22) having the form of a wide-mouthed bottle F; they are closed by a lid D which is rendered air tight by being clamped upon the flange of the vessel (R) with iron screws S, a pasteboard washer being interposed; a curved glass tube connects the apparatus with the condenser of Fig.

These bills, called now and henceforward Exchequer Bills, were issued from a hundred pounds to five pounds, and were everywhere received with avidity. We received a great deal of hospitality in Tangier, which we enjoyed very much. Porter seems to have joined them there. The Lacedæmonians have before now manifested their hostile aims against us, but on this last occasion more than ever. At once he demands—feels that he must have—space for his magnified mole-hill; and it is only the predetermined editorial restrictions that keep him from filling entire volumes with fascinating stories about some petty kingdom which, from the world-historical standpoint, is entitled to pages only.

No such resolution would have been adopted, had the citizens been aware how near at hand Thucydidês and his forces were. Into Britain, and most probably into Cambridgeshire, he transported a considerable body of Vandals. So keen were their apprehensions, that they came to Xenophon and told him that they had altered their views, and that they now thought it best to employ the newly-arrived transports in conveying the army, not to Greece, but against the town and territory of Phasis at the eastern extremity of the Euxine.[224] Xenophon replied, that they might convene the soldiers and make the proposition, if they chose; but that he would have nothing to say to it. The feeling against the Catholics displayed itself on all sides. Oh, the heart is a free and a fetterless thing— / A wave of the ocean, a bird on the wing. J.

This salutary revolution was hastened by the example of a royal martyr, whom our calmer reason may style an ungrateful rebel.