I then joined my family, who were in the Adirondacks, near the foot of Mount Tahawus.

Boats containing a hundred Dutch soldiers surrounded his barge as it dropped down the river. I telegraphed to Washington this night, notifying General Halleck of my arrival, and asking to have General Sherman assigned to the command of the Army of the Tennessee, headquarters in the field. What we snatch but now and then is always new, and always in full beauty. The latter comedy (1804) brought him into trouble with the Inquisition; the former (1806) established his fame by its character-drawing, its graceful ingenuity, and witty dialogue. The government, however, overcame this difficulty by introducing a bill of attainder, which after a long and acrimonious discussion passed through both Houses of Parliament.

The stern temper of Galerius was cast in a very different mould; and while he commanded the esteem of his subjects, he seldom condescended to solicit their affections. I wean myself daily by my reason from this childish and inhuman humour, of desiring by our sufferings to move the compassion and mourning of our friends: we stretch our own incommodities beyond their just extent when we extract tears from others; and the constancy which we commend in every one in supporting his adverse fortune, we accuse and reproach in our friends when the evil is our own; we are not satisfied that they should be sensible of our condition only, unless they be, moreover, afflicted. Nunquam se plus agere, quam nihil quum ageret; nunquam minus solum esse, quam quum solus esset—He said he never had more to do than when he had nothing to do, and never was less alone than when alone. Pierre turned away with repugnance, and closing his eyes quickly fell back on the carriage seat. Niemand ist mehr Sklave, als der sich für frei hält ohne es zu sein—No one is more a slave than he who considers himself free without being so.

[547] Xen. As Pierre passed through the fence gate, he was enveloped by hot air and involuntarily stopped. There are two kinds of genius. The money was not paid to them directly, but was expended judiciously and for their benefit. A cannon ball, flying close to him, caused him to duck and bend over his horse.

The Pope was anxious for peace between the two Kings, because he wanted Louis to devote himself to the suppression of the Albigensian disorders in the county of Toulouse and its dependencies. We see, or at least divine in it, that essential connection in which the individual events have their place and relation to an end or aim, and in this way obtain significance. And above all things, it is in good accord with the conditions of these present days.