syrian queen, were disposed in exact symmetry or artful disorder. 12 See Colonel P. They suspected the wickedness and treachery of Petosiris, and were pleased with the prospect of transferring to his single person the sudden danger which threatened the whole community.

Physicians might, I believe, extract greater utility from odours than they do, for I have often observed that they cause an alteration in me and work upon my spirits according to their several virtues; which makes me approve of what is said, that the use of incense and perfumes in churches, so ancient and so universally received in all nations and religions, was intended to cheer us, and to rouse and purify the senses, the better to fit us for contemplation.


the motion of virtue, is none of those motions, but is somewhat more excellent and divine.

Few will dispute the fact that the present situation is not satisfactory, and cannot be put on a permanently satisfactory basis unless we put an end to the period of groping and declare for a fixed policy, a policy which shall clearly define and punish wrong-doing, which shall put a stop to the iniquities done in the name of business, but which shall do strict equity to business.

Bagoas availed himself of their shelter instead of tents, and here he took some refreshment, inviting Theagenes and Chariclea to partake of his repast. Other discouragements fell on the Parliament at the same period. Fortunæ majoris honos, erectus et acer—An honour to his elevated station, upright and brave. Eight writers tell this grim story very briefly—seven of them in almost identical words—differing only as to the number of the victims. In their original state of independence, their fierce inhabitants were intimately connected.

It was this that occasioned a halt and our subsequent march in the dusk of evening, as has been narrated in its place. Odysseus charged Telemachus to keep his return a secret, and concerted with him a plan whereby they might rid themselves of the detested suitors. He led his race into the untrodden ways, triumphing without effort where men of more strenuous faculty had failed; and his results have successfully challenged time, inasmuch as there has been no returning from his example during nigh four hundred years. She was so sedate, so womanly, so attentive as regarded cousinly friendship, and so cold as regarded everything else, that he did not know how to speak to her. She went in with rapid steps, pausing at the door for an instant as if struggling with herself, and then ran to her mother.

Flight was their only hope, Aquileia their only refuge; and as Maximus now displayed his genuine character, the brother of Gratian might expect the same fate from the hands of the same assassin. But these parts are generally confined to river bottoms or to natural sinks, which, so far, have played no important part in the raisin industry. But, as is proved by the collapse of the German people, this was in vain. The riot did not come off; partly, I think, because the opportune production of the chair-leg had a sedative effect, and partly owing to wise counsels from one or two of my opponents. THE WHITE HOUSE, WASHINGTON, February 8, 1909.

Strictly speaking, certain operations might be classed under this heading which are conducted previous to bleaching, dyeing, &c; e.g. mercerizing (q.v.), stretching and crabbing, singeing (see Bleaching); but as these are not undertaken by the finisher, only those will be dealt with here which are not mentioned under other headings. ‘Tis all true; and yet, for all that, I cannot so often revisit the tomb of that so great and so puissant city,—[Rome]— that I do not admire and reverence it. The third, is thy ruling part; and here consider; Thou art an old man; suffer not that excellent part to be brought in subjection, and to become slavish: suffer it not to be drawn up and down with unreasonable and unsociable lusts and motions, as it were with wires and nerves; suffer it not any more, either to repine at anything now present, or to fear and fly anything to come, which the destiny hath appointed thee. 30 For the first, and indeed for the last time, the Roman world was administered by six emperors. “Mamma, you used to try your fate yourself…” said her daughter.

From an early period in the rebellion I had been impressed with the idea that active and continuous operations of all the troops that could be brought into the field, regardless of season and weather, were necessary to a speedy termination of the war. They were one hundred feet broad, and deep enough even for heavy vessels; they were distributed by means of numerous smaller channels and ditches for the irrigation of the soil; and they were said to fall into the Euphrates; or rather, perhaps, they terminated in one main larger canal cut directly from the Euphrates to the Tigris, each of them joining this larger canal at a different point of its course. It was an autumn night with dark purple clouds, but no rain. If we … Such as have merited from me friendship and gratitude have never lost these by being no more; I have better and more carefully paid them when gone and ignorant of what I did; I speak most affectionately of my friends when they can no longer know it.

The Vallandigham case became the sensation of the day, and acquired a singular historical importance. Quand une lecture vous élève l’esprit et qu’elle vous inspire des sentiments nobles et courageux, il est bon, et fait de main d’ouvrier—When a work has an elevating effect on the mind, and inspires you with noble and courageous thoughts, it is good and is from the hand of a master. 91.] The gunners double-charged the cannon with canister, and under a terrible fire of artillery and rifles Lawton’s division broke and sought shelter. The Argonauts, powerfully affected by the melody, were making ready to land, when Orpheus perceived the danger, and, to the accompaniment of his magic lyre, commenced one of his enchanting songs, which so completely absorbed his listeners that they passed the island in safety; but not before Butes, one of their number, lured by the seductive music of the Sirens, had sprung from the vessel into the waves below. As Byzantium was one of the greatest passages from Europe into Asia, it had been provided with a strong garrison, and a fleet of five hundred vessels was anchored in the harbor.

The three volumes by which he is represented are made up of prose legends, and of poems modestly entitled Rimas. I immediately asked: “Against whom?”—since, if England so suddenly offered to make an alliance in the midst of peace, it was plain[Pg 105] that she needed the German army, which made it worth while to find out against whom the army was needed and for what reason German troops were to fight, at England’s behest, by her side. We went into the water with a splash. “I hardly think that any one less gifted will undertake such a self sacrifice.” Any attempt of the kind would, however, now have been too late, for they were already at the bottom of the hill. It seemed to Pétya that at the moment the shot was fired it suddenly became as bright as noon.

But apparently the baronage was not gifted with political perception; they saw only a demand for money and “began to murmur.” They complained that the foreign advisers of the king had been wasting the royal revenue and that there was no great enterprise afoot which required a full treasury. Tíkhon knew his master’s habit of sometimes thinking aloud, and therefore met with unaltered looks the angrily inquisitive expression of the face that emerged from the shirt.


I envy him, but you want to make him what I am, without giving him my means.

We were joined at Charleston by two men representing influential Eastern journals, who wished to know on what terms they could accompany the column.

So they two rode together, and the Lady Una with them, till they came to the place. If this Punic war was carried on without any effusion of blood, it was owing much less to the moderation than to the weakness of the contending prelates. I could not in the least assist him by translating it into Italian, for I did not speak a word of the language myself; but I suggested that the man would understand French. The west regions of the mighty Himalayas, the ‘Homes of Snow,’ represent the Polar regions; and we run through the temperates into the tropical, or rather the equinoctial, about Ceylon. This habit rooted itself so strongly in me, that I retained it throughout my greatest wanderings.

Habemus luxuriam atque avaritiam, publice egestatem, privatim opulentiam—We have luxury and avarice, but as a people poverty, and in private opulence. Odell concerning the bill the leaders were preparing: “Some provisions of bill very objectionable. At their approach the troops in Westminster revolted from the Committee and joined them, declaring that they would live and die with the Parliament. As messenger of the gods, we find him employed on all occasions requiring special skill, tact, or despatch. The Carabourna or Karabournou district produces the best raisins,—both of the Sultanas, the red and the black.

If Nisibis, Gozan, and the valley of the Khabur, and apparently also Kharran, belonged to the Assyrians under Asshurnazirpal, they either remained independent after the twelfth century, or were subjugated by the kings of this period. “Cover yourself!” even Denísov cried to his adversary. And, though the way was steep, Mrs. Thompson managed to pick her steps without the assistance of an arm; nor did M. His arguments were concise, simple, and clear. The estates he had not before visited were each more picturesque than the other; the serfs everywhere seemed thriving and touchingly grateful for the benefits conferred on them.

To me they have offered the title of Augustus. With over 400 Illustrations. The Yankee, though a tall, powerful man and a very good rider, scarcely came up to the German in either respect; he possessed exceptional ability, however, as well as exceptional nerve and coolness, and he also won his promotion. has taken me so aback that I cannot well reconcile myself to it; I belong to the years wherein we kept another kind of account. Surely, if it is material to know the character of a power with whom you are about only to treat for peace, it is more material to know the character of allies with whom you are about to enter into the closest connection of friendship, and for whose exertions you are about to pay.

Here Balashëv hesitated: he remembered the words the Emperor Alexander had not written in his letter, but had specially inserted in the rescript to Saltykóv and had told Balashëv to repeat to Napoleon. I know very well that few will quarrel with the licence of my writings, who have not more to quarrel with in the licence of their own thoughts: I conform myself well enough to their inclinations, but I offend their eyes. After the rain of the night before and the frequent and heavy rains for some days previous, the roads were almost impassable. Celer et fidelis—Swift and faithful. IX. The Carthaginians sent twenty triremes to Rhegium, having on board ambassadors from Hiketes to Timoleon charged with instructions as bad as his deeds.

In their own country, where such displays are safe, they are remarkable for a presumptuousness and a violence of manner which elsewhere disappear. The episcopal vigor of Ambrose was tempered by prudence; and he contented himself with signifying an indirect sort of excommunication, by the assurance, that he had been warned in a vision not to offer the oblation in the name, or in the presence, of Theodosius; and by the advice, that he would confine himself to the use of prayer, without presuming to approach the altar of Christ, or to receive the holy eucharist with those hands that were still polluted with the blood of an innocent people. At Villach the scenery and the gorges of the Drau were dressed in rainbow suit, mist and sunshine together. In “The City Up and Down; or, the Candidates Pois’d,” the candidates were represented perched upon suspended boxes, part of a huge revolving machine. The Achæan Lykon proposed that they should extort a contribution of no less than three thousand staters of Kyzikus (about sixty thousand Attic drachmæ, or ten talents, equal to two thousand three hundred pounds) from the inhabitants of Herakleia; another man immediately outbid this proposition, and proposed that they should require ten thousand staters–a full month’s pay for the army.

As often happens, the horses of a convoy wagon became restive at the end of the bridge, and the whole crowd had to wait. The condition was accepted; the prize was deserved; the standard of Mahomet was planted on the walls of Herat, Merou, and Balch; and the successful leader neither halted nor reposed till his foaming cavalry had tasted the waters of the Oxus. (2) Time is infinite motion without a moment of rest and is unthinkable otherwise. His Escuela del Matrimonio is the most ambitious, as it is the best, of those innumerable pieces in which he aims at presenting a picture of average society, relieved by alternate touches of ironic and didactic purpose. Professor Rogers has well summed up an impression as to the cause of this decline.

Being informed that Andrea with twenty-four galleys and twenty-six barges had gone to Corone, he sailed to Prevesa, whence the infidels sent intelligence to Andrea that Barbarossa was seeking him, and cautioned him to be on his guard: and in consequence of this information he went and secured himself in Brindisi. As the happiness of a future life is the great object of religion, we may hear without surprise or scandal, that the introduction or at least the abuse, of Christianity had some influence on the decline and fall of the Roman empire.


The fact that Wray—who, as a double “Renegado,” shortly rejoined the Whigs—appears to have gained but scant sympathy, was defeated and done for, is turned to satirical account in a travestied view of Fox, North, and the Duchess—the latter wearing a foxtail in her hat—”For the Benefit of the Champion.—A Catch, to be performed at the New Theatre, Covent Garden.

If he but showed a trace of his limbs he would become a mark for their bullets.

The Turkish historians say, that the persuasion those of their nation have imprinted in them of the fatal and unalterable prescription of their days, manifestly conduces to the giving them great assurance in dangers. He had been a slave at Athens, exported from home during his boyhood,–he had then made his escape (probably during the Peloponnesian war, to the garrison of Dekeleia), and afterwards taken military service. There are two very natural propensities which we may distinguish in the most virtuous and liberal dispositions, the love of pleasure and the love of action. It is not you, he said, who should yourself accuse. Marlborough received the news that they had promised to send to the Elector, under Tallard, fifty battalions of foot, and sixty squadrons of horse of the best troops in France, which should make him stronger than the Confederates.

Prince Andrew, having reached the front line, rode along it. The monuments have proved that the Sesostris of this legend of Herodotus is not Ramses II but his namesake, Ramses III. Drama, A Dictionary of the. Being a comprehensive Guide to the Plays, Playwrights, Players, and Playhouses of the United Kingdom and America, from the Earliest to the Present Times. The festival day being now at hand, they set off to return. “Yes,” replied Princess Mary.

There was now no one in the reception room except Prince Vasíli and the eldest princess, who were sitting under the portrait of Catherine the Great and talking eagerly. [253] Xen. D.W.]—In all enterprises of consequence he always reconnoitred in person, and never brought his army into quarters till he had first viewed the place, and, if we may believe Suetonius, when he resolved to pass over into England, he was the first man that sounded the passage. With 300 full-page Illustrations. And patting Berg on the shoulder he got up, wishing to end the conversation.

Márya Dmítrievna paused at the door. But there was one suit of clothes too good to throw away, which we kept for a “change,” and which was known as my “Smike suit,” because it left my wrists and ankles as bare as those of poor Smike himself. I paid off the legacies he had left. One of the most important was the passage of the meat inspection law because of scandalous abuses shown to exist in the great packing-houses in Chicago and elsewhere. Smith commanding, moved from Fort Gaines by water to Fish River; the 13th corps, under Major-General Gordon Granger, moved from Fort Morgan and joined the 16th corps on Fish River, both moving thence on Spanish Fort and investing it on the 27th; while Major-General Steele’s command moved from Pensacola, cut the railroad leading from Tensas to Montgomery, effected a junction with them, and partially invested Fort Blakely.

And had she even tried sincerely to keep up in the allies the feeling of a common interest, and the attachment to a permanent confederacy, the instinct of political separation would probably have baffled all her efforts. He did not now make any plans. Trahit sua quemque voluptas—Each man is led by his own liking. The abandoning of some lower end in obedience to a higher aim is often made the very condition of securing the lower one. J. From a very early day, doubtless, there had been intercommunication between India and the West.

Books have not so much served me for instruction as exercise. Cook declined at first to disclose the names of those who had received the money, but he was threatened with a Bill to compel him on terms which, had he persisted, would have ruined him. “Well, come and kiss me,” and he offered his cheek. He vanquished the tyrant, and converted the free gift into a perpetual tax. Davis, of Minnesota; Senator Orville H.

It was no less than this. He well knew that nothing but confusion would come of this battle undertaken against his will, and as far as was in his power held the troops back. The unfortunate virgin was offered, and almost rejected as a slave, by her father’s murderer, who coolly declared that his sword was consecrated to the service of religion; and that he labored for a recompense far above the charms of mortal beauty, or the riches of this transitory life. Rostóv lived, as before, with Denísov, and since their furlough they had become more friendly than ever. He disappeared from public view on his journey, and the next the country knew, his arrival was announced at the capital.

Nae wonder ye’re auld like; ilka thing fashes (bothers) ye. Sc. Whatever is good in it comes from God only.


“Well, it seems to be getting quieter,” remarked Ferapóntov, finishing his third cup of tea and getting up.

I started from Fort Henry with 15,000 men, including eight batteries and part of a regiment of cavalry, and, meeting with no obstruction to detain us, the advance arrived in front of the enemy by noon.

But their gaiety seemed to Prince Andrew mirthless and tiresome. Beneath the wheels of Burdett’s chariot is figured a dog with “A Cur-tis” on his collar, a blow at Sir William Curtis, enriched by “fat” Government contracts; by him is Tooke’s tract, “A Squeeze for Contractors.” On the box is the baronet’s reputed preceptor, the Brentford Parson himself, “in his habit as he lived,” smoking his pipe like his confederate “Bellenden,” that 313 “revolution sinner” Dr. He had already firmly impressed Michael Godfrey, an eminent London merchant, and the brother of the unfortunate Sir Edmundsbury Godfrey, with the immense merits of his scheme. Most high-class silks require no further treatment other than simple damping and pressing after they leave the loom. Quintus Marcius, the Roman legate in the war against Perseus, King of Macedon, to gain time wherein to reinforce his army, set on foot some overtures of accommodation, with which the king being lulled asleep, concluded a truce for some days, by this means giving his enemy opportunity and leisure to recruit his forces, which was afterwards the occasion of the king’s final ruin.

“If Monsieur says it is all right, of course it is so;” and then he completed his strapping. I know you’ve said so. In this meditation he rode for hunting, and went in search of game. Whilst the caliph Walid sat idle on the throne of Damascus, whilst his lieutenants achieved the conquest of Transoxiana and Spain, a third army of Saracens overspread the provinces of Asia Minor, and approached the borders of the Byzantine capital. Bel would have been entirely thrown into the shade by him, as the earth-gods generally are by the sky-gods, if it had not been that he was confounded with his namesake Bel-Merodach of Babylon: to this alliance he owed to the end the safety of his life, in presence of Anu.

“Eh, Dron, drop it!” Alpátych repeated, withdrawing his hand from his bosom and solemnly pointing to the floor at Dron’s feet. He was represented by men eminent in the world’s opinion as “no great philosopher—a man rather of show than of depth, who wrote philosophy like a lord chancellor.” Abroad, as Bacon had foreseen, his work was received in a different manner, and pronounced by the learned one of the most important accessions ever made to philosophy. After 1876, however, he returned to the Democratic party, and from January to March 1877 served out in Congress the unexpired term of Smith Ely, elected mayor of New York City. Forte et fidele—Strong and loyal. Adieu la voiture, adieu la boutique—Adieu to the carriage, adieu to the shop, i.e., to the business.

For it would be truly a violation of common justice to abuse, by wanton cruelty and rigour, the power over those, whom fortune has put into our hands, by reducing them from the high condition, in which she had placed them before; their former enmity is forgotten.


George’s words, Tell me, sweet love, how is thy mind content, Happy am I to have so sweet a love, and I have a lovely leman, as bright of blee as is the silver moon, sound like Greene’s style matured and softened by experience.

On the contrary, both the body and the soul interrupt and weaken the right they have of the use of the world and of themselves, by mixing with it the opinion of learning; effects concern us, but the means not at all.

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 3s. All that we know of the external world of nature is only a certain relation of the forces of nature to inevitability, or of the essence of life to the laws of reason. Thence he hastened to the castle of St. When Demeter became conscious of her loss her grief was intense, and she refused to be comforted. At Venice they used to put a gendarme at the door, and, by way of stamping it out, nobody was allowed either to come in or to go out.

Another account says (Gentleman’s Magazine) several of the people killed were passing along the road at a distance; and, later on, it is said not one of the persons actually concerned in the rioting were hurt by the firing. Several persons of piety, who had been acquainted with me, wrote to me about those things which the gentleman spread about me. Thou gavest me a marvelous facility to satisfy everyone. The country of Champollion has been ably represented in more recent time by Mariette and Maspero; while in Germany, Dümichen, Meyer, and Wiedemann have worked and written exhaustively, the former with special reference to archæology, the two latter with reference to history. Allatoona, for instance, was defended by a small force of men under the command of General Corse, one of the very able and efficient volunteer officers produced by the war.

Moreover, many of them appeared my just dessert according to the little light I then had. Must tell Nicholas this. “Well, of course,” replied Platón quickly, “the horses’ saints. It is difficult to find an explanation of this neglect unless it be the author’s well-known attitude towards the status of the ancient Hebrew records. It was largely the indignant and contemptuous dislike aroused in our minds by the demagogues of this class which then prevented those of us whose instincts at bottom were sound from going as far as we ought to have gone along the lines of governmental control of corporations and governmental interference on behalf of labor.

Unto the cylindrus, or roller, it is not granted to move everywhere according to its own proper motion, as neither unto the water, nor unto the fire, nor unto any other thing, that either is merely natural, or natural and sensitive; but not rational for many things there be that can hinder their operations. “‘On the 23rd of January the lord of the castle, with three priests, prayed at the altar of Saint Anthony of Jagnenz, and five more Masses were said. The abdication of Charles appears to have been hastened by the vicissitude of fortune; and the disappointment of his favorite schemes urged him to relinquish a power which he found inadequate to his ambition. Beautiful and clever… A candid but rational inquiry into the progress and establishment of Christianity may be considered as a very essential part of the history of the Roman empire.

The valiant Henry was roused from a bed of sickness by the invasion of his country; but his mind was vigorous and his prudence successful.


“Well, tell me…

207 This is Canis Major, a southern constellation.

She had as much affection for me, as her brother had aversion and contempt. Thou sometimes comforted it with thy crook and Thy staff; that is to say, by Thy conduct as loving as crucifying; but it was only to reduce it to the last extremity, as I shall show hereafter. As to geometry and arithmetic, they always form their numbers in the figure of a cube, every way square, and make up the body of a battalion, solid, close, and environed round with six equal sides, and swim in this square order, as large behind as before; so that whoever in seeing them can count one rank may easily number the whole troop, by reason that the depth is equal to the breadth, and the breadth to the length. Rostóv heard the thud of their hoofs and the jingle of their weapons and saw their horses, their figures, and even their faces, more and more distinctly. In this more important circumstance, Africa, as well as Gaul, was gradually fashioned to the imitation of the capital.

[Footnote: Ibid.] I can hardly think the order could have been intended to effect this, as the turnpike is deep between the hills there, and the enemy quite distant on the other side of the gorge. Si monumentum requiris, circumspice—If you seek his monument, look around. When conditions so changed that government could free itself from its dependence on the baron, feudalism disappeared as the organization of society; when a professional class arose to form the judiciary, when the increased circulation of money made regular taxation possible and enabled the government to buy military and other services, and when better means of intercommunication and the growth of common ideas made a wide centralization possible and likely to be permanent. Cuncti adsint, meritæque expectent præmia palmæ—Let all attend, and expect the rewards due to well-earned laurels. 742 Tiglathpileser, free from Sarduris, attacks Arpad, which falls, 740.

We have seen that almost all the nations of Europe sent embassies to congratulate him on his elevation to the Protectorate. Le médicin Tant-pis et le médicin Tant-mieux—The pessimist and the optimist (lit. Doctor So-much-the-worse and Doctor So-much-the-better).