He sent in a great hurry one who was a good man and a friend of Numitor, bidding him ask Numitor whether he had heard anything about the survival of the children.

The Government was, therefore, speedily converted into an oligarchy, at the head of which were the generals of the army, and some few of the leaders of Parliament. I was under an absolute necessity of submitting to be thus conveyed to Verceil. Had the request been granted, the result for a frugal monarch would have been hardly less than independence of parliamentary control. III., v. As to the life of Pythagoras, we hear from Diogenes Laertius (VIII.

Several French regiments were completely broken, and many officers and standards were taken by the Hanoverians. Carica volontario non carica—A willing burden is no burden. The sagacious Ea submitted to them the fates which are about to be fulfilled, and caused a record of them to be made in the chamber of destiny on tablets which Shamash or Merodach carried with them to scatter everywhere on his way; but he who should be lucky enough to snatch these tablets from him would make himself master of the world for that day. Having is having, come whence it may. Ger. FIELDING, ANTHONY VANDYKE COPLEY (1787-1855), commonly called Copley Fielding, English landscape painter (son of a portrait painter), became at an early age a pupil of John Varley.