And whoever will inquire into his own being and power, both within and without, without this divine privilege; whoever shall consider man impartially, and without flattery, will see in him no efficacy or faculty that relishes of any thing but death and earth.

That’s the trouble with going to the house, replied Ben. one that is well pleased with it, as being one of those things that nature hath appointed. Gottes Mühle geht langsam, aber sie mahlt fein—God’s mill goes slow, but it grinds fine. I hunt after her foot throughout: we have confounded it with artificial traces; and that academic and peripatetic good, which is “to live according to it,” becomes on this account hard to limit and explain; and that of the Stoics, neighbour to it, which is “to consent to nature.” Is it not an error to esteem any actions less worthy, because they are necessary? And yet they will not take it out of my head, that it is not a very convenient marriage of pleasure with necessity, with which, says an ancient, the gods always conspire. Time is the life of the soul.

Maurice, the pr To play the demagogue for purposes of self-interest is a cardinal sin against the people in a democracy, exactly as to play the courtier for such purposes is a cardinal sin against the people under other forms of government. In the palace of Bagdad, the commander of the faithful still slumbered, a venerable phantom. This helps to explain the contempt and rigor with which Xenophon here treats him. “The ‘Cairo magician,’ whose ink-mirror in the boy’s hand startled the public through Lane’s ‘Modern Egyptians ‘(chap.