Ha! lass dich den Teufel bei einem Haar fassen, und du bist sein auf ewig—Ha! let the devil seize thee by a hair, and thou art his for ever.

Moreover, this would cause, as a consequence, the impression desired by the enemy that the entire “question of guilt” concerns only this one head of a nation and the one nation represented by him. But it is now time to consult our health. It is quite true that he made many mistakes. Hold our most advanced positions and strengthen them. No si puo volar senza ale—He would fain fly, but he wants wings.

In that bloody battle betwixt Agesilaus and the Boeotians, which Xenophon, who was present at it, reports to be the sharpest that he had ever seen, Agesilaus waived the advantage that fortune presented him, to let the Boeotian battalions pass by and then to charge them in the rear, how certain soever he might make himself of the victory, judging it would rather be an effect of conduct than valour, to proceed that way; and therefore, to show his prowess, rather chose with a marvellous ardour of courage to charge them in the front; but he was well beaten and well wounded for his pains, and constrained at last to disengage himself, and to take the course he had at first neglected; opening his battalion to give way to this torrent of Boeotians, and they being passed by, taking notice that they marched in disorder, like men who thought themselves out of danger, he pursued and charged them in flank; yet could not so prevail as to bring it to so general a rout but that they leisurely retreated, still facing about upon him till they had retired to safety. To me they have offered the title of Augustus. In that respect we fought the Lord’s battles, and in that respect the Scriptures are most plain.” Spain, of course, proclaimed war against England, to her further loss, and the glory of Cromwell and his invincible Puritan admiral, Blake. Bamman absorbed one after the other all these genii of tempest and contention, and out of their combined characters his own personality of a hundred diverse aspects was built up. My first anxiety was to secure a base of supplies on the Yazoo River above Vicksburg.

When a base man means to be your enemy, he always begins with being your friend. Wm. The officer was as good off his wheel as on it, and he speedily established perfect order on his beat, being always willing to “take chances” in getting his man. “Karáy, ulyulyu!…” he shouted, looking round for the old borzoi who was now his only hope. As a rule, it may be assumed the old generation of famous caricaturists, taking Gillray, Rowlandson, and George Cruikshank as the most eminent exponents, rather leaned to the popular side of any given question; but, inclination apart, they were just as capable of glorifying “the powers that be,” and of “dusting the jackets” of the would-be reformers.