But no sooner had he left BagratiĆ³n than his courage failed him.

Come, let us send to the men of Ardea, and beg their general of them, or else ourselves take up our arms and march to him. “Blockhead! Why do you come in without being called?” cried Nicholas, quickly changing his attitude. Nos nostraque Deo—Both we and ours are God’s. The Moslems who resided in the island of Rhodes being much molested by the infidels, the chief commander, Vezier Messih Pasha, was in the year 885 ordered to proceed thither with three thousand janissaries and four thousand Azabs. Bennigsen agreed with me when I spoke to him of the necessity of having the National Liberals revise their program, which—originally bearing the motto: “Maintenance of the German Empire and Freedom of the Press”—had long since rallied the members around the Liberal banner—in order[Pg 32] that, by such revision, the proselytizing power of the old brand of Prussian Liberalism should not be lost among the people.

Memoria minuitur, nisi eam exerceas—Your power of recollection will wax feeble unless you exercise it. He continues to participate in the pleasures of which he is himself the cause, and remains a conscious member of his own public. All the evening Nicholas paid attention to a blue-eyed, plump and pleasing little blonde, the wife of one of the provincial officials.