Bal champêtre—A country ball.

As all the rest did the like, she perished, being pelted with the gold bracelets and crushed by the number and weight of the shields. But the immediate word of God has neither tone nor articulation. why, in giving your estimate of a man, do you prize him wrapped and muffled up in clothes? He then discovers nothing to you but such parts as are not in the least his own, and conceals those by which alone one may rightly judge of his value. Der Schein, was ist er, dem das Wesen fehlt? / Das Wesen wär’ es, wenn es nicht erschiene?—The appearance, what is it without the reality? And what were the reality without the appearance? (the clothes, as “Sartor” has it, without the man, or the man without the clothes). Nero, his fine pupil, sent his guards to him to denounce the sentence of death, which was performed after this manner: When the Roman emperors of those times had condemned any man of quality, they sent to him by their officers to choose what death he would, and to execute it within such or such a time, which was limited, according to the degree of their indignation, to a shorter or a longer respite, that they might therein have better leisure to dispose their affairs, and sometimes depriving them of the means of doing it by the shortness of the time; and if the condemned seemed unwilling to submit to the order, they had people ready at hand to execute it either by cutting the veins of the arms and legs, or by compelling them by force to swallow a draught of poison.

But I was obliged to continue in their presence, with such a subjection as is scarcely conceivable. These troops were now restored to the division they belonged to, and General Lew. 40.] AElius Verus, the emperor, answered his wife, who reproached him with his love to other women, that he did it upon a conscientious account, forasmuch as marriage was a name of honour and dignity, not of wanton and lascivious desire; and our ecclesiastical history preserves the memory of that woman in great veneration, who parted from her husband because she would not comply with his indecent and inordinate desires. Before he started to the north, where the seditious movement had its center, an assembly was held at St. wavering in those things, which after a due examination and deliberation, he had determined.