Ne faut-il que délibérer? / La cour en conseillers 5 foisonne: / Est-il besoin d’exécuter? / L’on ne rencontre personne—Is a matter to be discussed? the council chamber is full of advisers.

Nichtswürdig ist die Nation, die nicht / Ihr Alles freudig setzt an ihre Ehre—Worthless is the nation that does not gladly stake its all on its honour. Heroism is the brilliant triumph of the soul 25 over fear; fear of poverty, of suffering, of calumny, of sickness, of isolation and death…. We all got out and went anxiously into this building, and saw nothing but the objectionable signs of cattle having been there, and Richard (who was our guide) looked round in a profound meditation, and then he nodded his head, and muttered these few words, “I see, IPg 125 see; I am perfectly satisfied;” and then he turned round, and we all mounted our wretched carts again to the next possible roadside “tap,” where our horses were fed and rested, and we got some eggs and rice and beer, and then we all laughed immensely and chaffed him about having brought us all that way to see—what? I joined the others for fun; but then I knew, because he had told me. This work, however, afforded her sufficient excuse, according to Egyptian custom, to attribute the whole structure to herself, and the opinion she had of her own powers is exhibited with great naïveté in her inscriptions. It is almost impossible to trace the line between unfairness and unfaithfulness; between intentional misrepresentation and undesigned false coloring.

To her remarks about his mother’s health he made no reply. And it is almost certain that, among the nations of oriental antiquity themselves, the art of decorating solid walls so as to please the eye with patterns and presentations of natural objects was borrowed from the precedent of an older art which works in easier materials, namely, the art of the weaver. To be extolled by the entire press of the South after every engagement, and by a portion of the press North with equal vehemence, was calculated to give him the entire confidence of his troops and to make him feared by his antagonists. All was now in readiness. For even these discourses left us by antiquity upon this subject, seem to me flat and poor, in comparison of the sense I have of it, and in this particular, the effects surpass even the precepts of philosophy.

Let ae deil ding (beat) anither. Sc.