This was ominous, and during the interval the ambassadors of Austria and the Pope advised James not to quarrel with the Parliament.

Insouciance—Indifference. 111 For it is somewhat singular, that, in every age, the best and wisest of the Roman governors persevered in this pernicious method of collecting the principal branches at least of the excise and customs. Es liesse sich Alles trefflich schlichten, Könnte man die Sachen zweimal verrichten—Everything could be beautifully adjusted if matters could be a second time arranged. That it being so that my mother was to die young, yet she lived with me all her latter years. Platonics, followers of Plato.

Ira quæ tegitur nocet; / Professa perdunt 40 odia vindictæ locum—Resentment which is concealed is dangerous; hatred avowed loses its opportunity of revenge. This independence of condition gave them independence of mind, and it was amongst this class that the strongest resistance to the dominance and intolerance of the squirearchy was found. With the natural capacity of an Italian for changing the expression of his face at will, he drew nearer to the portrait and assumed a look of pensive tenderness.