“That abbé is very interesting but he does not see the thing in the right light….

Madness is the last stage of human debasement. 45 It is the abdication of humanity. The soldiers, swinging their arms and keeping time spontaneously, marched with long steps. When he came to Pella, his treasurers Euktus and Eulaeus met him and blamed him for what had happened, and in an outspoken and unseasonable way gave him advice: at which he was so much enraged that he stabbed them both dead with his dagger. Et vitam impendere vero—Stake even life for truth. The great instrument in this sweeping usurpation was the Lord Chief Justice Jeffreys, a man admirably calculated for the work by his power of coaxing, jeering, browbeating, and terrifying the reluctant corporations.

The Greeks believed that the home of this their mighty and all-powerful deity was on the top of Mount Olympus, that high and lofty mountain between Thessaly and Macedon, whose summit, wrapt in clouds and mist, was hidden from mortal view. “Yes… What is conscience and the perception of right and wrong in actions that follows from the consciousness of freedom? That is a question for ethics. XI. The Cretans call this institution of taking meals in common andreia, which means men’s repast; but the Lacedaemonians call it phiditia, which can either be explained as another form of philia, friendship, putting a d for an l, from the friendly feelings which prevailed at them, or else because it accustomed them to frugality, which is called pheido.