The whole was the most shameful scene of waste of the public money, neglect of vessels and of men, of utter indolence on the part of the Crown, and consequent negligence on the part of the authorities; of scandalous corruption in many of them, and knavery and peculation in contractors.

But this was a political and not a moral precept. Tanto brevius omne tempus, quanto felicius—The 35 happier the moments the shorter. “But how often I have felt proud of her, proud of her majestic beauty and social tact,” thought he; “been proud of my house, in which she received all Petersburg, proud of her unapproachability and beauty. Four Translations have appeared in English, by Thomas Underdowne, Lond., 1587; W. Mortuo leoni et lepores insultant—Even hares insult a dead lion.

By suchlike arguments, weak and strong, as Cicero with the disease of his old age, I try to rock asleep and amuse my imagination, and to dress its wounds. The first requisition addressed by the Lacedæmonians to Athens was a political manoeuvre aimed at Periklês, their chief opponent in that city. Hartsuff, an officer of the regular army, who was well qualified to supplement in many ways the abilities and deficiencies of his chief. In the meantime, they declared, that they would give orders for their troops to be ready for actual115 service.” Now, I would ask gentlemen to lay their hands upon their hearts, and say with candor what the true and fair construction of this declaration was–whether it was not a menace and an insult to France, since, in direct terms, it declared, that whenever the other powers should concur, they would attack France, then at peace with them, and then employed only in domestic and in internal regulations? Let us suppose the case to be that of Great Britain.