The name is said to be an old Spanish and Italian word for a wigmaker, connected with the verb cigarrar, to roll in paper.

It is necessary that this fellow should have no suspicion, at present, of our design to leave him. “In a minute! In a minute! Don’t come in, Papa!” she cried to her father as he opened the door—speaking from under the filmy skirt which still covered her whole face. On the father’s side he was descended from the Gracchi; on his mother’s, from the emperor Trajan. Once upon a time there might have been seen a gentle Knight, riding across the plain. So while you lie on the sick-bed, my spirit also will lie low anti, whenas,(2) by God’s mercy you shall stand upright, my spirit too will stand firm, which is now burning with the strongest desire for you.

They required only an increase of pay. At last we found out that there is a superstition amongst bootmakers that if they make one boot they die. Bunyan (b. 1628; d. 1688) was a contemporary of Baxter, but a man of a more robust and sturdy temper. History is the life of nations and of humanity. About the last of August, it being reported that the rebel General Price, with a force of about ten thousand men, had reached Jacksonport, on his way to invade Missouri, General A.

The scheme of policy, which, under their approbation, was adopted for the use of the first century, may be discovered from the practice of Jerusalem, of Ephesus, or of Corinth. The course of the Goths carried them in sight of the country of Colchis, so famous by the expedition of the Argonauts; and they even attempted, though without success, to pillage a rich temple at the mouth of the River Phasis. For the requirements of the middle classes, quite fragrant perfumes are manufactured by dissolving the cheaper essential oils in ordinary alcohol, and various new odors can be obtained by mixing several of them. To write an account of contemporary literature is an undertaking not less tempting than to write the history of contemporary politics. So soon as they approached so near to the shore that they could see the bottom beneath the waves, Talus leapt from the ship into the sea.

All this is a most evident sign that we only receive our religion after our own fashion, by our own hands, and no otherwise than as other religions are received. Sobald du dir vertraust, sobald weisst du zu leben—So soon as you feel confidence in yourself, you know the art of life. “Excuse the familiarity of the address.