“And the fete at the English ambassador’s? Today is Wednesday.

Kirby frequently made his appearance at Court, but Charles always passed him without notice. Wer dir als Freund nichts nützen kann / Kann allemal als Feind dir schaden—He who can do you no service as a friend, can always work you harm as an enemy. If one were to list the wonders of the world in our day, the legitimate number would swell far beyond the classical estimate of seven; but it may be doubted if among them all there would be any more justly accounted wonderful than these same pyramids. Munus ornare verbis—To enhance the value of a present by words. My walking is quick and firm; and I know not which of the two, my mind or my body, I have most to do to keep in the same state.

Accordingly, on the next day, about the first hour of the day, I came from Tarichee, and found the multitude already assembled in the Proseucha; but on what account they were gotten together, those that were assembled did not know. The province of Gaul seems, and indeed only seems, an exception to this universal toleration. Shame at length supplied the place of courage, and forced him to take the field. A jest’s prosperity lies in the ear / Of him that hears it, never in the tongue / Of him that makes it. Love’s L. On reaching Petersburg Pierre did not let anyone know of his arrival, he went nowhere and spent whole days in reading Thomas à Kempis, whose book had been sent him by someone unknown.

IV., i. “But, my dear boy, among other things you are too attentive to the other, the blonde. Nevertheless, as to cannon-shot, when a body of men are drawn up in the face of a train of artillery, as the occasion of war often requires, it is unhandsome to quit their post to avoid the danger, forasmuch as by reason of its violence and swiftness we account it inevitable; and many a one, by ducking, stepping aside, and such other motions of fear, has been, at all events, sufficiently laughed at by his companions. The defence, however, was vigorous; and night coming on, the enemy was thrown into as much confusion as our troops, engaged, were. Light is light, though the blind man doesn’t 15 see it. Ger.

That in the captain’s but a choleric word, / Which in the soldier is flat blasphemy. Meas. It is not generally used pure, as its odor needs some correction. It is easy to see, however, that an expedition proposed under these circumstances by Kleon, though it might command a majority in the public assembly, would have a large proportion of the citizens unfavorable to it, and even wishing that it might fail. Todte Hunde beissen nicht—Dead dogs don’t bite. With the few friends—and you could count them on the fingers of one hand—with whom he chose to be really intimate, he expanded to a certain amount; to all those he really liked he was a first-rate and staunch friend.

But the Cynics so enforced that negative moment[481] that they placed freedom in actual renunciation of so-called superfluities; they only recognized this abstract unmoving independence, which did not concern itself with enjoyment or the interests of an ordinary life. Natásha kept looking uneasily at everybody with wide-open eyes, as if wishing to intercept every glance directed toward her, and tried to appear the same as usual. After you have said all and believed all has been said to its prejudice, it produces so intestine an inclination in opposition to your best arguments that you have little power to resist it; for, as Cicero says, even those who most controvert it, would yet that the books they write about it should visit the light under their own names, and seek to derive glory from seeming to despise it. Much of Mr. “Hurrah! Rostóv, come quick! I’ve found it! About two hundred yards away there’s a tavern where ours have already gathered.

His deep sonorous voice rolled down through the darkness from above us,–an earnest, measured voice, the more solemn, the more impressive, because we could not see the speaker, and it came to us literally as “a voice in the night,”–the night of our country’s unspeakable trial. The sea-snail and pearl-oyster belong to the water; so that that which was below changed and became high; that which was soft changed and became hard. When on the following morning the Emperor said to the officers assembled about him: “You have not only saved Russia, you have saved Europe!” they all understood that the war was not ended. We have crossed a few irrigating ditches full to overflowing with water, and see a few orchards and vineyards with their bright green scattered about on the yellow plains. When Borís and Anna Pávlovna returned to the others Prince Hippolyte had the ear of the company.

I admired his continual prayer without being able to comprehend it. Ewig jung zu bleiben / Ist, wie Dichter schreiben / Hochstes Lebensgut; / Willst du es erwerben / Musst du frühe sterben—To continue eternally young is, as poets write, the highest bliss of life; wouldst thou attain to it, thou must die young. In this prosperous period, according to Herodotus (III., 39), it possessed a fleet of a hundred ships.