Brunner, Zeitschr.

In futuro—In future; at a future time. The usurper, who beheld, from the walls of Arles, the ruin of his last hopes, was tempted to place some confidence in so generous a conqueror. A suspicion may possibly arise, that so unfavorable a picture of ecclesiastical synods has been drawn by the partial hand of some obstinate heretic, or some malicious infidel. Wenn mancher Mann wüsste, / Wer mancher Mann wär’, / Thät’ mancher Mann manchem Mann / Manchmal mehr Ehr’—If many a man knew who many a man was, many a man would do many a time more honour to many a man. There is, however, no existing Spanish manuscript so ancient, nor is there any monument as old, as the Italian Carta di Capua (960).24 The British Museum contains a curious codex from the Convent of Santo Domingo de Silos, on the margin of which a contemporary has written the vernacular equivalent of some four hundred Latin words; but this is no earlier than the eleventh century.

Here then is a right of capture, which confers no right of property or acquisition. They have beads of sandal and other woods strung into necklaces, bracelets,Pg 296 armlets, and anklets, mud figures of gods and goddesses made of the sacred clay of the Ganges, the Godaveri, and the Brahmapootra, precious bones of saints and prophets carved into amulets, and any quantity of yellow threads as a preservative against the evil eye. He arrived on the 4th, and opened his new Parliament on the 6th. Ein Tropfen Hass, der in dem Freudenbecher / Zurückbleibt, macht den Segensdrank zum Gifte—A drop of hate that is left in the cup of joy converts the blissful draught into poison. That also was formerly captured, but for the sake of policy it was given in exchange for the castle of Menkesheh (St.

“When did my father and sister leave?” meaning when did they leave for Moscow. Lumber was taken from buildings, cotton gins and wherever found, for this purpose. The tombs are much more satisfactory for the present purpose since they contain representations of events in the home life of the deceased, and also various implements, utensils, and trinkets such as he might have used while living. ‘Tis always such; but how slender hold has the resolution of dying? The distance and difference of a few hours, the sole consideration of company, renders its apprehension various to us. Ein Mensch ohne Verstand ist auch ein Mensch ohne Wille—A man without understanding is also a man without will or purpose.

The New Republic; or, Culture, Faith and Philosophy in an English Country House. After a while he espied a great rout of people, and turned aside from the road that he might discover what it might mean. Mathematics can remove no prejudices and soften no obduracy. They said to me, if I had explained myself, as I now did, in the book entitled, Short and Easy Method of Prayer, I would not now have been here. L’homme n’est qu’un roseau, le plus faible de la nature, mais c’est un roseau pensant—Man is only a reed, the weakest in nature, but he is a reed that thinks.

At the edge of the road stood an oak. We cannot agree with Brooke that the play appeared before Tamburlaine, for, among many strains of the dramas of The Misfortunes of Arthur type there are mingled undoubted influences from the revenge plays and Tamburlaine. We had walked out beyond the camp, leaving its noise and its warlike associations behind us, for a turn of the road around a jutting cliff shut it all out as completely as if we had been transported to another land, except that the distant figure of a sentinel on post reminded us of the limit of safe sauntering for pleasure. In the revolution of human events, a new ambuscade was concealed in the Caudine Forks, the fields of Cann The drive there took us through the bazar, and the beautiful Máhim woods, a cocoa-palm forest, and across an inlet of the sea, which looks like a lake, and divides Bombay from Salsette.

I have a slow and perplexed apprehension, but what it once apprehends, it apprehends well, for the time it retains it. The police, after the reform policy was thoroughly tried, proved more successful than ever before in protecting life and property and in putting down crime and criminal vice. Yet, with all their defects, his earlier attempts were better, inasmuch as they presaged a new method, and a determination to have done with a sterile formula. On the appointed day Prince Andrew entered Count Arakchéev’s waiting room at nine in the morning. Issues, except of ammunition, were made at night in all cases.

For the promise was only made under the expectation of some future ability to fulfil it. In the face of this sweeping and conclusive opinion delivered privately to the king, there was apparently no hope for any one who should have to answer in that court for refusal. I have observed yet another sort of indiscretion in fathers of my time, that, not contented with having deprived their children, during their own long lives, of the share they naturally ought to have had in their fortunes, they afterwards leave to their wives the same authority over their estates, and liberty to dispose of them according to their own fancy. 313By our labor, that is, by our hands, variety and plenty of food are provided; for, without culture, many fruits, which serve either for present or future consumption, would not be produced; besides, we feed on flesh, fish, and fowl, catching some, and bringing up others. This amiable cross returned to me with so much the more weight, as my desire was more vehement.

These three groups traveling together—the cavalry stores, the convoy of prisoners, and Junot’s baggage train—still constituted a separate and united whole, though each of the groups was rapidly melting away. Jus in re—A real right. There are interests by the sacrifice of which peace is too dearly purchased.