“Quando la sera piano sprofonda
Il sol nell’ onda—solcando il mar,
Presso la riva d’ un mesto addio
Il suol natio—vo’ a salutar.

“Veggo le case, le ville, i monti,
Che ai bei tramonti—pajono d’ or
E ‘l scosso mare che con dolcezza
Bagna e accarezza—le sponde ancor.

“Qua e là pur veggo qualche nocchiero
Che con leggero—legno va e vien,
E qualche vela che al debil raggio
Tributa omaggio—nell’ ampio sen.

“Mentre la sera man mano imbruna
Veggo la luna—nel ciel vagar,
Dietro alle nubi va lentamente,
Poi, di repente—si specchia in mar.

“Indi apparire veggo una stella
Lieve ma bella—d’ aureo splendor,
E poi dell’ altre formano in cielo
Screziato un velo—di luce e d’ or.
Pg 429
“Poi, da lontano; la u’ v’ è Trieste
Debili e meste—sovra il terren
Veggo brillare mille più e mille
Vaghe scintille—che van che vien.

“Talvolta io sento flebili tocchi,
Poi, dei rintocchi—qua e la mandar
Un cupo suono che giunge a meta
Per l’ aere cheta—lento a vagar.

“E allor contento penso a quel lido
Mio dolce nido—di pace e amor
E sospirando dico t’ è degno
II tronco e il regno—di quel splendor.

“Terra diletta se un qualche giorno
A te ritorno—di vita pien,
Allor baciare in dolce pianto
Ti voglio tanto—caro terren.”

I shook hands with him heartily as I parted with him at the quay, and wished him well through all his troubles. In plain truth, lying is an accursed vice. Of course the children anthropomorphized—if that is the proper term—their friends of the animal world. Ainsworth, Travels in the Track of the Ten Thousand, p. She moved across the kitchen to the accustomed cupboard, taking the keys from her pocket, and he followed close upon her.

Esprit borné—Narrow mind. Upon the baronet’s appeal to his constituents, in the character of “a fine old English gentleman, all on the Tory side,” when, in May, 1837, he resigned his membership for Westminster as a Radical, and offered himself as a Tory candidate, he was opposed by John Temple Leader, a prominent Radical politician. (G.) 24° to 20°, also about two hundred and forty direct geographical miles. The vulgar, far from hiding their will, blab their wishes. For, if it be not expressly agreed upon before to the contrary, ‘tis a combined party of all four, and if your second be killed, you have two to deal withal, with good reason; and to say that it is foul play, it is so indeed, as it is, well armed, to attack a man who has but the hilt of a broken sword in his hand, or, clear and untouched, a man who is desperately wounded: but if these be advantages you have got by fighting, you may make use of them without reproach.

She took his hand and kissed it. The duke of Britaine would gladlie haue come to the siege of Naunts, in strengthening of the English host, but he could not persuade his lords to aid him in anie such enterprise. Accordingly, the same day, Mr. [Pentaur, or rather Pentauirit, is not the author, but merely the transcriber of the copy now in the British Museum. “Yes, it’s from Julie,” replied the princess with a timid glance and a timid smile.

Sónya did not pull it away, and left off crying. It will be clear to the reader, from the account just given, that the period of the XIIIth-XVIIth Dynasties is one of which we have very little knowledge. The more we amplify our need and our possession, so much the more do we expose ourselves to the blows of Fortune and adversities. Dutch varen, and Ger. A noble emulation prevailed among the companions, to obtain the first place in the esteem of their chief; amongst the chiefs, to acquire the greatest number of valiant companions.

Old houses mended / Cost little less than new before they’re ended. C. [Footnote: Official Records, vol. “I don’t know about that, eh?” said Anatole, growing more confident as Pierre mastered his wrath. Strong reasons make strong actions. King John, iii. This was the penalty which Heaven imposed on them for their desertion.

Passing to the nomads of northern Arabia we find ourselves before an ethnographic unknown, the ancient tribes having disintegrated and new ones formed, a transformation that was certainly repeated several times. Albert de Montêt, shows this also to be an error. It was not Davout, who had looked at him in so human a way. Also Diopeithes proposed a decree, that prosecutions should be instituted against all persons who disbelieved in religion, and held theories of their own about heavenly phenomena. The sovereignty of Rome no longer depended on the choice of a fickle people; and the successors of St.

Rome was again encompassed by his arms; and Stephen, apprehensive of fatiguing the zeal of his Transalpine allies enforced his complaint and request by an eloquent letter in the name and person of St. The Tyrol Hof in Innsbrück where we stopped was good, but very dear. Plato, amongst others, gives these examples in his Meno (p. “When the army had elected Philip, who was Praetorian praefect to the third Gordian, the latter demanded that he might remain sole emperor; he was unable to obtain it. Now an individual Athenian of this class, though without any legal title to preference, yet when he stood forward as candidate for political influence, continued to be decidedly preferred and welcomed by the social sentiment at Athens, which preserved in its spontaneous sympathies distinctions effaced from the political code.404 Besides this place ready prepared for him in the public[p.

In him, as one who had a patriotism of the most enlightened kind, we find the blissful self-satisfied enjoyment of a people giving free rein to itself.