Basis virtutum constantia—Constancy is the basis of all the virtues.

He had received news that the French, under Tourville, were hovering on the southern coast of England; that they had again defeated the British fleet under the wretched Torrington, and were meditating invasion of the country. A dreadful serpent….
… “Now, Mr. Robinson!” And in this way the time passed on the quay at Colico, till the boat came and took us away. In the faithful picture of the virtues of Theodosius, his imperfections have not been dissembled; the act of cruelty, and the habits of indolence, which tarnished the glory of one of the greatest of the Roman princes. Eripe turpi / Colla jugo.

Love makes labour light. J. In the same ranks were included the wealthy Bosville and other zealous partisans. “Oh yes, the war,” he said. It would be wandering far afield to trace the final struggles of John with his infuriated barons. The whole peerage had sunk into contemptible eclipse before the bold and vigorous genius of the Commoners.

It is unfair to the Prince, whose humanity revolts against the institution, but who cannot abolish it single-handed. This interpretation of the date does not fail, however, to involve some difficulties. The two Kentucky regiments were so closely related as to be almost one, and were subject to the same influences. By degrees they lost this uniform character, and distributed the various attributes among themselves.