This is the age of specialists, and just in proportion as one appreciates the full meaning of special knowledge of any subject in its modern interpretation, must he feel the hopelessness of attempting to gain more than a general knowledge in a variety of fields.

That only, we know, is fine art which affords keen and permanent delight to contemplation. “Ah! Breathing again, breathing!” he muttered to himself. For that diffusion of it is a [-r~Jo-tc] or an extension. After some days’ sail they arrived at an island at the mouth of the river Ister, where they found the Argo at anchor, and surrounded her with their numerous ships. NecessitĂ  ‘l c’ induce, e non diletto—Necessity, not pleasure, brings him here.

Accensa domo proximi, tua quoque periclitatur—When the house of your neighbour is on fire, your own is in danger. While commanding in West Tennessee we had occasionally held conversations over the wires, at night, when they were not being otherwise used. In recounting the various revolts of the dependencies of Athens which took place during the Peloponnesian war, I had occasion to point out more than once that all of them took place not merely in the absence of any Athenian force, but even at the instigation[p. Finally, the spiritual needs of the nation were satisfied by a vast mythological system which is lost in the night of time, and on the basis of which innumerable epic tales were developed. “Yes.

The constitution of the Imperial legion may be described in a few words. Nor was any ambitious candidate likely to volunteer his pretensions, at a moment when the post promised nothing but the maximum of difficulty as well as of hazard. Not that it is merely everywhere; it is not to be comprehended as what is common to everything, as an external totality, to be found in many or in all individuals, which are essentially individuals; but it must be understood as that which permeates through everything, as the unity of itself and of a semblance of its “other,” as of the subjective and particular. His military regulations are contained in a very concise epistle to one of his inferior officers, who is commanded to enforce them, as he wishes to become a tribune, or as he is desirous to live. A river which opens into this region and separates it from the sunlit earth, finds its source in the primordial waters into whose bosom this world of ours is plunged.

[416] ??????? ??u???u?????? (Simonides ap. EXECUTION OF SIR CHARLES LUCAS AND SIR GEORGE LISLE. “I am come to let thee crush the lords of the sands who live in the lagunes; to let thee lead the dwellers upon the sand into captivity. At the entrance to the Arbát Square an immense expanse of dark starry sky presented itself to his eyes. Amid the barren deserts of Arabia, a few cultivated spots rise like islands out of the sandy ocean.

When he related anything it was generally some old and evidently precious memory of his “Christian” life, as he called his peasant existence. Gie him tow enough and he’ll hang himsel’, i.e., give him enough of his own way. Had they not been restrained by motives of a more interested nature, they would probably have answered Galerius in the words of Caesar’s veterans: “If our general wishes to lead us to the banks of the Tyber, we are prepared to trace out his camp. The first instance of this is in Homer’s Iliad, where Achilles speaks of having dedicated his hair to the river Spercheius. Their temples were always open for any pious worshipper to enter, and on their altars public sacrifices were offered for the welfare of the state or city.

XXI. Perikles, however, restrained these outbursts, and would not allow the people to meddle with foreign states, but used the power of Athens chiefly to preserve and guard her already existing empire, thinking it to be of paramount importance to oppose the Lacedaemonians, a task to which he bent all his energies, as is proved by many of his acts, especially in connection with the Sacred War.