This crown is given to him who has saved the life of a citizen in battle, and is composed of oak-leaves, either out of compliment to the Arcadians, whom the oracle calls ‘acorn eaters,’ or because in any campaign in any country it is easy to obtain oak-boughs, or it may be that the oak, sacred to Jupiter the protector of cities, forms a suitable crown for one who has saved the life of a citizen.

In full assurance of his virtue and abilities, Severus, on his death-bed, had conjured him to watch over the prosperity and union of the Imperial family. And to be assured of him, it was reported, that those councellors aduised him to render vp into the French kings hands the towne of Calis, and all that he had else in possession, on the further side of the sea. Invitum qui servat idem facit occidenti—He who saves a man against his will, does the same as if he killed him. After a long peace, Jaroslaus, the great grandson of Igor, resumed the same project of a naval invasion. [131] Xenophon seems to intimate that there were various stories current, which he does not credit, to the disparagement of Menon,–??? ?? u?? ?? ????? ?????? ???? ????? ?????????, etc.

“How did that fellow get here?” asked Pierre. Die Unschuld hat im Himmel einen Freund—Innocence 45 has a friend in heaven. All night long troops were moving past the inn. XXXIII. At Rome at this time the women were praying in all the temples, especially in that of Jupiter in the Capitol, where the noblest ladies in Rome were assembled. It was a week after this skirmish before the army made the advance on Santiago.

The smoke from the camp-fires of a single troop of horse could be seen rising from the ravines, and detachments of our regiments guided by the native scouts would be on the way to reconnoitre within an hour. He had just remembered his recent encounter with the doctor’s wife and the convoy officer. Her head it wounded not, but glanced on to the neck with force so great that for a while the great beast was stunned. Johnston was defending Atlanta and the interior of Georgia with an army, the largest part of which was stationed at Dalton, about 38 miles south of Chattanooga. It is the authoritative, present law, without testing investigation, but yet an ultimate ground on which this moral consciousness rests.

It is merely necessary to select some larger or smaller unit as the subject of observation—as criticism has every right to do, seeing that whatever unit history observes must always be arbitrarily selected. “The soul still indeed remains for some time in bodily garb, but this is only so after the same manner as the potter’s wheel, when the jar is perfected, still turns round from the effect of the previously given impulse.” The soul thus has, according to the Indians, nothing further to do with the body, and its connection therewith is therefore a superfluous one. He found the ground over which he had to pass cut up with deep ravines, and a morass difficult to cross. In particular, we shall get an insight into the relation of the history of Philosophy to the science of Philosophy, and this will be the most interesting point of all. My counsel therefore is, seeing that armed men are everywhere, let us make ourselves as armed men.

Fast and furiously did Grantorto rain his blows upon his adversary. To complete their victory, they rooted out all the remnants of their ancient enemies the Messenians, some of whom had been planted by the Athenians at Naupaktus, others in the island of Kephallenia. But he that honours a reasonable soul in general, as it is reasonable and naturally sociable, doth little regard anything else: and above all things is careful to preserve his own, in the continual habit and exercise both of reason and sociableness: and thereby doth co-operate with him, of whose nature he doth also participate; God. So the histories say, and it is all quite wrong, as anyone who cares to look into the matter can easily convince himself. We then went up a little above the wood, and sat down together on the long sandy grass.

After the battle of Marston Moor he again returned into the Highlands, and there learned the success of Antrim’s labours in Ireland. Within three daies after this, the Calisians met 45 other French ships, and after six houres fight obteined the victorie, taking thrée of the most principall vessels, whereof one being a hulke of Eastland was hired by the Normans, to gard the residue. “But why talk of me?… For I am sure that I never knew him give birth to such fine conceptions, or display so much eloquence, as in the time of his sickness. Dicere etiam solebat, nullum esse librum tam malum, ut non aliqua parte prodesset—He read no book which he did not make extracts from.

The trifling conventions of everyday life were best left undefined by hard-and-fast laws, so that they might from time to time receive corrections or additions from men educated in the spirit of the Lacedaemonian system. This oth receiued of either of them, and therewith hauing made their praiers deuoutlie, they began the battell, first with speares, after with swords, and lastlie with daggers. But Palestine grows in importance every year. My general scheme of action as Governor was given in a letter I wrote one of my supporters among the independent district organization leaders, Norton Goddard, on April 16, 1900.