Nemo doctus mutationem consilii inconstantiam dixit esse—No sensible man ever charged one with inconstancy who had merely changed his opinion.

They proposed to live for happiness, but the word did not bear that coarse and vulgar sense originally which it soon took. The direct consequence of the battle of Borodinó was Napoleon’s senseless flight from Moscow, his retreat along the old Smolénsk road, the destruction of the invading army of five hundred thousand men, and the downfall of Napoleonic France, on which at Borodinó for the first time the hand of an opponent of stronger spirit had been laid. April 26, 1906. “Courage, courage, my friend! He has asked to see you. Eines schickt sich nicht für Alle! / Sehe jeder wie er’s treibe, / Sehe jeder wo er bleibe, / Und wer steht, dass er nicht falle—One thing does not suit every one; let each man see how he gets on, where his limits are; and let him that standeth take heed lest he fall.

In a State or portion of the country not the theatre of actual fighting, and where the civil courts are actually organized and working, there must be some strong reason for sending criminals or State prisoners before a military tribunal; such as that the government had reason to believe that a conspiracy was so powerful as to make an actual present danger of its overthrowing the loyal governments in some of the States before the civil courts could act in the ordinary process of business. The Isle of May, Inchkeith, Inchcolm, Inchgarvie and the islet of Oxcar belong to the shire. The town was bombarded for several days; a few of the inhabitants were killed by an explosion of a bombshell. Arbuthnot, but broke in the casting. Anaxagoras cut open the beast’s skull, and pointed out that its brain did not fill the whole space, but was sunken into the shape of an egg, and all collected at that part from which the horn grew.

This is the first moving and acting spirit of the French Revolution; this is the spirit which animated it at its birth, and this is the spirit which will not desert it till the moment of its dissolution, “which grew with its growth, which strengthened with its strength,” but which has not abated under its misfortunes, nor declined in its decay. “The whole plan of our order should be based on the idea of preparing men of firmness and virtue bound together by unity of conviction—aiming at the punishment of vice and folly, and patronizing talent and virtue: raising worthy men from the dust and attaching them to our Brotherhood. On this account Flaccus, the Sicilian, assigns no improbable conjecture for the origin of the word territory, because the enemy is DETERRED from entering it. But, soft!—Whose pretty boy art thou? Ned. Sir, I am son unto Sir John-a-Barley, Eldest, and all that e’er my mother had; Pg 414Edward my name. K. Patrick was a man of vigor, of conscience, and of system, and though he was greatly desirous of keeping a field command, proved so useful, indeed so necessary a part of the organization, that he was retained in it against his wishes, to the end of the war, each commander of the Army of the Potomac in turn finding that he was indispensable.

Seemann, Flora Vitiensis (London, 1865); and Viti: Account of a Government Mission in the Vitian or Fijian Islands (1860-1861); W.T. Though Pierre, Natásha, Nicholas, Countess Mary, and Denísov had much to talk about that they could not discuss before the old countess—not that anything was hidden from her, but because she had dropped so far behindhand in many things that had they begun to converse in her presence they would have had to answer inopportune questions and to repeat what they had already told her many times: that so-and-so was dead and so-and-so was married, which she would again be unable to remember—yet they sat at tea round the samovar in the drawing room from habit, and Pierre answered the countess’ questions as to whether Prince Vasíli had aged and whether Countess Mary Alexéevna had sent greetings and still thought of them, and other matters that interested no one and to which she herself was indifferent. Rich, not gaudy. Ham., i. The duke of Glocester considering to what conclusion these things tended, came secretlie to conference with the earles of Arundell, Warwike, and Derbie, who were in like danger, if they prouided not more spéedilie for their safetie, wherevpon he discouered to them the perill wherein they all stood in common, so that when they weied what was the most expedient meane to safe gard their liues, they gathered their power togither, determining to talke with the king with their armour vpon their backes, for their more suertie, as well concerning his pretense to bring them to their deaths, as for the fauour which he bare to those whom they reputed to be traitors, both to him, and to the whole state of the realme, whereby the same could not auoid spéedie ruine, if remedie were not the sooner prouided. Things were not cheerful in the Rostóvs’ home.

Throughout the land Italian scholars preached the gospel of the Renaissance. “Countess Apráksina, poor thing, has lost her husband and she has cried her eyes out,” she said, growing more and more lively. It has his autograph and copious MSS. The fortunate soil assisted, and even prevented, the hand of cultivation. I am going into the service of the king’s daughter.

Faire prose sans le savoir—To speak prose 50 without knowing it. Horne determined to devote two days to the scene of the late events at Antwerp. From these causes were derived, 1. If the realm of human knowledge were confined to abstract reasoning, then having subjected to criticism the explanation of “power” that juridical science gives us, humanity would conclude that power is merely a word and has no real existence.