I honour those most to whom I show the least honour, and where my soul moves with the greatest cheerfulness, I easily forget the ceremonies of look and gesture, and offer myself faintly and bluntly to them to whom I am the most devoted: methinks they should read it in my heart, and that the expression of my words does but injure the love I have conceived within.

He had gone with the Parliament till he thought they had obtained all that they were justly entitled to, and pressed too hard on the king, when he felt it his duty to support the Crown, and had accepted office as Secretary of State. The whole day had been hot. My experience in the Mexican war was of great advantage to me afterwards. because it must be called an important substance to know for the perfumer, inasmuch as it is very frequently used for the adulteration of different essential oils. If slain, he will die for the people of the true Faith; if he lives, he will do Allah’s will.

Some of a mean betwixt the divine and human nature; mediators betwixt God and us, adorned with a certain second and diminutive sort of adoration; infinite in titles and offices; some good; others ill; some old and decrepit, and some that are mortal. Some of my former acquaintances hardly knew me. The Goths, the Gascons, and the Franks, assembled under the standard of this Christian hero: he repelled the first invasion of the Saracens; and Zama, lieutenant of the caliph, lost his army and his life under the walls of Thoulouse. In addition to the manifestation of the will of the gods by means of oracles, the Greeks also believed that certain men, called soothsayers, were gifted with the power of foretelling future events from dreams, from observing the flight of birds, the entrails of sacrificed animals, and even the direction of the flames and smoke from the altar, &c. However highly these principles are to be esteemed as a forward step, they at once reveal to us their total inadequacy, as is also the case when we enter with them on[306] further concrete determinations.

There it was that he built that wonderful bridge of which he gives so particular a description; for he nowhere so willingly dwells upon his actions as in representing to us the subtlety of his inventions in such kind of handiwork. As the property of states and sovereigns cannot often so easily fall into an enemy’s hand, as that belonging to individuals, who are more numerous, and whose property is consequently more exposed. He pitched his camp and prepared for battle, viewed the ground, and arranged the commands, intending to set upon the Romans as soon as they appeared. “Which is he? Which?” asked Pétya in a tearful voice, of those around him, but no one answered him, everybody was too excited; and Pétya, fixing on one of those four men, whom he could not clearly see for the tears of joy that filled his eyes, concentrated all his enthusiasm on him—though it happened not to be the Emperor—frantically shouted “Hurrah!” and resolved that tomorrow, come what might, he would join the army. The advantages of this episcopal form of government, which appears to have been introduced before the end of the first century, were so obvious, and so important for the future greatness, as well as the present peace, of Christianity, that it was adopted without delay by all the societies which were already scattered over the empire, had acquired in a very early period the sanction of antiquity, and is still revered by the most powerful churches, both of the East and of the West, as a primitive and even as a divine establishment.

Bristol was transferred to its diocesan bishop, Jocelyn of Bath, from Bishop Pandulf of Norwich; the other fourteen had been in the charge of laymen. The motion of the waves began to carry off the boat, and, at length, bore it out to sea. De’ peccati de’ signori fanno penitenza i poveri—The poor do penance for the sins of the rich. Count Orlóv-Denísov consulted his fellow officers. The whole room seemed to swim round and round, and as far as I can recollect the company sat mute, neither eating nor drinking.

Now Theseus, having been taught from his youth to reverence the gods, feared to disobey the wishes of Dionysus. On affaiblit toujours tout ce qu’on exagère—We always weaken everything which we exaggerate. “‘The 16th January.—In the evening, as the lights still burnt, a rapping was heard at the room door, but when they went to see what caused it, nothing was found. They call this pit by the same name as the heavens, Mundus. The perfect security of such inconsiderable and feeble states, their undisturbed tranquillity amid the wars and conquests that surrounded them, attested, beyond any other part of the European system, the moderation, the justice, the civilization to which Christian Europe had reached in modern times.

Though the cause of Sir Francis Delaval suffered at Andover from a contretemps in which the commanding officer of the district was concerned, by an opposite course of events the return of Mr.