1553), had striven to prove the resources of the language by printing, in his Cartas de Refranes, three ingenious letters wholly made up of proverbial phrases; and in our own day the incomparable wealth of Castilian proverbs has been shown in Sbarbi’s Refranero General and in Haller’s Altspanische Sprichtwörter.

He would dazzle and surprise, if he could not enchant, his public, and forthwith he set to founding the school which bears the name of culteranismo. I regarded Mackenzie as the most promising young officer in the army. Colonel Strachan came[102] almost upon him in Corbiesdale, in Ross-shire, and calling his men around him under the shelter of the high moorland broom, he informed them that God had given “the rebel and apostate Montrose, and the viperous brood of Satan, the accursed of God and the Kirk,” into their hands. “Sir Richard Burton (who wore for the first time his decoration of St. Michael and St. George), although in very feeble health, rose to give the toast of the evening, and made a speech which caused every heart to dilate with pride and loyalty. But appeals from this impassive tribunal were made to himself, and he at length published his celebrated declaration for the settlement of Ireland, by which the adventurers and soldiers who had been planted on the estates of the Irish by the Commonwealth were to retain them, except they were the estates of persons who had remained entirely neutral, in which case adventurers and soldiers were to have an equivalent from the fund for reprisals.

Immediately the noise and laughter were hushed. This reflection,–which Aristotle intimates that he has borrowed from some one else, though without saying from whom,–must in all probability have been founded upon the case of Lysander; for never after Lysander, was there any Lacedæmonian admiral enjoying a power which could by possibility be termed exorbitant or dangerous. The fathers, whose sons he had massacred, the husbands, whose wives he had violated, were subject to his authority; and the success of his rebellion encouraged the ambition of every leader of the foreign mercenaries. “In short, hoping to settle matters by taking up a warlike attitude, it turns out that we have landed ourselves in war, and what is more, in war on our own frontiers, with and for the King of Prussia. Yours, etc., THEODORE ROOSEVELT.

If England were doctrinaire, she would either let the task severely alone or she would appoint to every government (vilayet) of Turkey a British ‘Resident,’ after the fashion of Anglo-India. 64] from Babylon. justice has its corrections proper for such maladies. Fletcher’s (Giles, B.D.) Complete Poems: Christ’s Victorie in Heaven, Christ’s Victorie on Earth, Christ’s Triumph over Death, and Minor Poems. At the beginning of a great war and in the organization of a great army, the knowledge of routine and of details undoubtedly saves time and saves cost both of treasure and of life.

Les haines sont si longues et si opiniâtres, 30 que le plus grand signe de mort dans un homme malade, c’est la réconciliation—The passion of hatred is so long-lived and obstinate a malady, that the surest prognostic of death in a sick man is his desire for reconciliation.