From all the windows of the streets through which he rode, rugs, flags, and his monogram were displayed, and the Polish ladies, welcoming him, waved their handkerchiefs to him.

The prisoners demanded that their trials should be postponed till after the 25th of the month, when the new Act for trials for treason came into force, and which allowed counsel to the accused; but the counsel for the Crown would not consent to it—a circumstance which does no honour to William and his ministers, for from them the order to proceed must now have been given. “Well, my dear?” said Prince Vasíli, taking her hand and bending it downwards as was his habit. Official Records, vol. 451] being discovered. They were for the most part persons of established position, and not a few even opulent.

It’s death to go in. The rest of the family found homes in the neighborhood of Deerfield, my father in the family of judge Tod, the father of the late Governor Tod, of Ohio. The physicians, after trying in vain the usual method of cure, ordered me to repair to the waters of Bourbon. III. The errors and defects that we shall find amongst these men the world may boldly avow as their own.

Instead of employing the superior talents of Gregory in some useful and conspicuous station, the haughty prelate selected, among the fifty bishoprics of his extensive province, the wretched village of Sasima, without water, without verdure, without society, situate at the junction of three highways, and frequented only by the incessant passage of rude and clamorous wagoners. [557] Accordingly we learn from an oration of Lysias, that the service of the Athenian horsemen in this expedition, who were commanded by Orthobulus, was judged to be extremely safe and easy; while that of the hoplites was dangerous (Lysias, Orat. [Greek: hoi dystychountes ex heterôn cheirona paschontôn paramythountai]—The unhappy derive comfort from the worse misfortunes of others. Go, take this money, and offer it to Dryas. Formerly he had feared the end.

Ruse de guerre—A stratagem.