The male costume of Charles’s time was extremely elegant.

This crown is given to him who has saved the life of a citizen in battle, and is composed of oak-leaves, either out of compliment to the Arcadians, whom the oracle calls ‘acorn eaters,’ or because in any campaign in any country it is easy to obtain oak-boughs, or it may be that the oak, sacred to Jupiter the protector of cities, forms a suitable crown for one who has saved the life of a citizen. But reason accusing our cowardice for fearing a thing so sudden, so inevitable, and so insensible, we take the other as the more excusable pretence. I love a poetic progress, by leaps and skips; ‘tis an art, as Plato says, light, nimble, demoniac. Nescio qua præter solitum dulcedine læti—Elated 40 beyond usual by some unaccountable delight. Caute, non astute—Cautiously, not craftily.

The only entry relating to it in the Rolls is provokingly laconic: “Mandatum est Waltero de Bellocampo quod habere faciat Falkesio de Breaute manerium de Seldelegia quod est de honore de Bedefordia, quia dominus rex castrum de Bedefordia cum toto honore et pertinentiis dedit Falkesio,” Close Rolls, vol. i. p. 250 b, 4th March, 1216. It really seemed that Sónya did not feel her position trying, and had grown quite reconciled to her lot as a sterile flower. Here is wisdom. Eight chambers had been left, requiring a ton of powder each to charge them. of Ven., ii.

If people of quality will be persuaded by me, they shall content themselves with setting out their proper and natural treasures; they conceal and cover their beauties under others that are none of theirs: ‘tis a great folly to put out their own light and shine by a borrowed lustre: they are interred and buried under ‘de capsula totae”—[Painted and perfumed from head to foot.” (Or:) “as if they were things carefully deposited in a band-box.”—Seneca, Ep. The idea of doing away with monarchy itself never entered their heads. This invention we owe to Ginés Pérez de Hita of Murcia (fl. The speaker, Richard Burton, is a living proof that intense work, mental and physical, sojourn in torrid and frozen climes, danger from dagger and from pestilence, ‘age’ a person of good sound constitution far less than may be supposed. I know very well how audaciously I myself, at every turn, attempt to equal myself to my thefts, and to make my style go hand in hand with them, not without a temerarious hope of deceiving the eyes of my reader from discerning the difference; but withal it is as much by the benefit of my application, that I hope to do it, as by that of my invention or any force of my own.

He always carried a stricter and tighter hand over his soldiers when near an enemy.