We have an example of the case in Tacitus.

Morgan was soon to be sent with a division to Cumberland Gap. Another voice, that of a nobleman of medium height and about forty years of age, whom Pierre had formerly met at the gypsies’ and knew as a bad cardplayer, and who, also transformed by his uniform, came up to Pierre, interrupted Adráksin. The rebel force moved down the valley, and sent a raiding party into Pennsylvania which on the 30th burned Chambersburg, and then retreated, pursued by our cavalry, towards Cumberland. And so they would have continued, of their own accord,–since they could gain but little, and were likely to lose all the security of their traffic, by her hostility,–had they not been forced to commence the war by Eteonikus, the Lacedæmonian harmost in the island;[711] one amidst many examples of the manner in which the smaller Grecian states were dragged into war, without any motive of their own, by the ambition of the greater,–by Sparta as well as by Athens.[712] With the concurrence of the ephors, Eteonikus authorized and encouraged all Æginetans to fit out privateers for depredation on Attica; which aggression the[p. A stately coach it was, like to that which, as it was said of old, Queen Juno rode with six peacocks, spreading out great starry tails, for horses.

But after that Aaron was always absent till seven or eight in the evening, when he would return to his tea. The Karso air was now charming, so that we went up there for awhile, and went over again to Duino and Monfalcone. I believe it so thoroughly that I question whether he would have been content to have been deprived of the occasion of so brave an exploit; and if the goodness that made him embrace the public concern more than his own, withheld me not, I should easily fall into an opinion that he thought himself obliged to fortune for having put his virtue upon so brave a trial, and for having favoured that theif—[Caesar]—in treading underfoot the ancient liberty of his country. I have a domestic interest in this discourse; for my brother, the Sieur de Mattecoulom, was at Rome asked by a gentleman with whom he had no great acquaintance, and who was a defendant challenged by another, to be his second; in this duel he found himself matched with a gentleman much better known to him. “They want more!” croaked Napoleon frowning.

Parliament met on the 10th of May, Lord Camden being now lord chancellor. It was towards the close of this autumn also that Periklês, chosen by the people for the purpose, delivered the funeral oration at the public interment of those warriors who had fallen during the campaign. For he made equality of rights essential in the Athenian constitution, and himself refused the tyranny. The new ‘tributary principality’ of Bulgaria Proper, as I suppose we must call her, will not be satisfied with quasi-independence. Suva and Levuka have each a municipal government, and there are native district and village councils.

If it were not for respect to human opinions, I would not open my window to see the Bay of Naples for the first time, whilst I would go five hundred leagues to talk with a man of genius whom I had not seen. Mme. Envy ne’er does a gude turn but when it means an ill ane. Sc. The telegrapher had barely time to send a message, break the connection of the wires, and hurry away to escape capture. On his arrival, by means of the money paid by Cyrus, he raised the pay of his sailors from three obols a day to four. By this reconciliation I also wished to show that I was in the habit of sacrificing my own sensitiveness to the good of the cause.

People were anxiously roaming about the streets. The Canary (Serinus canarius) is indigenous to the islands whence it takes its name, as well, apparently, as to the neighbouring groups of the Madeiras and Azores, in all of which it abounds. The Emperor hoped that such a brilliant victory would induce the Allies to prolong the war; but, as it produced no such effect, he was obliged to comply.