Multa petentibus / Desunt multa—Those who crave much want much.

The men of Sikyon alone ventured to meet him at Nemea, and them he overthrew in a pitched battle, and erected a trophy. Egli venderebbe sino alla sua parte del sole—He would sell even his share in the sun. ¶ In this yeare in a manner throughout all the realme of England, old baie trées withered, and afterwards, contrarie to all mens thinking, grew gréene againe, a strange sight, and supposed to import some vnknowne euent.  ¶ In this meane time the king being aduertised that the wild Irish dailie wasted and destroied the townes and villages within the English pale, and had slaine manie of the souldiers which laie there in garison for defense of that countrie, determined to make eftsoones a voiage thither, & prepared all things necessarie for his passage now against the spring. Dresser’s crystal she observed: “It is still clouded. No sooner, however, did the rumour of this coalition become known, than the greatest excitement prevailed.

There was a fair lady in those parts, Canacé by name, who was wiser than all the women of her day. Though from time to time I continued my charities at Gex, I was not the less persecuted for it. He was now to preach during Lent, and was so much followed, that people came five leagues, to pass several days for the benefit of his ministry. Some Cossacks of Dokhtúrov’s detachment reported having sighted the French Guards marching along the road to Bórovsk. Natura ipsa valere, et mentis viribus excitari, et quasi quodam divino spiritu afflari—To be strong by nature, to be urged on by the native powers of the mind, and to be inspired by a divine spirit, as it were.

The large savage beasts we take by hunting, partly for food, partly to exercise ourselves in imitation of martial discipline, and to use those we can tame and instruct, as elephants, or to extract remedies for our diseases and wounds, as we do from certain roots and herbs, the virtues of which are known by long use and experience. Behind the prisoners came a cavalry baggage train. On ne lui fait pas prendre des vessies pour des lanternes—You won’t get him to take bladders for lanterns. I’ll work my hands an’ feet off, an’ my head, too. Our party halted, and I tied a white pocket handkerchief to a stick and, using it as a flag of truce, proceeded on to the town.