and Mrs. MacLean, and Mr. Gratton Geary, editors of the papers.

Sacco pieno rizza l’orecchio—A full sack pricks up (lit. erects) its ear. Here two females of great beauty appeared to him. On Newyeares day this yeare, the riuer that passeth betwixt Suelleston or Snelston, and Harewood, two villages not far from Bedford, sudenlie ceassed his course, so as the chanell remained drie by the space of thrée miles, that any man might enter into, and passe the same drie foot at his pleasure. The newly elected parliament, the materials of which were equally unpalatable to the Court party, was summoned to meet in October, 1679, but, prorogued during the royal pleasure, it did not actually meet until October 21, 1680. “I am sure that rascal was lying,” said the count.

But now to proceed. Page will soon be permitted to publish in detail this sketch, whose outlines you have allowed me to make public. Balfour questions certain of Canon M’Clatchie’s renderings. Edessa, its capital, was situated about twenty miles beyond the former of those rivers; and the inhabitants, since the time of Alexander, were a mixed race of Greeks, Arabs, Syrians, and Armenians. Before this city, the French princes occupied their stations, and prosecuted their attacks without correspondence or subordination: emulation prompted their valor; but their valor was sullied by cruelty, and their emulation degenerated into envy and civil discord.

“What am I to do for money?” he said. The imposition was detected, and on being questioned he informed Alexander that he had practised it in order to be able to follow a free Hetæra named Telesippa, who was about to accompany the departing division. He was therefore much afraid of me, lest at length my passion should come to extremity; so he went to the king, as supposing that he would dwell better and more safely with him. The harsh sound of the Teutonic appellations was mollified into the Latin titles of Duke, of Count, or of Pr