He made use of every kind of mental device, except analogy, and passed too boldly, it seemed to Prince Andrew, from one to another.

I did all I could to persuade him to go from Zurich to Bâle, from Bâle to England, to leave the Service and to stay in England till he was thoroughly rested and well; then we would go back and pick up our things, or let them be sent after us; but he would not hear of it. Make your creed simply and broadly out of the revelation of God, and you may keep it to the end. P. An orchard, or a vineyard, or a mine, or a fishery, or a decoy, may this year yield nothing or next to nothing, yet the tenant shall pay his rent; and if they next year produce tenfold the usual profit, no more shall be demanded; because the produce is in its nature precarious, and this variation might be expected.”—Paley’s, Mor. When all these answers were brought to him, every one of his friends, not thinking it enough barely to offer him so much as he had received from his bounty, and adding to it a great deal of his own, it appeared that the sum amounted to a great deal more than Croesus’ reckoning. Here, too, he received the news of the surrender of Kinsale and Bandon Bridge, but Waterford refused to surrender, and Cromwell was compelled to march away to Cork for winter quarters.

The other boarders, being large girls, distressed me with grievous persecutions. And he began clearly and concisely to explain his reasons for dissatisfaction with the Russian government. Neither his mother nor any of the domestics would carry them to him. Even ten years after this, however, when the Lacedæmonian harmost Sphodrias marched from Thespiæ by night to surprise Peiræus, it was without gates on the land-side–????????–or at least without any such gates as would resist an assault (Xen.