Such is the account they make here of the engagement of the king, my master, and of the promises I had from their party in London.” He adds that if any better conditions could be had from any other quarter, these ought not to be thought of.

However, as we are discussing public matters, those examples are more illustrious which refer to what is done publicly. Then said the Lady again: “Nay, nay, Sir Knight; I know this place by repute, though I thought not of it before. But by Froissard, and other writers it appeareth, that sir Hugh was certeinlie at Berge, with other that were retired thither, in purpose to defend it against the French king, who still followed them, and recouered diuerse places out of their hands by force, as Mont Cassell, the castell of Crincham, and other. It appears that no one else desired to say a word, and that the speech of Xenophon gave unqualified satisfaction; for when Cheirisophus put the question, that the meeting should sanction his recommendations, and finally elect the new generals proposed,–every man held up his hand. He candidly referred the whole business to the senate, and exhorted them to provide for the public service by some other expedient of a less odious nature.

Of course I cannot say whether this be true or not, it is for you to institute inquiries. “We must distinguish between the Vienna cabinet and the Emperor of Austria,” said Mortemart. The unique manuscript in which the cantar exists belongs to the fourteenth century: so much is now settled after infinite disputes. Khammurabi, the protecting king, I am. Let us not forget Aristotle, who held the soul to be that which naturally causes the body to move, which he calls entelechia, with as cold an invention as any of the rest; for he neither speaks of the essence, nor of the original, nor of the nature of the soul, but only takes notice of the effect Lactantius, Seneca, and most of the Dogmatists, have confessed that it was a thing they did not understand; after all this enumeration of opinions, Harum sententiarum quo vera sit, Deus aliquis viderit: “Of these opinions which is the true, let some god determine,” says Cicero.

Iohn Hastings earle of Penbroke lord Hastings Aburgauennie and Weifford in Ireland, the sonne of Laurence Hastings the first earle of Penbroke of that name, did in the fortie one yeare of Edward the third, being about the yeare of our Lord 1369, infeoffe diuerse persons of the manor of Lidgate in Suffolke, of which towne was Iohn Lidgate the monke of Berie and famous poet of England surnamed. But he explained that he only intended to signify that if there were danger to be encountered, he would be glad to encounter it; and{329} I fully believed him. As it went down the line the rifle of every man was thrown to the front, his left hand supporting the barrel, his right hand grasping the stock. It would have been easy for Montaigne to play, as we call it, a great part in politics, and create for himself a lofty position but his motto was, ‘Otio et Libertati’; and he returned quietly home to compose a chapter for his next edition on inconveniences of Greatness. At the Berëzina they again became disorganized, many were drowned and many surrendered, but those who got across the river fled farther.

Hill moved brigades considerably to right and left, and attempted to surround White and the Twelfth Ohio. In obedience to his original orders, Greene took ground a little more to his left, occupying a line along a fence from the burning Mumma house to the road leading from the East Wood directly to the Dunker Church.