Running hard, he gained on his man, whereupon the latter suddenly turned and fired full in his face.

That the secretion of musk belongs to the sexual functions appears probable from the fact that it can be found only in61 the bags of males more than two years old; that of younger animals contains only a substance of a milky consistence, whose odor has no resemblance to that of musk. V. The Romans also worship another Laurentia, for this reason: The priest of Hercules, weary with idleness, proposed to the god to cast the dice on the condition that, if he won, he should receive something good from the god, while if he lost, he undertook to provide the god with a bountiful feast and a fair woman to take his pleasure with. Nothing was gained by them from beautiful scenery, nor was there any fear from the beasts of prey. a typically modern sentiment of the Brazen Age of Science following the Golden Age of Sentiment. The second account of Semiramis which Diodorus summarises in the concluding paragraph above from “Athenæus and some other writers” would appear to have been widely accepted in classical times.

Hominem quæro—I am in quest of a man. “The means are … Chat échaudé craint l’eau froide—A scalded cat dreads cold water. It was “drink, drink, a drink!” Rostóv glanced round, looking for someone who would put this man back in his place and bring him water. Wilson does not know that my statement is correct, he ought to know it, and he is not to be excused for making such a misstatement as he has made when he has not a particle of evidence in support of it.