The Duke of York, since the prorogation of Parliament on the 4th of November last, had married Maria D’Este, a Catholic princess, sister of[239] the Duke of Modena.

Die Menschen sind im ganzen Leben blind—Men are blind all through life. &c., c. And now, being without hope, he entreated her to withhold her hand. Fabula, nec sentis, tota jactaris in urbe—You are the talk, though you don’t know it, of the whole town. This proclamation was alike unexpected and offensive to the soldiers, who felt that they had been deluded, and were very backward in obeying.

Accordingly Titus Oates, soon to become so notorious, appeared before the Council on the 28th of September, 1678, in a clerical gown and a new suit of clothes, and with an astonishing assurance delivered in writing the following strange story. I 45 drink at it; but while I drink I see the sandy bottom, and detect how shallow it is. And concerning the rebuilding of Babylon by Nabuchodonosor, he [Megasthenes] writes thus: It is said that from the beginning all things were water, called the sea; that Belus caused this state of things to cease, and appointed to each its proper place; and he surrounded Babylon with a wall; but in process of time this wall disappeared; and Nabuchodonosor walled it in again, and it remained so with its brazen gates until the time of the Macedonian conquest.