Harrison being asked if he would own the new protectoral government, answered fiercely, “No!” and Cromwell was obliged to send him to his own house in the country, and afterwards to commit him also to the Tower.

I formerly tried to employ in the service of public affairs opinions and rules of living, as rough, new, unpolished or unpolluted, as they were either born with me, or brought away from my education, and wherewith I serve my own turn, if not so commodiously, at least securely, in my own particular concerns: a scholastic and novice virtue; but I have found them unapt and dangerous. Words, or signs, importing the same meaning as words, are generally taken for conceptions of the mind, yet it is no lie for any man to utter a falsehood, which he believes to be true; but the propagation of a truth, which any one believes to be false, IN HIM amounts to a lie. The intelligence of the mysterious fate of the late emperor was soon carried from the frontiers of Persia to Rome; and the senate, as well as the provinces, congratulated the accession of the sons of Carus. But in the friendship I speak of, they mix and work themselves into one piece, with so universal a mixture, that there is no more sign of the seam by which they were first conjoined. But the princess, if she did not again thank him in words, thanked him with the whole expression of her face, radiant with gratitude and tenderness.

I knew some who never advanced farther in the spiritual process because they grew impatient, and sought means of consolation. But Vane, to whom was entrusted the naval affairs, commissioned Blake, Dean, and Monk, three army officers, who showed themselves as able at sea as on land, to look after him, and the victories of Cromwell in Ireland warned him in the autumn to remove. Once at a standstill they all seemed to understand that they did not yet know where they were going, and that much that was painful and difficult awaited them on this journey. Elohim is the name of the ruler of all. The absent one is an ideal person; those who are present seem to one another to be quite commonplace.

“I said that a fallen woman should be forgiven, but I didn’t say I could forgive her. There is no part of the world from whence we may not admire these planets, which roll, like ours, in different orbits round the same central sun; … Foreign commerce, it is true, entailed considerable risk, but the chances of acquiring wealth were so great that many individuals launched upon it in preference to more sure but less lucrative undertakings. The English navy, though more gradually developed, is an equally good illustration of the movement. “What marvels!” she exclaimed, but hearing her master’s voice she turned back, pulling down her tucked-up skirt.

The investigation of standing timber in the United States by the Bureau of Corporations furnished for the first time a positive knowledge of the facts. Use almost can change the stamp of nature, / And either curb the devil or throw him out. Ham., iii. Yet sir Thomas Percie, and sir Hugh Caluerlie, with sir William Elmham, and certeine others escaped, but cruellie tormented with vnmercifull tempest: and before sir Thomas Percie could get to land, after the sea was quieted, he was assaulted by a Spaniard, against whome he so defended himselfe, that in the end he tooke the Spanish vessell, and brought hir, with all that he found aboord in hir, vnto the next shore, and sold the same for an hundred pounds, and without long delaie, tooke the sea, & passed ouer to Brest, of which fortresse he was capteine, iointlie with sir Hugh Caluerlie, and therefore doubting least some inconuenience might chance thereto now in both their absence, he made the more hast, not taking rest till he came thither, |726| not­with­stand­ing his passed painefull trauels. But the law of history relates to man. Mademoiselle Bourienne was often touched to tears as in imagination she told this story to him, her seducer.

It must have at least followed soon after.