“Yes, from Olmütz,” he answered, with a sigh.

The sack and conflagration of Seleucia, with the massacre of three hundred thousand of the inhabitants, tarnished the glory of the Roman triumph. Lindsay did the same by his host, old Mac Ian and his family; and Barbour shot down his host and family in the same manner. Nullus est liber tam malus, ut non aliqua parte prosit—There is no book so bad that it may not be useful in some way or other. POLYHYMNIA, the muse of Sacred Hymns, is crowned with a wreath of laurel. abandoned the straight-laced dresses with the straight-laced manners of their Puritan predecessors.

By the time I arrived the next morning the enemy was in force. These immense territories were gradually peopled by the victims of crime. In the Finnish war he also managed to distinguish himself. There are omens in the air, / And voices whispering Beware!—/ But never victor in the fight / Heeded the portents of fear and care. Dr. Chacun dit du bien de son coeur et personne n’en ose dire de son esprit—Every one speaks well of his heart, but no one dares boast of his wit.

At this time, there was a distance of no less than thirty stadia or three and a half miles between him and Klearchus with the Grecian division; so far had the latter advanced forward in pursuit of the Persian fugitives. This is what I would not do; I hate poverty equally with pain; but I could be content to change the kind of life I live for another that was humbler and less chargeable. The outer surface of the corselet of mail, or coat of scale-armour, consisted of about eleven horizontal rows of metal plates, well secured by[204] bronze pins; and at the hollow of the throat a narrower range of plates was introduced, above which were two more, completing the collar or covering of the neck. Perjurii poena divina exitium, humana dedecus—The punishment of perjury at the hands of the gods is perdition; at the hands of man, is disgrace. Monk and Lambert were in Scotland till Monk was called to the fleet, Fleetwood was in Ireland, Ireton was dead.

They consequently declared war. After they had accustomed themselves at Rome to spectacles of the slaughter of animals, they proceeded to those of the slaughter of men, of gladiators. At the day appointed, there met him (beside other) foure hundred of the citizens on horsebacke, clad in one liuerie, presenting themselues in that order, vpon the heath on this side Shene, and in most humble wise, crauing pardon for their offenses past, besought him to take his waie to his palace of Westminster, thorough the citie of London. The success of Montrose had proved the ruin of his army. This would have defeated Argyll’s foes had the king been honest in the matter; but Middleton represented to Charles that to stay judgment till the proceedings had been inspected by the king would look like distrust of the Parliament, and might much discourage that loyal body.

None are truly great without this ornament. A. [87] Xen. Natásha could not remain calm, seeing him in such a plight. The garrison of Chalcedon was encamped near the temple of Jupiter Urius, on a promontory that commanded the entrance of the Strait; and so inconsiderable were the dreaded invasions of the barbarians that this body of troops surpassed in number the Gothic army.