Many are the senators whose virtues have deserved, and whose abilities would sustain, the Imperial dignity.

On the evening of October 11 Seslávin came to the Aristóvo headquarters with a French guardsman he had captured. Will you have an example? It tells me: “that ‘tis for my good to have the stone: that the structure of my age must naturally suffer some decay, and it is now time it should begin to disjoin and to confess a breach; ‘tis a common necessity, and there is nothing in it either miraculous or new; I therein pay what is due to old age, and I cannot expect a better bargain; that society ought to comfort me, being fallen into the most common infirmity of my age; I see everywhere men tormented with the same disease, and am honoured by the fellowship, forasmuch as men of the best quality are most frequently afflicted with it: ‘tis a noble and dignified disease: that of such as are struck with it, few have it to a less degree of pain; that these are put to the trouble of a strict diet and the daily taking of nauseous potions, whereas I owe my better state purely to my good fortune; for some ordinary broths of eringo or burst-wort that I have twice or thrice taken to oblige the ladies, who, with greater kindness than my pain was sharp, would needs present me half of theirs, seemed to me equally easy to take and fruitless in operation, the others have to pay a thousand vows to AEsculapius, and as many crowns to their physicians, for the voiding a little gravel, which I often do by the aid of nature: even the decorum of my countenance is not disturbed in company; and I can hold my water ten hours, and as long as any man in health. But of what they thought and felt, they have left no word. With the Restoration it came back to full power and possession of its revenues and honours, and held them firmly against all rivals till James menaced them with the recall of the Roman hierarchy, when, joining with the alarmed public, it compelled the monarch himself to fly, and continued on its own vantage-ground. It was well devised, and immediately rose to entire success.

Die Irrthümer des Menschen machen ihn eigentlich liebenswürdig—It is properly man’s mistakes, or errors, that make him lovable. “If there were treason, or proofs of secret relations with Napoleon, they would have been made public,” he said with warmth and haste. Let no woman in my house know more than a woman should. Every man’s hand, and every man’s head, he justly observed, had been against his brother, and no sooner had they put down despotism, than liberty itself began to grow wild, and threaten them with equal danger. Thanks to the strictness and assiduity of its commander the regiment, in comparison with others that had reached Braunau at the same time, was in splendid condition.

Quærenda pecunia primum, / Virtus post nummos—Money must be sought for in the first instance; virtue after riches. ??????? ?? ?? ??????? ??? ??????? ??? ???????? ??? ????????? ?? ?? ??? ???? ???????? ???u???? u???????????, ??? ?? ??? ????u?? ?????????? ??????u????, ??, ?? u? ??????? ?????????? ???? ??? ??? ??????? ?????uu?????, ??????????? ????? ? ????? ?????????–???? ?? ??? ?????? ?????????? ?????????. “Well, now, good-by!” He gave his son his hand to kiss, and embraced him. The brighter Prince Andrew’s lot appeared to him, the gloomier seemed his own. Concerning this period a mass of material has been published in different quarters, for instance, in the book, Causes of the World War, by Secretary of State von Jagow.

Before sunrise he was awakened by shouts and loud and rapid firing. Thus Nabopolassar, who died in 605, while his son was on the march for Syria, only just missed the satisfaction of seeing the new kingdom of Babylonia which he had founded enter upon the heritage of the Assyrian Empire, out of which the western province could least of all be spared. What is the real meaning of this word? That which is in itself must become an object to mankind, must arrive at consciousness, thus becoming for man. It was wonderful how quickly they could in this way construct defences of considerable strength. The conversation flagged, and the soldiers began settling down to sleep.

Miserable kind of remedy, to owe one’s health to one’s disease! Tis not that our misfortune should perform this office, but the good fortune of our judgment.