Semper ad eventum festinat—He always hastens 25 to the goal, or issue.

On the 23rd we dined with Lord Houghton, to meet H.R.H. That the French troops would be removed from Flanders as soon as Spain could send forces to replace them, he said was certain; but for the rest of the Articles, he could only send them to Versailles for the consideration of the king. The architect had told him that it was necessary, and Pierre, without knowing why, was having his enormous Petersburg house done up. His renown and glory spread throughout all Italy, and all men were astonished that one man by changing sides should have produced so great a change. Tygart’s valley, in which Beverly lies, is between Cheat Mountain on the east, and Rich Mountain on the west.

The two latter reported favorably. Travel is the frivolous part of serious lives, and the serious part of frivolous ones. Mme. The chiefs of the Bhils are called Bhomiyahs, and are generally of the Bhilalah or mixed race.