“You must not show a faint heart, master,” replied Sosthenes; “you should go in at once and plead your suit; she loves this worthless fellow, it is true; but only because she has received addresses from no one else; you have but to insinuate yourself into her good graces, and your superior personal appearance will speedily gain the day and banish him from her heart.

In pertusum ingerimus dicta dolium—We are pouring our words into a perforated cask, i.e., are throwing them away. As the Tigris therefore receives from the most southern parts of Armenia, which are near Babylon, the water of the melted snow, of which there is no great quantity, since it comes from the southern side, it should overflow in a less degree than the Euphrates, which receives the water from both parts (northern and southern), and not from a single mountain only, but from many, as I have mentioned in the description of Armenia. ¶ “At the same time (said he) that we were assembled vpon Blackeheath, and had sent to the king to come vnto vs, our purpose was to haue slaine all such knights, esquiers, and gentlemen, as should haue giuen their attendance thither vpon him: and as for the king, we would haue kept him amongst vs, to the end that the people might more boldlie haue repaired to vs, sith they should haue thought, that whatsoeuer we did, the same had béene doone by his authoritie. Vicksburg is built on this high land where the Mississippi washes the base of the hill. Post 8vo, cloth limp, 2s.

During the advance on Corinth a vacancy occurred in the colonelcy of the 2d Michigan cavalry. [721] Xen. There was no resistance, and we captured a Mexican colonel, who had been wounded, and a few men. Mollissima tempora fandi—The most fitting moment for speaking, or addressing, one.