But when the time for a new election of stratêgi arrived, the enemies of Periklês opposed his reëlection, and brought a charge against him, in that trial of accountability to which every magistrate at Athens was exposed, after his period of office.

Mens conscia recti—A mind conscious of rectitude. Pierre looked at him and had not time to turn away when the old man, opening his eyes, fixed his steady and severe gaze straight on Pierre’s face. Nam vitiis nemo sine nascitur; optimus ille est, / Qui minimis urgetur—No man is born without faults; he is the best who is influenced by the fewest. I desired a sight of it, but could not obtain it. Broken friendships may be sowthered (soldered), but never sound. Sc.

Kein Ding ist so schlecht, dass es nicht zu etwas nützen sollte—There’s nothing so bad as not to be of service for something. / More helpful by their infinite reaching forth / Than all completed thinking. Dr. They have shown, too, that they are alive to the feelings of honor; but they do not lose sight of plain good sense and discretion. The long and narrow tract of the African coast was filled with frequent monuments of Roman art and magnificence; and the respective degrees of improvement might be accurately measured by the distance from Carthage and the Mediterranean. During the autumn of the same year, the epidemic disorder, after having intermitted for some time, resumed its ravages at Athens, and continued for one whole year longer, to the sad ruin both of the strength and the comfort of the city.

But thy eyes were too penetrating not to detect the subtilty. There is on our book-shelves a little pre-Victorian novel or tale called “The Semi-Attached Couple.” It is told with much humor; it is a story of gentlefolk who are really gentlefolk; and to me it is altogether delightful. It served the Louvestein faction in the Netherlands, however, with a pretext to injure Marlborough, by casting a medal bearing the portrait of the Prince, and on the reverse the lines of Schellenberg. These painful restraints are, doubtless, infringed by the libertine, and eluded by the hypocrite; but the legislator, by whom they are enacted, cannot surely be accused of alluring his proselytes by the indulgence of their sensual appetites. The ridge once gained, the path so hard of 35 late / Runs easy on, and level with the gate (to virtue).

Ante senectutem curavi, ut bene viverem; in senectute, ut bene moriar—Before old age, it was my chief care to live well; in old age, it is to die well. “Tacitus Augustus, the gods preserve thee! we choose thee for our sovereign; to thy care we intrust the republic and the world. The wise man knows that he does not know; the ignoramus thinks he knows. Sp. Thus, of Paolo Veronese’s Wedding Feast he writes:–“There are admirable heads, and almost all of them seem portraits. Two of his generals suggested surrender, and the other two practically did the same.

And turning to his men he directed a party to go on to the halting place arranged near the watchman’s hut in the forest, and told the officer on the Kirghíz horse (who performed the duties of an adjutant) to go and find out where Dólokhov was and whether he would come that evening. They denounced the selfish and iniquitous policy pursued by Korkyra, not less in the matter of Epidamnus, than in all former time,105–which was the real reason why she had ever been ashamed of honest allies. He sought to obtain the undivided possession of Palermo, of which one moiety had been ceded to the elder branch; struggled to enlarge his Calabrian limits beyond the measure of former treaties; and impatiently watched the declining health of his cousin William of Apulia, the grandson of Robert. He himself was accused of the same things which he had so liberally and unjustly accused me, and even things much worse, and with more noise and outcry. In the peaceful prosperity of his reign, the cities of Asia were adorned with palaces and hospitals with moschs and colleges; few departed from his Divan without reward, and none without justice.

By the time they reached Boguchárovo, Dessalles and the little prince had already left for Moscow. He asked for a year, during which he learned the Persian language sufficiently to talk to the king without an interpreter. “Mr. Stanley’s account of the puny and insignificant streamlet which he was told was the Rusizi river, shows that it cannot be taken to have any weight whatever on the solution of the great enigma.