True humour springs not more from the head 10 than from the heart; it is not contempt, its essence is love; it issues not in laughter, but in still smiles, which lie far deeper.

231 Dyce suggests that Greene here meant scholars. Yet during the time of a nation’s vitality this attempted damming up of the stream of progress results in, at most, a temporary stasis, since now and again the stress of new ideas suffices to burst the bonds. Reason is of a diffusive nature, what itself is in itself, it begets in others, and so doth multiply. The Tallahatchie, which confronted me, was very high, the railroad bridge destroyed and Pemberton strongly fortified on the south side. Within Parliament itself the power of laying taxes had undergone further differentiation in that the House of Commons claimed the sole right of initiating tax levies.

Public opinion is a weak tyrant compared with our own private opinion. “April 26. I then wrote to my friends in Samaria, to take care that they might safely pass through the country: for Samaria was already under the Romans, and it was absolutely necessary for those that go quickly [to Jerusalem] to pass through that country; for in that road you may, in three days’ time, go from Galilee to Jerusalem. Having sounded, and found they had only five fathoms water, they took in their sails. Since the war it is known that the result, as it was, was a crushing blow to the enemy, and felt by him much more than it was appreciated at the North.

The readers always take their places in an open verandah, and the people in large numbers seat themselves around within hearing distance.