Dura più incudine che il martello—The anvil 30 lasts longer than the hammer.

69 So-called from Allahu Deen Hasain Shah Gangu Bahmani, who was the first Mohammedan king of Deccan, 1347 A. Your heart is wounded with compassion to hear the mourning of friends, and, perhaps with anger, to hear the counterfeit condolings of pretenders. He understood me, though I did not at the moment understand his answering gesture. Now I would be the first to deny that even the most delightful old English ballad should be put on a par with any one of scores of dramatic works by authors whom I have not mentioned; I know that each of these dramatists has written what is of more worth than the ballad; only, I enjoy the ballad, and I don’t enjoy the drama; and therefore the ballad is better for me, and this fact is not altered by the other fact that my own shortcomings are to blame in the matter. [Footnote:Id., pp.

She applied to the Lord Mayor to know what state of defence the City was in, and received the most prompt and satisfactory answer. The soul must not dwell or rely upon them, or be retarded by them; they are but favors and gifts. Macnab. I would read a sentence from the note aloud and sketch out an answer, which was, in turn, read aloud. Verus amicus est is qui est tanquam alter idem—A 20 true friend is he who is, as it were, a second self.

mind. With these considerations as a basis I won for my German youths the School Reform against desperate opposition from the philologists, inside[Pg 186] and outside the Ministry and school circles. It is no use giving a long list of names, but most of them were the most interesting people in London.