A rude âne rude ânier—A stubborn driver to a stubborn ass.

He that is embarked with the devil must sail with him. Dut. Ex malis moribus bonæ leges natæ sunt—From bad manners good laws have sprung. Countess Mary followed her. I do not blame your reserve, and that for two reasons. [Footnote: Official Records, vol.

Other writers have not acquitted his intention in the government of affairs from ambition and revenge; and even his friends were afraid that victory would have transported him beyond the bounds of reason, but not to so immeasurable a degree as theirs; nothing in his life threatened such express cruelty and tyranny. “Charming!” said Anna Pávlovna with an inquiring glance at the little princess. That of England was under the command of Monk, Dean, Penn, and Lawson; that of Holland under Van Tromp, De Ruyter, De Witt, and Evertsens. Oroondates now put himself in motion against the Ethiopians, commanding Achæmenes to follow him, who was watched and guarded without his knowing it, till it should appear whether the information he had given were true. He also had secret negotiations with the Gauls who dwell near the Ister, called Basternae, a nation of warlike horsemen, and by means of Genthius their king he endeavoured to induce the Illyrians to take part in the war.

The interesting description which he himself gives of his residence at Skillus, implies a state of things not present and continuing,[293] but past and gone; other testimonies too, though confused and contradictory, seem to show that the Lacedæmonian settlement at Skillus lasted no longer than the power of Lacedæmon was adequate to maintain it. God, being pleased to show us, that the good have something else to hope for and the wicked something else to fear, than the fortunes or misfortunes of this world, manages and applies these according to His own occult will and pleasure, and deprives us of the means foolishly to make thereof our own profit. Dismounting from his horse and leading it up to him he begged him to take it and preserve his life, at a time when the State especially needed a wise ruler. Chesney’s Report on the Euphrates, and by Reichard higher up the river, near Bir–see Ritter, Erdkunde, part x, B. The result was that two Bills were passed, called the Bill of Sales and the Ministers Bill.

It is surprising, that as soon as the bitterness of any new mode of mortification was exhausted, another kind was pointed to me, and I was inwardly led to pursue it. And I59 agree with them in this, but also think it might to some extent be remedied, as water for irrigation is close at hand. “Well, then,” continued he, “I will give you an account of it; for we have abundance of leisure. The appropriate tomb that marks his resting place in the Nieuwe Kerk at Delft, symbolical of his learning, genius, and renown, was erected in 1781. This commendable and generous custom is observed of the Persian nation, that they spoke of their mortal enemies and with whom they were at deadly war, as honourably and justly as their virtues deserved.

We should have a good navy, and our sea-coast defences should be put in the finest possible condition. Roosevelt, you will understand that there are no politics in politics.” In the politics to which he was referring this remark could be taken literally. He made an attempt also to secure the fleet, inducing the Earl of Warwick to surrender the command to Admiral Pennington, but only five captains consented, and these were speedily secured and superseded.