It had been occupied by a powerful colony of Gauls, who, settling themselves along the banks of the Po, from Piedmont to Romagna, carried their arms and diffused their name from the Alps to the Apennine.

The gods of the richest and most ancient principalities naturally enjoyed the greatest popularity.

“Russia has perished. Cervantes satirising in prose and Cervantes satirising in verse are as distinct as Samson unshorn and Samson with his hair cut. She is not worthy to be loved that hath not 5 some feeling of her own worthiness. Sir P. Nothing was gained by them from beautiful scenery, nor was there any fear from the beasts of prey. “The artillery of the Sind district is now commanded by a lieutenant-colonel, residing at head-quarters.

When he became king, his first act was to disband the body-guard of three hundred men, whom Romulus always had kept about his person, who were called Celeres, that is, swift; for Numa would not distrust a loyal people nor reign over a disloyal one. Leaving the Seres to guard the elephants, they sprang out of the ranks, and advanced swiftly towards the enemy. During the war of 1842 we facetiously said that it was rank murder to attack the Chinese troops with any missiles but oranges. Beyond a second ridge of the same mountains, they spread the flame of war, rather than the light of religion, as far as the shores of the Euxine, and the neighborhood of Constantinople. There was more justification for the assault at Vicksburg.

December 18, 1858.—Attempted secession of Panama. Whence it comes to pass that if I happen to do anything commendable, I attribute it more to my fortune than industry, forasmuch as I design everything by chance and in fear. There were two other canals with sluices at their mouths, from the lake to the river, which were alternately shut and opened when the Nile increased or decreased. During the night of the 20th General Taylor had established a battery, consisting of two twenty-four-pounder howitzers and a ten inch mortar, at a point from which they could play upon Black Fort. As the legislative authority of the particular churches was insensibly superseded by the use of councils, the bishops obtained by their alliance a much larger share of executive and arbitrary power; and as soon as they were connected by a sense of their common interest, they were enabled to attack with united vigor, the original rights of their clergy and people.

“Your honor, there he is!” cried one of the hussars behind him. After which the naming takes place. At midday on the twenty-second of October Pierre was going uphill along the muddy, slippery road, looking at his feet and at the roughness of the way. Barber, the instrument-maker of Wapping, however, was taken, and declared that he had never understood that the design was against the king, but only against the duke. Vicksburg, as stated before, is on the first high land coming to the river’s edge, below that on which Memphis stands.

Rostóv rose and went up to Telyánin. The box was put down upon two chairs, the supporters who had borne it retiring a pace each. At first, the Trachinians were disposed to throw themselves on the protection of Athens; but not feeling sufficiently assured as to the way in which she would deal with them, they joined with the Dorians in claiming aid from Sparta: in fact, it does not appear that Athens, possessing naval superiority only, and being inferior on land, could have given them effective aid.



When man steps outside this circle of education, he enters into that of the constitution of a State which likewise contributes to keep everyone within the bounds of law and order, so that political virtue is a result of the education of youth.

Sicily, whence the Royalists had been expelled, was subjugated by General Filangieri (q.v.), and the chief cities were bombarded, an expedient which won for Ferdinand the epithet of “King Bomba.” During the last years of his reign espionage and arbitrary arrests prevented all serious manifestations of discontent among his subjects.

These operations were directed with prudence and energy: in his homeward voyage George lost nineteen of his galleys, which were separated and taken: after an obstinate defence, Corfu implored the clemency of her lawful sovereign; nor could a ship, a soldier, of the Norman prince, be found, unless as a captive, within the limits of the Eastern empire. Pétya replied that he wanted the French lad who had been captured that day. Anatole glanced round at his sister and rose submissively, ready to follow Pierre. A second sacrifice gave yet worse promise; and on the third, the terrified prophet exclaimed, “Agesilaus, the revelation before us imports that we are actually in the midst of our enemies.” They still continued to sacrifice, but victims were now offered to the averting and preserving gods, with prayers that these latter, by tutelary interposition, would keep off the impending peril. The forces of Dundee consisted of about three thousand Highlanders, and a body of Irish, under an officer of the name of Cannon, amounting to about three hundred, an ill-armed and ragged rabble whom James had sent over instead of the efficient regiments for which Dundee had so earnestly prayed.

They securely reposed, amidst the broken trophies of Cimbric and Armenian victories, till the beginning of the tenth century; when the fortifications, which might afford a dangerous shelter to the Saracens, were demolished by the people of Naples. To seize and put into words, to describe directly the life of humanity or even of a single nation, appears impossible. The members of the Urban Club gave Richard a dinner and welcome on the 15th of June at St. John’s Gate, Clerkenwell. They boldly entered the Imperial presence, with the fatal purse hanging down from the neck of Orestes; who interrogated the eunuch Chrysaphius, as he stood beside the throne, whether he recognized the evidence of his guilt. The official correspondence shows that the President went back to Washington determined to cut the knot in a peremptory way, if he was forced to do so.

When he declaimed against the peculiar vices of the rich, poverty might obtain a transient consolation from his invectives; but the guilty were still sheltered by their numbers; and the reproach itself was dignified by some ideas of superiority and enjoyment. And so on in passages where the darkness grows denser at every line. ‘Tis likely we do not well know what beauty is in nature and in general, since to our own human beauty we give so many divers forms, of which, were there any natural rule and prescription, we should know it in common, as the heat of the fire. Nihil scriptum miraculi causa—Nothing is written here to excite wonder, or for effect.



This happened in the year 650, for it must have been in the April of that year that Bel-ibni was appointed governor of the lands on the coast.

“Always busy,” replied Michael Ivánovich with a respectfully ironic smile which caused Princess Mary to turn pale.

The inconstant goddess, who so blindly distributes and resumes her favors, had now consented (such was the language of envious flattery) to resign her wings, to descend from her globe, and to fix her firm and immutable throne on the banks of the Tyber. Finally Heney laid before me a report which convinced me of the truth of his statements. The decree for the Armenians was published on the 22nd of November 1439; they accepted the filioque and the Athanasian creed, rejected Monophysitism and Monothelitism, agreed to the developed scholastic doctrine concerning the seven sacraments, and conformed their calendar to the Western in certain points. To Robert Guiscard, the conquest of Sicily was more glorious than beneficial: the possession of Apulia and Calabria was inadequate to his ambition; and he resolved to embrace or create the first occasion of invading, perhaps of subduing, the Roman empire of the East. “Nature, although it is quite inanimate, performs the office of preparing the soul for its freedom, just as it is the function of milk—of a substance having no sensation—to nourish the calf.” The Sanc’hya makes the following simile.

A pictorial version of the scene of the Westminster Election, 1741, dedicated “to the brave Admiral Vernon and his worthy colleague, Charles Edwin, Esq.,” appeared with a copy of verses “To the Independent and Worthy Electors of this Ancient City of Westminster.” The candidates are exhibited before the front of Covent Garden Church; in the pediment is shown a dial, with the motto which at that time caught the eye of the moving crowd, “So Passes Ye Glory of Ye World.” Seated at a table in the portico beneath, are the poll clerks, with the returning officer casting up the votes: one clerk is directing a list to be set down in the “Poll Book” for “Vernon and Edwin;” while the representative of the other side says, “Few for my Lord.” Vernon’s ships, and the benefit of increased commerce in the shape of bales of merchandise, are shown in the distance; the favoured admiral himself, with laced cocked hat and a staff in his right hand, is declaring, “For the Glory of Britain, down with the Spaniards.” In front of the platform, and next the popular favourite, stands Charles Edwin, who is declaring his sentiments to be for “My King and my Country.” The candidates of the opposition are received with enthusiasm: “Vernon for ever, no dribbers here;” “Edwin at home, Vernon abroad,” is shouted by the persons to the left of the picture. In place of the huiles antiques named (i.e., fine oils saturated with the odors of the corresponding flowers) any other233 huile antique may be used and the cream then called by the name of the flower whose odor it possesses. In a personal interview before they left I had explained to the officers in command that I believed the trip would be one of absolute peace, but that they were to take exactly the same precautions against sudden attack of any kind as if we were at war with all the nations of the earth; and that no excuse of any kind would be accepted if there were a sudden attack of any kind and we were taken unawares. The olla podrida of the perfumer is made from the remnants of the aromatic vegetable substances after their extraction with alcohol, petroleum ether, etc. The entire body of Athenians were now assembled within the walls, and if he refused to convoke the ekklesia, they might easily have met in the Pnyx, without him; for which it would not have been difficult at such a juncture to provide plausible justification.

tintillon and F. In the darkness of night she went on board the Argo, and warned the heroes of their approaching danger. The men, women, and children in this room worked by day and far on into the evening, and they slept and ate there. “The Hindi Moslem, from whose manuscript Dr. Herklots’ translation was made, concludes the Unjun section as follows: ‘I myself place no faith in such unjuns and hazeeruts (spirit-summonings). He was forced to yield the two last-named places, and concentrate his army on Kenesaw, where, on the 27th, Generals Thomas and McPherson made a determined but unsuccessful assault.

All moved forward simultaneously on the morning of the 29th. Once indeed he expressed a faint inclination to converse with the eloquent and learned Eunomius, who lived in retirement at a small distance from Constantinople. The accounts of the truces made between Henry and Louis in the winter of 1216-1217 are so conflicting that it seems impossible either to reconcile them or to arrive at a precise conclusion as to all the facts and dates. It was also learned through scouting parties and the country people that Lee had left the region, with most of the force that had been at Sewell Mountain. “We kicked him out from there so that he chucked everything, we grabbed the King himself!” cried he, looking around him with eyes that glittered with fever.

He took her hand and thanked her, but said that on this matter he must be his own master. Among the goods sent there were valuable carpets, tons of old Madeira, silverware, and furniture. Der Mensch ist entwickelt, nicht erschaffen—Man has been developed, not created. En la cour du roi chacun y est pour soi—In the 60 court of the king it is every one for himself. At the end of the first day’s fighting the British had occupied the Sikh position, but had not gained an undisputed victory.

The struggle for individual advancement and development can be brought to naught, or indefinitely retarded, by the absence of law or by bad law.


Leave it to those who are no longer fit for anything else….

The architect, more than any other artist, is dependent upon the nature of the material at his disposal; and this in Babylonia was almost exclusively in the form of tiles of clay, either dried in the sun, or baked in the fire.

It cut off its own head by delegating its authority to a standing committee of Parliament. I cannot allow to pass without remark the influence exerted by the work—translated at my instigation—of the English missionary Bernard Lucas, entitled Conversations with Christ; as well as the sermons on Jesus by Pastor Schneller (Jerusalem), and the collections of sermons called The Old God Still Lives and From Deep Trouble, by Consistorial Councilor Conrad. The vicinity of every such station is heralded by the characteristic white stakes that mark the town lots, and by rows of small, intensely blue, gums; by a sprinkling of cottages, small and large, perhaps a mile or two before the whistle of the steam-engine brings us to a standstill. I never made any solicitation either for Father La Combe or myself, though charged with that among other things. They called meetings, addressed the people to rouse their enthusiasm, urged enlistments, and often set the example by enrolling their own names first.

Among the gentlemen of the suite, Rostóv noticed Bolkónski, sitting his horse indolently and carelessly. The works of great minds are gifts of God to the peoples of the earth, in order that they may improve themselves on these models and grope forward, by means of them, through the confusion of that which is still unexplored here below. The cuaderna vía alone is used in the satiric and autobiographical verses; the later hymns and songs are metrical experiments–echoes of Galician and Provençal measures, redondillas of seven syllables, attempts to raise the Alexandrine from the dead, results derived from Alfonso’s Cantigas and Juan Ruiz’ loores. Les moissons, pour mûrir, ont besoin de rosée, / Pour vivre et pour sentir, l’homme a besoin des pleurs—Harvests to ripen have need of dew; man, to live and to feel, has need of tears. “These considerations convince me that diamond-digging in India generally, and especially in Golconda (the territory of Hyderabad), has been prematurely abandoned.

To carry this Bill, and cover their criminality, bribes had been given, not only to Trevor, but to Hungerford, Chairman of the Grand Committee, and many others. He came to the point at once, treating her ceremoniously. Despotism is a legitimate mode of government in dealing with barbarians, provided the end be their improvement, and the means justified by actually effecting that end. J. Maladie du pays—Home-sickness. At this time General Albert Sidney Johnston commanded all the Confederate troops west of the Alleghany Mountains, with the exception of those in the extreme south.

There are camels, donkeys, takhtarawán (litters), pilgrims, and Bedawi in quantities, but very few horses. He furnished the music for Howard’s and Dryden’s “Indian Queen.” In Dryden’s altered “Boadicea,” the duet and chorus “To Arms,” and the air “Britons, strike home,” are still heard with acclamations on all occasions of patriotic excitement. With the senators, Carinus affected a lofty and regal demeanor, frequently declaring, that he designed to distribute their estates among the populace of Rome. There never was such a meeting as that. This is the finest among the true violet perfumes.

Not long after, pretending to Chromis in the morning that she was going to visit a neighbour in the pains of childbirth, she followed the lovers, and concealed herself in a thicket, in order to avoid discovery; from thence she saw and heard everything which passed between them, and was a witness of the tears shed by Daphnis under his disappointment. The post office, as already stated, brought in ten thousand pounds per annum. Therefore the matter being well considered, both parts séemed well affected towards some good conclusion by treatie to be had of a full and perfect peace.


The first consideration I have upon the subject of the senses is that I make a doubt whether or no man be furnished with all natural senses.

Encompassed with domestic conspiracy, military sedition, and civil war, they trembled on the edge of precipices, in which, after a longer or shorter term of anxiety, they were inevitably lost.

Dame donde me asiente, que yo me haré donde me acueste—Give where I may sit down, and I will make where I may lie down. But Artabanus persuaded Artaxerxes that Darius had been the murderer of Xerxes, and thus prevailed upon him to revenge his father’s death by becoming an accomplice in killing his brother Darius: he next tried to assassinate Artaxerxes himself, and to appropriate the crown. A man must marry because it is necessary to his comfort; consequently the woman becomes a marketable commodity. In the hall the porch door opened, and someone asked, “At home?” and then footsteps were heard. Being unable to make head against Philip, John concluded a truce for which he had to pay 30,000 marks.

And moreouer shewed them the schedule or bill of renouncement, signed with king Richards owne hand, which they caused to be read first in Latine, as it was written, and after in English. It was the time of evening-pasture, when Daphnis from the summit of a rock espied his Chloe and her flocks. Another, the red, stout Nesvítski, lay on a bed with his arms under his head, laughing with an officer who had sat down beside him. Go, please go!” And he jumped up and opened the door for him. In course of time, however, and probably not very long after this defeat, Kish seems to have recovered from this blow.

But it was necessary to secure an ample extent of pasture and arable land, against the frequent and sudden incursions of the tribes of Latium, the perpetual enemies of the republic. But of those seven, one was the gallant Brasidas himself, who being carried into Amphipolis, lived just long enough to learn the complete victory of his troops and then expired. On the morning of the 20th of October I started, with my staff, and proceeded as far as Nashville. Disguised as a mountaineer in homespun clothing, his fine features shaded by a slouched felt hat, he reported himself to me in anything but a clerical garb. Not only was it possible to decrease the efficiency of the army without being called to account for it, but the only way in which the Secretary of War could gain credit for himself or the Administration was by economy, and the easiest way to economize was in connection with something that would not be felt unless war should arise.

At the same time, we learn how things passed from being held in common to a state of property. The fond hopes of the father, and of the Roman world, were soon disappointed by these vain youths, who displayed the indolent security of hereditary princes; and a presumption that fortune would supply the place of merit and application. The majesty of the people is adequately represented from a humoristic standpoint by Pugin and Rowlandson, as it might have appeared on its septennial returns in the boisterous eighteenth century. Mary Hendríkhovna assented and began looking for the spoon which someone meanwhile had pounced on. La cour ne rend pas content, elle empêche qu’on ne le soit ailleurs—The court does not make a man happy, and it prevents him from being so elsewhere.

Ridicule intrinsically is a small faculty; we may say, the smallest of all faculties that other men are at the pains to repay with any esteem. [Greek: ho phronimos to alypon diôkei ou to hêdy]—The aim of the wise man is not to secure pleasure, but to avoid pain. Others, more aspiring than achieving, / Achieve all in suggestion, …


The Coldstream Guards date their formation from 1660, and two regiments were added to the one raised about ten years previously by General Monk at Coldstream, on the borders of Scotland.

When the emperor Carus undertook the Persian war, he was induced, by motives of affection as well as policy, to secure the fortunes of his family, by leaving in the hands of his eldest son the armies and provinces of the West.

His first impulse was to resent the question as an unwarranted intrusion into his private affairs. Gardez la foi—Guard the faith. Leaves from a Naturalist’s Note-Book. By Dr. Another change which had come about as a result of the foregoing was a crass inequality in the bargaining relation between the employer and the individual employee standing alone. For in the former case, a revocation will be valid, even though it has not been made known to the minister employed; but in the latter case, it will be entirely void,141 because the right of promising was committed to the minister, and fully depended upon his will; therefore the obligation of the promise was complete, as he knew of no intended revocation.

Having ridden in, he dismounted and approached a big blazing campfire, around which sat several men talking noisily. “I helped you, but all the same I must tell you the truth; it is a dangerous business, and if you think about it—a stupid business. Theodosius condescended to praise the senate of Constantinople, who had generously interceded for their distressed brethren: he rewarded the eloquence of Hilarius with the government of Palestine; and dismissed the bishop of Antioch with the warmest expressions of his respect and gratitude. “Yes, and where do you put the others?” inquired Dólokhov. There is also a superior chief scribe for Amen, who keeps the roll of the sanctuary’s possessions.

Father La Combe confessed to me that he had some reluctance to do it, and only obedience, and the danger to which I should have been exposed, made him surmount it.


Lyly had been the first great university dramatist.

A fresh wave of the flying mob caught him and bore him back with it.

[Footnote: Official Records, vol. Thomas of Walsingham, whose tone is somewhat querulous, gives substance to the charges about the nonpayment of loans and the exaction of money for pretended pardons. This would not only have called Van Dorn back, but would have compelled the retention of a large rebel force far to the south to prevent a repetition of such raids on the enemy’s line of supplies. It was very natural for the plebeians, oppressed by debt, or apprehensive of injuries, to implore the protection of some powerful chief, who acquired over their persons and property the same absolute right as, among the Greeks and Romans, a master exercised over his slaves. Use almost can change the stamp of nature, / And either curb the devil or throw him out. Ham., iii.

There were other civil speeches made, and before we left the tower the marquis had asked me to his parties, and exacted from me an unwilling promise that I would attend them. Wilkes from an august assembly, of which they form the respectable, and perhaps even the most wealthy, tho’ not the most numerous part. This paper, which had been furnished at William’s request, was but the result of negotiations between himself and the Whig leaders for some time. Nothing could be transported but food, and the troops were without sufficient shoes or other clothing suitable for the advancing season. code, the signs which bore upon their destinies.

In February and March heavy gales are frequent, and hurricanes sometimes occur, causing scarcity by destroying the crops. Every avenue to the hall was guarded by soldiers, and others stood armed within it. See the things of the world again, as thou hast already seen them. The man who fears not death will start at no shadows. Gr. These are pleasing incidents in a career of sombre respectability, though one half fears that the second is fiction.

A small group of boys, perhaps a half dozen, ranging in age from twelve to sixteen years, moved quietly up a side street and approached the business quarter of the city. “Thanks,” I said, as he handed me my belongings. “My brother-in-law, Major —— of the —— Regiment, whose regiment is stationed in India, although he is home on furlough, considers it a masterpiece of strategy, looking at the position we were in. His fine eyes lit up with a thoughtful, kindly, and unaccustomed brightness, but he was looking not at his sister but over her head toward the darkness of the open doorway. “Lads! here’s to our Sovereign, the Emperor, and victory over our enemies! Hurrah!” he exclaimed in his dashing, old, hussar’s baritone.

Galdós is realistic and persuasive: Alas is real and convincing. ???? ??? ???????? (Panionius) ?????? ?????? ???uu?????, ????u??? ??????? ?????? ?? ?????? ?? ??? ?????? ???u???? u??????· ???? ??? ????? ?????????? ??u??????? ???? ?? ????????, ??????? ?????? ??? ?????, ??? ????????. This was Raévski, who had spent the whole day at the most important part of the field of Borodinó. The king of Armenia had signalized his valor in the battle, and acquired personal glory by the public misfortune. Tranquillity is better than jollity, and to appease pain than to invent pleasure. Sir T.

D’accord—Agreed; in tune.


Courtesy itself must convert to disdain, if you come in her presence. Much Ado, i.

In June, 1821, my father, Jesse R.

In recognition of his important services to Hungary as a historian, he was in 1831 elected a corresponding member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. “Richard was so beautifully reserved, such a past master in concealing his real thoughts and feelings, whilst talking most freely, so as never to hurt his surroundings by letting them imagine that he did not trust them with everything. The bustle and terror of the Rostóvs’ last days in Moscow stifled the gloomy thoughts that oppressed Sónya. Notwithstanding the large grants of the previous year, the expenditure had far exceeded them; it was, therefore, proposed to resort to a land tax—the first imposed since the Restoration, and the grand transfer of taxation from the aristocracy to the nation at large. But their fate was still in their own hands; and if they had courage to despise the vain terrors of an impotent republic, it was easy to convince the world, that those who were masters of the arms, were masters of the authority, of the state.

If he was influenced by a feeling of duty towards the Volscians, he ought to have obtained their consent before withdrawing their forces from before Rome; but if he cared nothing for them, or for anything except the gratification of his own passion, and with this feeling made war upon his country, and only paused in the moment of victory, it was not creditable to him to spare his country for his mother’s sake, but rather he should have spared his country and his mother with it; for his mother and his wife were but a part of Rome, which he was besieging. At this critical time a strong movement began at home in favor of setting up a new government for the now necessary termination of the war. The buggy horse was a sedate animal which I rode with a snaffle. He is a fool who empties his purse, or store, to fill another’s. Sp. It is an old-fashioned-monastery-like-looking house in a gorge, with the river Save running through its park, and here we paid frequent visits.

Everywhere he goes (as he recounts in “Sind Revisited,” which he wrote from our journal on return) he visits the old scenes of his former life, saluting them, letting the changes sink into his mind, and taking an everlasting farewell of them. These traditions are not, of course, to be weighed in the same scale with the concrete findings of the modern historical investigators. Solon also attempted to write a great poem about the fable of ‘Atlantis,’ which he had learned from the chroniclers of Sais particularly concerned the Athenians, but he did not finish it, not, as Plato says, for want of leisure, but rather because of his advanced age, which made him fear that the task was too great for him. Elizabeth’s government was a despotism and was illegal; but it was so by sufferance, not because the nation was ignorant of its true character or because the people were unable to control it. Sicily, whence the Royalists had been expelled, was subjugated by General Filangieri (q.v.), and the chief cities were bombarded, an expedient which won for Ferdinand the epithet of “King Bomba.” During the last years of his reign espionage and arbitrary arrests prevented all serious manifestations of discontent among his subjects.

I can never remember to have had a more peaceful and happy time with Richard than in Opçina, where we led a Darby and Joan life, and principally 1879, 1880, 1881, and part of 1882. But every argument that he advanced only the more militated against himself. In ancient times it was not so distant, but passed almost by its gates. But there were plenty of other Senators and Congressmen who hated the whole reform and everything concerned with it and everybody who championed it; and sometimes, to use a legal phrase, their hatred was for cause, and sometimes it was peremptory—that is, sometimes the Commission interfered with their most efficient, and incidentally most corrupt and unscrupulous, supporters, and at other times, where there was no such interference, a man nevertheless had an innate dislike of anything that tended to decency in government. The Parliament and country were broken up into two great factions of Presbyterians and Independents.

The Service before everything. He was very fond of kittens, and always had one on his shoulder. But fortune, which had been at once so kind, and so tantalising in the case of the Rosetta stone, had dealt more gently with the Behistun inscription; for no fewer than ninety proper names were preserved in the Persian portion, and duplicated, in another character, in the Assyrian inscription. After a certain number of laps, a steel or iron press plate is inserted, and the folding proceeds in this way until the pile is sufficiently high, when it is placed in the press.


Now she has had a lesson.


The open attack upon me was made for the most part either by the New York newspapers which were frankly representatives of Wall Street, or else by those so-called—and miscalled—Socialists who had anarchistic leanings. Reddere personæ scit convenientia cuique—He 40 knows how to assign to each character what it is proper for him to think and say. Do you think that he is concerned at the Moon’s being in difficulties, though it was by her that he was thrown into that sleep, in order that she might kiss him while sleeping. To deny is easy; nothing is sooner learned or more generally practised. He had feared that a revolt had broken out in the Caucasus.

The first that came into the lists was Sir Cambell. “What was that?” asked the capitaine in a hoarse voice. The people of Kafa had their rights restored to them, and the place became subject to the Ottoman power. He had seemed so utterly to defy the impregnable discretion{116} of Mr. Beckard, so to despise the demure propriety of Hetta. He recommended a Presbyterian government and the exclusion of monarchy; but he saw well enough what the effect of his measure would be; the Royalist excluded members would rush in, and the recall of the king would be the inevitable consequence.

Exegi monumentum ære perennius—I have reared a memorial of myself more durable than brass. The first Parliament of 1258 was held at London on the 9th April and sat for about a month. “You forget yourself, Colonel. The points of sixty bayonets were within two feet of a hundred throats grown tired with shouting. The intrigues and moral twists of the courtiers and traders, among whom he was forced to live, hurt his fine sense of honour, and he felt his mental isolation the more, because his friends were few and scattered in that great city which the discoveries and conquests of the Portuguese had made the centre of a world empire.

His nomination was unanimously ratified by the senate; and the servant of Aspar received the Imperial crown from the hands of the patriarch or bishop, who was permitted to express, by this unusual ceremony, the suffrage of the Deity. “So the attack is definitely resolved on?” asked Bolkónski.


Ardua molimur: sed nulla nisi ardua virtus—I attempt an arduous task; but there is no worth that is not of difficult achievement.

Edwardes (Mrs.

Ye may darken over the blue heavens, ye vapoury masses in the sky. But the ships of Portesmouth & Dertemouth, bestirred themselues better: for entering into the riuer of Saine, they drowned foure of their enimies ships, and tooke other foure, with a barke of the lord Clissons, one of the fairest that was to be found either in France or England. Dociles imitandis / Turpibus ac pravis omnes sumus—We are all easily taught to imitate what is base and depraved. As a Statesman I put him on a pedestal as my political Chief and model. Prince Andrew was as glad to find the boy like that, as if he had already lost him.

“Leave it, Vasílich will put it away. The men died because fed with over-driven beef where mutton should have been preferred, and the horses were killed by rations of heating oats, where the natives use only cooling barley. This was explained by the Continental being an American institution, and after all the grind-organ, like the street band, is kept up by the suffrages of the majority.