Domus sua cuique tutissimum refugium—The safest place of refuge for every man is his own home.

This being reported to Parliament, they ordered Essex to suspend hostilities, and sent Sir Peter Killigrew to request the same on the part of the king, supposing that after this gracious message, in which he promised to reside near London till the differences were settled, he would have ceased all offensive operations. “No, stop!” said Anatole. On hearing of this movement, Cromwell wrote to the Parliament, to remind it of its vote of non-addresses, and that to break it and make fresh overtures to the king, who would still adhere to his inadmissible demands, would be an eternal disgrace to them. I wasted time, and now doth time waste me. Rich. They are not 25 the mark of weakness, but of power.

Go, wondrous creature, mount where science guides. Avarus, nisi cum moritur, nil recte facit—A miser does nothing right except when he dies. 36 Military exercises were the important and unremitted object of their discipline. The committee was shocked at the recorder’s bringing home to the king one of the most unconstitutional acts of his ministry, and without one dissentient voice determined to overrule the objection of the recorder, whereon this functionary protested against the remonstrance in strong terms as a Libel. “It can’t be helped: men must sometimes have masculine conversation,” said he.